29 September 2013

ANTM Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls Episode 9 & 10

Hello! ALL! Miss me? Hahaha! I'm finally back from my Taiwan trip! It was a blast! Celebrated my 21st birthday there as well! Haha!

Today I'm here to blog about the very overdue ANTM Cycle 20 Episode 9 and the latest recap episode (Episode 10). Here we go!!!

 photo cover.jpg

Jourdan got best photo on episode 7 (Paint Art Photoshoot), and she got 10 from all 3 judges. Since she got best photo, and she won the Tyra Suite, she decided to share the prize with Renee (LIKE WTF) Hahaha!

Then, Renee told Jourdan that she has a secret, and that she has feelings for Marvin. I personally don't really like Marvin, I feel that his photo is not that great and that he gives the same face every single week on the photoshoot.

Now that Jiana is gone, Marvin starts to flirt with Renee. First is Hayley, then Bianca, Chlea, and then Jiana. Now Renee.

After which, the contestants had to go for castings, and this will be judged and given as their challenge scores as well. Jourdan thought she had it in the bag, but ended up, her personality was too blank and reason being, she look like a typical model and she doesn't really stand out from the rest of the girls.

In the end, Renee booked all the fashion shows, same as Don. Marvin and Jourdan didn't book any.

Here's the challenge scores of the contestants.

Renee - 10
Don - 9
Chris H - 8
Cory - 8
Phil - 8
Nina - 7
Marvin - 6
Jourdan - 6

Then, for the photoshoot. The contestants have to lay down on the grass doing magical couture shots. Chris H stood out! He looked like the most "MODEL-LY" among the guys! ♥

Jourdan tried to get back at Renee for treating Jourdan with disrespect by scaring her with a frog, because Renee is scared of everything. Haha!

 photo 1234436_513337508743329_794791209_n.jpg

 photo 602379_513337515409995_1549263125_n.jpg

The guys and Renee are debating on whether a guy or a girl will win this cycle, and that this competition is more of a Male dominated or Female dominated competition.

 photo 575231_513337488743331_170509784_n.jpg

Phil was again critic for his feminine eyes in his photoshoot, and Marvin for looking like a boy instead of a man in his photos. In the end, both Marvin and Phil are in the bottom 2.

Here's the scores for both Marvin and Phil

Phil's Score
Tyra Bank: 5
Kelly Cutrone: 7
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 8
Fan Vote: 4.3
TOTAL SCORE: 30.30 (Eliminated)

Marvin's Score
Tyra Bank: 8
Kelly Cutrone: 8
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 6
Fan Vote: 3.9

After Phil's eliminated, he was told by Tyra that he can possibly comeback, and the moment is right now. That shocked everyone, and Phil was happy for awhile, not until the rest of the eliminated contestants walk out from backstage. Hahah! Phil's expression changed, totally.

Tyra then announce that after this, the remaining contestants (ACTUALLY ALL OF THEM DID) will be flying to Bali which is the overseas destination for this cycle.

Then it was announced, the comeback contender for this cycle is Alexandra, who cameback with a social media score of 7.00, which was so much higher than Leila's from Cycle 19 with a 5.8++

But when Alexandra's name was announced, Tyra then revealed another news, being Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls, and that the name she announced was Alexandra (A GIRL), they will have another comeback contender, among the 3 eliminated guys. 

Here's your final 8! 

 photo Final8.jpg

who do you think will come back and join the rest?

 photo 157042_437099693033778_1204720918_n.jpg

 photo 313313_437099543033793_1922466607_n.jpg

 photo 164482_437099746367106_549507859_n.jpg

Now for the long awaited. Here's episode 9 for you guys!

There's nothing much for episode 10 (recap episode) to talk about. So I'm just gonna cut it short and post the link here. Enjoy! :D

ANTM Cycle 20 Episode 10

27 September 2013

Makan Makan x Jalan Jalan

[6th September 2013]

Well, the title is a Malay saying of "Eat Eat x Walk Walk", hahaha!
So on the day, I met up with my ITE Higher Nitec mates. :D

Bought tickets to "We're the Millers" at Cineleisure before having our lunch, had our lunch at the usuals, Ayam Penyet, located at Lucky Plaza level 4? or 5? Not too sure about that though.

