28 April 2014

Eco After Me

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A few days ago I received a "mystery box" from the people of The Thinking Cube.

The Thinking Cube is formed by four Singapore Polytechnic graduates, Ong Ting En, Lyrenna Loh, Lim Li Yi and Melissa Lim. They founded The Thinking Cube, while working with the National Environment Agency (NEA) during one of their final year projects.

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Their campaign, Eco After Me, is an environmental communications campaign held in conjunction with Youth for The Environment Day, and aims to increase offline interaction and adoption of environmental habits amongst the youth.

IMG-20140420-WA0002 (1)
Photo Credits: @GummyDaryl

The project is centered on the idea of spreading the message through pranks. Furthermore, my friend was the mascot for their event held at Scape on 18 & 19 April 2014.

Overall, I felt that this is a great chance for us youths to do our part for the environment, and it doesn't take much effort to do so!!!

For instance, you can use your own water bottle and refill water instead of buying them elsewhere. Or reducing your showering time by 10 mins, you can save tons of water by doing that! Or even switching off lights, your electronic gadgets when you're not using them.

By doing so, you can also post pictures and sharing them on Instagram by #EcoAfterMe and #BeEcoWithMe.

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Now here's something that you guys would love!!! 

 [FACEBOOK CONTEST]: Eco Challenge

How to participate?

1. Take a snapshot of you and your friend attempting the Eco Challenge together, as well as the postcard prank you have received.

2. Email the photo together with both of your personal particulars to

3. Once the photo has been uploaded onto our Facebook page, get your friends to ‘like’ it and the photo with the highest number of likes will walk away with the Grand Prize of $200 City Square Mall Shopping Vouchers + 2D1N Stay at Wanderlust Hotel.

There will also be 4 consolation prizes ($50 City Square Mall Shopping Vouchers) will also be given out to remaining participants who fall under the Top 5.

 [FACEBOOK CONTEST]: Story Sharing contest

How to participate?

1. A postcard photo will be posted onto our Facebook page. To participate, participants have to share about why they decided to send a postcard challenge to his/her (food/water/plastic/paper/ electricity)-wasting friend.

2. The 3 best comments chosen by the management team will be featured as stories on our page, and they will win prizes worth up to $30.

Their Facebook page is at

 [WEBSITE CONTEST]: Send a Postcard

How to participate?

1. Send a postcard prank through Eco After Me website ( and stand a chance to win a $100 worth of City Square Mall vouchers + 2D1N stay at Wink Hostel.

2. Receivers who post up their challenge on Facebook will also stand a chance to win $100 worth of City Square Mall vouchers.

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So in case you're wondering, here's what's inside the "mystery box" that I have mention above.. Thank you *The Paper Stone* for the wonderful stationery, especially the Journal! I love it! ♥

Last but not least, special mention to Lyrenna and Li Yi for arranging the time to pass me the post-card kit! Thanks! ^.^

25 April 2014

Bangkok Travelogue (Day 3)

Welcome to day 3 of my Bangkok travelogue!!! So sorry for the lack of updates because school have already started and life is getting busier and busier!!!

So without further ado, lets begin Day 3 of my BKK travelogue. :D

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It was me waking up the earliest again (WHATS NEW?!!!) and off I went to shower and get myself prep for the day, while Joyce and Angie were still asleep. #PIGS!

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So in the midst of waiting for the 2 girls to get themselves prepared, I decided to do abit of self-lovin moments near the window area where I get the natural and best lighting in the room! Hahaha!

A P4061130_副本 A P4061131_副本

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Met up with the rest at the corridor. Weijie and Mel saw Andy wearing the singlet that they have, so they 2 decided to change and wear the same one together. LOLOLOL!!!

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Took the lift down to basement and saw this. Hahahaha! Talk about surveillance camera fail!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

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We all decided to have street food for breakfast that day, so we all roamed around the street, got the food that we wanted and then settle down at one of the street stall (You must buy their food in order to sit at their place to eat luhh)

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Had their Chicken Cutlet Rice and its really really cheap!! (I forgot how much it was already)

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After we had our scrumptious breakfast, we then walk all the way to the train station, took all the way to Mo Chit station where Chatuchak is located.

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Old School MRT Gantry
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After the train ride, we finally reached Mo Chit station. Here's Angie with the location board. I think this photo can be used as a advertisement for Mo Chit station lor!!!! So advertising worthy! Hahaha!!!

