04 May 2014

Seoul Garden Buffet @ City Square Mall

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Location: City Square Mall  (Buffet Ala-Carte)
180 Kitchener Road, #03-23/24  S208539

Contact: Tel: 6297 6339 Fax: 6297 5338

MRT Station: Farrer Park

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Prices are stated at the above picture. Got the student price and paid $17++ (inclusive of the miscellaneous charges) for my bill. #PerksOfBeingAStudent

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There was alot of room space to walk about, seats are quite big so that fat people like me won't have to squeeze with people. Table was big enough to place all the food that we have ordered as well.

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You can choose the soup base you want from the list of choices here, and its refillable! Unless you want to change your soup base to another one luh, then you will have to pay additional charges.

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There will be a computer each on every table for us to order our food. Its super convenient. The food was delivered fast to us too, just that sometimes they will tend to miss out some of our orders.

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They have starters, desserts, shaved ice, ice cream, and even fruits as well. Like your typical buffet restaurants. Food was average, nothing much to talk about.

Service was quite good as well. Their staff were helpful and were there when we needed some some stuffs. But when we first reached the restaurant, the floor and some of the tables was rather dirty, and there were no utensils AT ALL!!! They only start to clean the tables and mop the floor after...

So yeap. I won't go much into details but their hygiene standard is kinda below my expectations. #JUSTSAYING!!!

But I mean, you pay for the price luh!!! Cheap buffet, and you get unlimited amount of food and drinks, you can't really expect much either.

For more information you can check out Seoul Garden's website at

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