I Miss this place ALOT, because in the past, we would always come here and eat during our ITE school days, IN OUR FORMAL SCHOOL UNIFORM!!! Hahaha!

 photo P9061620.jpg

 photo P9061626.jpg

Our classic "USUALS",  Fried Chicken Wings + Rice. love the chili, its like sex to the mouth! JUST SAYING!
I can't use any other words to describe how awesome it is!!!

 photo P9061627.jpg

 photo P9061630.jpg

We walked through and fro around town, from Cineleisure to Takashimaya to Orchard ION, and back.

Ohyah! Speaking about Cineleisure, I realized I kept taking photos with the posters inside the mall and didn't really take with the one that is outside the mall. Hahaha!

So here it is! :D

 photo P9061632.jpg

Reached Cineleisure, and we still had a little bit of time left, decided to chill at Frolick. For the first time ever, I couldn't finish a cup of frolick. :(

 photo P9061636.jpg

Walked up to level 6 and took a picture with the One Direction board that many One Direction Fans had been taking. LOLOLOL!

 photo P9061639.jpg

Then its time for our movie!
A very funny and humorous movie! Laughed through out, and its quite heartwarming also.

 photo were-the-millers-poster.jpg

Then we had dinner at Eighteen Chefs, finally I get to eat their Heart Attack Fried Rice again! Ever since after CNOS food tasting! Hahah! Love it to bits! ♥

 photo P9061655.jpg

Their Double Chili Cheese Fries also taste heavenly!

 photo P9061649.jpg

Home Made Ice Lemon Tea

 photo P9061644.jpg

Now before I end this post, I would like to present to you guys, the last and final lifesized poster that is up on Cineleisure! Hahaha!

This was placed at the lift area of level 1. :D

 photo P9061657.jpg

Now if you haven't follow my on my Instagram or Twitter, do so now! Hahaha!
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24 September 2013

Legally 21

 photo MyBirthday.jpg

Not feeling happy, yet not feeling sad about it! I'm currently now in Taiwan celebrating my 21st birthday. Hahah!

I don't know how should I feel though, turning 21 is like another step closer to adult hood, and I don't wanna turn into an adult so soon! :(((

Now for my birthday wish, I wish that my family will be in good health, and also prosper with more chances to travel to other countries together as a family!

Other than my family, I wish that my education in Polytechnic will be a good one! Not asking for fantastic results, but just average enough to get a stable job, and also less trouble.

Then, for my blog, I wish for more blog readership? More sponsors? Hint Hint!! I'm looking for hair and contact lens sponsors! Haha! And more blogging opportunities!!! Hopefully, I can see my name in one of the categories for Singapore Blog Awards 2014. Maybe even internationally!! Hahah!

As for my last wish, I know this sounds abit insane but, after watching season and seasons of America's Next Top Model, I'm so inspired to be a model! HAHAHAHA! JOKE, I KNOW!

Whenever I told my friends I wanted to be a model as my job/career in the future, they gagged and laughed! Hahaha! Okay la! I know its quite impossible also given for my size. But oh wells, it doesn't hurt to put it as one of my wishlist right? Hahaha!

I think that's about it? I shall now enjoy the remaining days I have in Taiwan. Now here's wishing myself a Happy Birthday!!! (Okay I sound quite sad when I wish myself....) LOLOLOLOL!!!

 photo MyBirthday-1.jpg

20 September 2013

I'm Flying To Taiwan

 photo taiwan.jpg

YES! By the time you guys are reading this post, I'm probably flying somewhere around the sky already!

If you guys have been following me on my Twitter and Instagram, you would have known by now that I'll be travelling to Taiwan from 20th to 27th September! Follow me now if you haven't! Hahaha!

Twitter:                             Instagram:

I still remember I was planning this with my friend at the beginning of this year, telling them how much I want to celebrate my 21st birthday by going overseas with some close friends and just have fun without having to care about anything at all, and now its all finally happening!!!

I've already draft some posts already, so in the meantime, do check back to this space yea, there will still be updates! Hahah!

I can't wait to share with you guys my trip already! Haha! Just hope this trip won't be disappointing! Alright, that's all for this post! Ciao~

 photo chiang_kai-shek_memorial_hall_taipei_taiwan.jpg

Photo Credits:

Before you guys start missing my face (Most likely won't), I shall *PIAK* my face here before I end this post! Hahaha!
(Actually, its just me wanting to post my own photos here) Lololol!

 photo TRAVELLLL.jpg

17 September 2013

SWITCH by Timbre

 photo timbre1.jpeg

This was my first time going to Timbre! I was really clueless, but I've heard about many people telling me how awesome Timbre was! So one fine day I've decided to go and see see look look how Timbre was like.

 photo Timbre.jpg

Address: 73 Bras Basah Rd, NTUC Trade Union House #01-01, Singapore 189556
Tel no: 6336 7739

I would HIGHLY recommend you guys to make a reservation before coming down, as by 8pm - 9pm-is, the crowd will start to get more and more.

