27 June 2016

Seoul, Korea 2016

Hello there. It has been 2 days since I came back from my Korea trip. If you guys have been following me on my snapchat you would have seen how crazy I am over there. Hahaha! Go add me if you haven't. ID is donxkoh. GO GO!!!

So anyways, this time round I took more videos than photos to be honest cuz I wanna show more. Like you see video can tell more stories with photos IMO. So yeap. I'm still in the midst of editing the videos, and I can't wait cuz it'll be my first time using iMovie and I kinda like the quality of it.

Without further ado, here's the prologue of my Korea 2016 trip. Hahaha. Its like pretty scrapbook-ish kinda post so hope you guys don't mind. I just wanna try something new for a change. :)

Korea 1
Korea 2
Korea 3

So yeap. Till the next post. Hahah

P/S: I just realised I haven't finish updating my Taiwan 2015 Trip. LOLOL!!!