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Didn't really took much photo while shopping cuz the crowd there is CRAZY!!!! If you can wear lesser! I see some Caucasians men that took off their tops over there cuz its just that humid!!!

Here are just some photos that I casually took while taking a break from shopping.

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A P4061193_副本

A P4061197_副本

A P4061188_副本

A P4061201_副本

A P4061209_副本

A P4061217_副本

A P4061225_副本

Shop for 5 hours straight and decided take taxi back to the hotel rooms to put our barang barangs with Joyce, Angie and Kaizhi while the rest went to look for Jiaqi because she didn't buy any data sim card and we initially set the meeting place at the train station. So yeap! A data sim card is important if you're going there in groups. :)

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Was camwhoring with Joyce and suddenly Andy came to "SHOW OFF" his buys to us. LOLOLOLOLOOL!!! That explains this picture.

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Slacked in the hotel room till evening where everyone had enough rest. We then head out to the Zi Char stalls near Central World there to have our dindinz!!

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A P4061263_副本 A P4061261_副本
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After we had our dinner, some of us went our own separate ways cuz some wanted to visit After You cafe, some wanted to go massage, and some wanted to do manicure. So yeap.

Visited After You Cafe at Central World with Andy, Jiaqi and Angie. There's always still room for desserts!!!

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Location: Central World (Bangkok), 7th Floor
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm everyday.

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We manage to get the sofa seats! ♥
We each ordered a dessert, Jiaqi's one definitely looks the nicest, and the most sinful IMO!

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A P4061310_副本 A P4061301_副本

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After that. Angie and Jiaqi went separate ways from me and Andy as both of us are going to watch Captain America while Jiaqi and Angie are going to do some shopping and massage. (I think)

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Bangkok movie stubs! Super awesomezxzxz!!!

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After our movie, we then walk all the way back to our hotel and on our way back, we bought Mcdonald's for supper! Hahaha! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MCDONALDS!!!!

A P4071381_副本

And as expected. Andy came to our room to eat instead of his! Hahahaha!
Here's a photo to end this post. My buys for the day!

A P4071390_副本

Initially I still thought I bought alot of stuffs at Chatuchak that day. Wait till you see what I bought on Day 4! LOLOLOLOL!!! Overall, I'm super happy with my buys! Teehee! ♥

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19 April 2014

Bangkok Travelogue (Day 2)

Hello all~
Here's day 2 of my Bangkok Travelogue. If I never recall wrongly, I woke up quite early, like around 5 - 6am!!! Scrolled through my Twitter and Instagram, saw Joyce boarding her flight and her instagram photo and I went to comment, and I went back to sleep aftermath. LOLOLOL!!!

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Was the first one to wake up, and stupid Angie just have to take her own sweet time preparing.. tsktsk! Hahahahaha!

A P4050946_副本

Got ready and headed down with the rest for hotel breakfasts!
P/S: That is not my nails. #MyNailsNotThatChio

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My simple and not so yummy breakfasts. The street stalls outside the hotel is even more yummy lor in my opinion. Andand I won't forget the Taiwan lady that openly cut my queue and took my the toasted bread that I've faithfully waited for a whole 3mins!!! PFFT!!!

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I'm totally digging this photo! It looks so marvelously taken. Kudos to Meldric for his long arms!!!

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First stop for the day; Platinum Fashion Mall. I think I'm loving this place and gonna favorite it and make it my must go place whenever I come to Bangkok already!!! This mall practically has EVERYTHING!!!! TIAN AH~

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In the midst of shopping. Didn't have anymore photos taken other than this cuz I was busy walking around finding clothes of my size! #SadBoy95!!!

While shopping, I got separated from the rest and stick with Kaizhi all the time. I was actually quite surprised that he could tahan walking around the mall for 2 - 3 hours long!!!

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Decided to take a break with Kaizhi, had lunch at McDonald's and decided to try out their signature Pork Burger!!!

Kaizhi also bought 2 Pie's, one of them is Taro Pie and the other I forgot what it's called already. It's what Indians eat with Tosai one, along with their curry....

A P4050961_副本

A huge selfie while waiting for Kaizhi to buy our food.

So while having my lunch, I got reminded that I wanted to buy the Chanel case that I've been dying to buy ever since it was out, and I did remember seeing it along the street stalls selling it. But I thought Platinum Mall would be cheaper, so I decided to go back there to try my luck, dragging Kaizhi along of course.