You can get there by alighting at Bras Basah Station (Circle Line), and its just less than a minute walk from there. :D

Went there with Damien (UncleTehPeng) and Amanda (MsPetiteLoft), we were lucky enough to have seats available for us when we reached, haha, and we sat at the area that is quite near to the stage!

Didn't take alot of pictures because of bad lighting PLUS I didn't bring my external flash along, so yeap. :)

 photo timbre3.jpg

Best of all, there will be people performing for diners and the good thing about it is that you can send in a song request via SMS, and it will be shown on the television screen somewhere near the stage.

There will be different bands playing on different days, depending on which day you're coming. But for me, its not about the bands or whatsoever, its the people you hang out with! Hahah! Totally enjoyed myself over there with Damien and Amanda.

 photo timbre2.jpg

The cool thing about SWITCH by Timbre is that you order through an iPad!!! SUPER COOL! But in the end we only ordered the Fries, Buffalo Wings (MUST ORDER) and Duck Pizza (MUST MUST MUST ORDER).

After eating all that we're full already!!!

I don't know why, we seemed to look high and drunk! Hahahahaha!

 photo P9051604.jpg

 photo P9051611.jpg

And because of bad lighting, guess what I did? I used my mobile phone's flashlight to shine on it and took a photo using my camera! Hahaha! The photo turns out not bad actually.

Louisiana Fries $8 
Deep fried straight cut fries, topped with Cajun spiced. Accompanied with tartar sauce.

 photo P9051617-1.jpg

Buffalo Wings $14
Battered chicken wings, deep-fried and topped with Timbre’s devil sauce and roasted peanuts.

It might seemed spicy, but trust me, its not that spicy, it has abit of sweetness to it! Taste superb!!! ♥

 photo P9051616-1.jpg

Roasted Duck Pizza $20
Roasted duck breast, sautéed shiitake mushroom with hoisin sauce, topped with crispy popiah skin and mozzarella cheese.

The popiah skin is damn addictive, once you start, you will never stop! Not forgetting the duck meat! Now writing about it just makes me wanna go back for more!!! Hahaha!

P/S: Didn't manage to take a photo of the duck pizza, so I just googled and manage to get this picture.
Photo credits:

 photo dscn2137.jpg

After that, the 3 of us went for KTV session and then home sweet home! Really love hanging out with the CNOS peeps! Haha!

Anyways! For more information about SWITCH by Timbre you can check out their websites at

That's all for this post! Ciao~

15 September 2013

Shokudo at Cineleisure

[5th September 2013]

Hello to everyone with my new hair! If you guys have been following me on my Instagram or Twitter, you would have noticed that my hair is now shorter and more clean looking. Hahaha!

 photo P9051554.jpg  photo P9051555.jpg

Went to Cineleisure and decided to chillax at Shokudo. If you haven't read, I did a blogpost on Shokudo before here:

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, #02-06A/B

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday, 11.30am to 2am, last order at 1.15am
Friday, Saturday, and Eve of Public Holidays, 11.30am to 3am, last order at 2.15am

 photo P9051569.jpg

Didn't really ordered much as we were just looking for a place to sit down and chill, so we just ordered Chocolate and Banana waffle to share and a Cappuccino to drink (for myself) BAD CHOICE!

Because I didn't know that Cappuccino is hot, I thought its cold, actually, its my own mistake cuz I didn't see properly when ordering. :(((

PLUS! I don't drink hot beverages when eating outside. So yea! :(

 photo P9051595.jpg

 photo P9051585.jpg

The following are just some random shots taken with my camera.

 photo P9051557.jpg  photo P9051561.jpg
 photo P9051565.jpg  photo P9051567.jpg
 photo P9051566.jpg  photo P9051568.jpg

 photo P9051596.jpg

Tops For The Day
Black Basics x Denim

 photo P9051588.jpg

 photo P9051600.jpg

That's all for this post! Thanks for reading :))

14 September 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 8

 photo 625594_443628512380896_887134908_n.jpg

Now its another week on of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls.
Last week, it was a double elimination and Jeremy and Kanani was sent home. Now only 9 remained.

This episode started off with Marvin sobbing over Jeremy's departure from this competition and he kept on saying how much he miss Jeremy and that knowing the people he is close to will eventually leave in this competition just makes him sad.

Then its off to the challenge, whereby its split into 2 parts, the 1st part, the models will have answer a set of questions that is related to the modeling industry and also ANTM, and once they answered a question correct, they will earn a specific amount of credits for part 2 of the challenge. I tried answering the questions while watching and I was so amazed at myself because I manage to get all the questions right!!! Hahaha!

As for the 2nd part of the challenge, the contestants will have to find a killer look for MyEveryNeed.Com, and the challenge winner will win a $2000 Credit gift card.

In the end, Don was the winner, hahaha! I kinda find Don abit funny in some ways, and his eyes are damn nice I swear! For winning the challenge, he can also get to pick 1 guy and 1 girl to go have Ice Cream with him (HOW RANDOM)! And he picked Marvin and Renee to go with him.

At the top model house, the contestants saw their challenge score, and Marvin was pissed off with Chris because he felt that Chris doesn't deserve a 7 when Marvin himself scored only a 6!

And because of that, Marvin tried to stir up a scene by finding trouble with Chris, pissing him off by saying nasty things to him! (POOR CHRIS)

Like last week, Phil and Jiana got the lowest challenge score, with a score of 5!

The contestants have to do a photoshoot by being a frozen sculpture and also being thrown by paint (which will be the flixel for this photoshoot)

Jourdan, Cory, Nina and Renee stood out, whereas Jiana, Phil, Marvin and Chris struggled. In the end, it was Phil and Jiana who were in the bottom 2, and Jiana was sent home. What's worst is that the score between Jiana and Phil is only a mere 0.1!!!

Now here's the ranking for this week's photoshoot:

1. Jourdan
2. Renee
3. Nina
4. Chris H
5. Cory
6. Don
7. Marvin
8. Phil
9. Jiana (Eliminated)
10) Kanani (Eliminated)
11) Jeremy (Eliminated)
12) Alexandra (Eliminated)
13) Mike (Eliminated)
14) Chlea (Eliminated)
15) Chris S (Eliminated)
16) Bianca (Eliminated)

Here's Phil and Jiana's scores:

Phil's Score
Tyra Bank: 7
Kelly Cutrone: 5
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 5
Fan Vote: 4

Jiana's Score
Tyra Bank: 7
Kelly Cutrone: 5
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 5
Fan Vote: 3.9
TOTAL SCORE: 26.90 (Eliminated)

Now only 8 remains! Who do you think will be eliminated next? I really want Marvin to go, because he is so fake! Always crying and gaining sympathy!!!

Now for your weekly dose of America's Next Top Model! Here's episode 8 for you! :D

This is the preview for next week! :D
P/S: I might not be able to post next week's episode on time because I'm going overseas. But I'll try, if I can...

I can't wait for the upcoming episodes! It's gonna be so cool!!! Next week the eliminated models will comeback!!! YAY! But I think they're gonna show/announce who is coming back on episode 10 at the beginning of the show.

Now here's the comeback series for episode 4


13 September 2013

Life as a Student

I know I know! Writing this post doesn't change anything. But I'm hoping that I can at least inspire some people or so with the things I'm about to write in this post.

So here goes! Basically with the title, you can roughly guess that I'm gonna write about something related to my education right? Hahah!

So yeap! It all began at the year 1999, where I first got enrolled to Primary school. I didn't know how I survived my 6 years in that school with less than 5 friends. Not 5 friends for each year, its 5 friends for the whole of 6 years!!!

 photo P9121666dsd.jpg

I'm not like those smart or popular student in school where they get recognized and remembered by teachers all around the school, the only thing I got remembered for? Is my bad results.

When I was in Primary school, I don't really do my homework, I'm a lazy student that doesn't do my homework, if I do, its all rubbish! Really! I remember there was a period during Primary 1 or 2, whereby I kept asking my mom to help me do my Math and Chinese homework because both was my weakest subject and I have totally no interest in it. That really became a habit until I got scolded by my sisters.

In the early Singapore, when students reached Primary 4, they're required to take a streaming exams, where they will categorize students based on their results, mainly EM1, EM2, and EM3.

EM1 is like for those students who are SUPER SMART. Sometimes I really wonder what are those EM1 students doing with their lives now. Hahah!