A P4050978_副本

After I bought my Chanel cases (I bought it in both black and clear casings)
Kaizhi also bought some electronic gadgets that he is eyeing for, so kudos to us!!! We bought all the stuff from Level 6 of Platinum Fashion Mall. There's only 1 escalator up to level 6 from level 5 of Platinum. (Just to let you guys know)

A P4050980_副本

Was kinda tired from all the walking and bargaining. Decided to take a rest (again) at their foodcourt. IT WAS SOOOO CROWDED AT LUNCH TIME! The crowd is crazy!!!

Met up with the rest, and we had A&W for lunch (the rest did, not me) LOLOLOL!!!
After that, some of us went back to the hotel to put down our stuff. While on our way back, here comes the legendary story of Angie with her Mangoes.


So it all began when Angie bought her Mangoes from the street stalls. She was happily taking it with her hands. As we are heading back to our hotel, we're required to cross the overhead bridge. So when there's a overhead bridge, there's stairs. 

So when Angie was climbing the stairs, unknowingly she fell and we didn't know what happen cuz everything just happen in a speed of light. She fell and all her mangoes just flew out of the carrier that she was holding. 


So when she fell (thank god she didn't roll down the stairs), she was holding on to the inedible part of the mango which I didn't know what it was, its just inedible. The edible ones all flew out of the bag.

And just when her mangoes flew out of her bag, there was a road sweeper standing right infront of her. Looking at her... Speechless....

SO YEAP! That's the legendary story of Angie and her Mangoes! #YourMangoRice


A P4050982_副本

After we had our rest, we then walk to Siam Paragon and met up with the rest who continued doing their shopping at Platinum earlier on.

A P4050985_副本


A P4050995_副本


A P4051013_副本

Had desserts over at Mr Jones. Orphanage. They sell many cakes over there! One of them is the Kit Kat Cake which I posted on Instagram.

The price range is around 40 - 200 Baht which is around $1.50 - $8 SGD if I didn't recall wrongly.

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A P4051037_副本

A P4051042_副本

A P4051069_副本

A P4051063_副本

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A P4051080_副本

A P4051084_副本

Oh did I mention that Joyce joined us when we're at Platinum Mall? Hahha! Yeap! Joyce was super "ONZ" by joining us on day 2 at she had work the previous day. WOOHOOO! 

After we're done at Mr Jones. Orphanage. We then head down to the basement toilet. It's super cool! Check out the background behind Joyce at the photo above. YES! THATS THE MIRROR where girls get to sit down and touch up whatever they want to touch up! DAMN COOL PLZZZZ!

A P4051092_副本

After which, we then walked over to Siam Square, which is pretty near M.B.K! Just a tip for you guys, if you're intending to go Siam Square. be prepared to fight your way through the crowd. ITS EXTREMELY CROWDED! 

Initially we're intending to go Goldilocks Cafe. But didn't in the end cuz we couldn't find our way there. But the Thai's are damn awesome please! We didn't buy anything from them, but we tried asking them for directions, and they helped us willingly, they even went through the trouble to ask their next stall neighbors to help us as well. So kind pls! Where to find such nice people in Singapore?!!!

A P4051097_副本

Saw these super cute MCM iPhone pouch which has a mirror inside! #WhyAmINotAiPhoneUser?!!!!

After squeezing with the crowd at the long stretch at Siam Square. We all decided to take tuktuk's back to the massage palor near our hote.

A P4051101_副本

The one and only nice photo I have of the 3 of us on the tuktuk! Its hard trying to camwhore on tuktuk with such low lighting horrr! I can capture this shot already not bad liao!!!

A P4051112_副本

#BitchesWaitingForTheirTurnToGetTheirMassage Featuring Amanda, Jiaqi, Angie and Joyce. #WAITING

LOLOLOLOL!!! The massages at Bangkok is uber cheap! 200 Baht for Full Body Massage! Around $8 SGD???? Go convert it yourself. ITS SUPER CHEAP!!!

A P4061121_副本

After our massage, we then head back to our hotel area, grab some street food for supper and back to our hotel room. Did I mention that I kena bird shit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?!!! WTSHITT!!!

Even Ruoxuan was amused by how I manage to get bird shit on me in the middle of the night! Got so heng a not?!!!

A P4061116_副本

Back to my room, and had my supper. Ending this post with a photo of my messy room with Angie tying her hair! Dirty her didn't wash her hair that night! Or did she???

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