As for EM2, they're like the "NORM" students, not smart, yet not dumb. Then we have EM3, for students who are very weak in their subjects and yet refuse to buck up.

Now you see, after I've taken my streaming exam and received my final examination results, I didn't know how should I react, because I was posted to EM3, and at that time, EM3 was a class/place where students really wanna avoid.

 photo P9121667.jpg

Now thank god I have a really good teacher back then, she was understanding and she feels that I have the capabilities to go far. (Look where I am now! Muahaha) And she asked my parents if they want to opt for me to go EM2 instead.


At the end of the final examination at Primary 5, I failed again. I scored a total 180/400!!! How bad can I get? But I told myself to look on the brighter side, at least there's 4 people that scored worst than me.

 photo P9121668.jpg

On normal law/rules, if you fail in your overall examinations you can never progress on to the next year of education, either that or you have to "downgrade", in school terms, it means drop to EM3. But guess what? This other teacher is being nice as well, look at the remarks she gave me! :D

And so, I was opted for EM2 during Primary 6!

As we all know Singaporean students who reached the education of Primary 6 are required to take a examination which is called Primary School Leaving Examinations in short PSLE!

My aggregate score for PSLE was 151, it was the highest for Normal Technical Stream, meaning, I can go to any Secondary school that offers Normal Technical Stream studies. :D

 photo P9121669.jpg

I still remember the day I got back my results, I was the only one that got posted to Normal Technical Stream, I wasn't given any other choices, just that, and so I moved on with life to Secondary school.

 photo P9121671.jpg

During the first day where I step into my secondary school, I was pretty scared, because well, I'm in the Normal Technical Stream and being typical stereotype, I'm scared of all the "gangster" students that will bully me and etc.

 photo P9121684.jpg

The first year was pretty alright I guess, for Normal Technical students, we were given a chance to progress to Normal Academic Stream if our results were 75% or higher, this will only be allowed during Secondary 1 or 2.

For both years I didn't manage to score 75% or above, but I'm not sad at all, because I met some of the most amazing people that changed my life. They bring out the "real" self in me!

 photo 2599_74630013432_4911075_n.jpg

Yeap! You didn't see wrongly, the one in yellow was me! Hahah! I slimmed down (MAGICALLY) when i reached puberty at the age of 14 - 15! Puberty is so amazing that it does wonders to my body! Hahaha!

 photo 1947_55749093432_8200_n.jpg

At Secondary 3, I quit NCC Air, also known as National Cadet Corps, some shitty CCA that doesn't allows you to quit unless for valid reason! Thank god my form teacher was the in-charge for that CCA, he let me leave but I must promise him something, and that is to get a CCA and make something out of it.

SO GUESS WHAT? Yours truly was given the role as the Chairman of AVA Club! HAHAHAHAHA!

 photo 1947_55748283432_95_n.jpg

Sitting in the middle like a boss! Hahaha!
With me being the Chairman of the CCA, I was given the opportunity to go for this Student Leadership Exchange Programme at New Delhi, India! The experience was SO AMAZING! We even went to one of the 7 wonders of the world, Taj Mahal!!

 photo 646_55747953432_9642_n.jpg

My results and studies in Secondary school was rather "okay" I guess? I never fail any subjects other than Math and Science.


One thing that I cannot comprehend is that, I CAN NEVER EVER GET 1ST IN LIFE ONE!
The best I've ever gotten is always 2ND!!!

Even for class position, the best I've got is also a 2nd!!! Never 1st in my life before!!!

 photo P9121673.jpg

Soon, I've completed my 4 years in Secondary school, been through thick and thin, especially the Wednesdays where I'll meet my BBF Ng Qian Yi and See Kai Xiang for lunch without fail!!!

 photo 1947_55748778432_175_n.jpg  photo 1947_55748783432_980_n.jpg

Got back my results and till date, my friends can NEVER believed how I scored 'A' for my Chinese! Hahaha! Because if you know me personally and have heard me spoke Mandarin before, you will know how "CUI" it is! Hahahaha!

 photo P9121674edited.jpg

Then it was on to the next phrase of education, which is ITE, because that is the only path Normal Technical Stream students could go.

So, ITE was a change for me, because its totally different from what I learn in Secondary school. Its all very practical, more of hands on, we even get to open our own business using our own money and sell it in school. What's more is that it is part of our module grading!!!

I was NEVER a smart student, in all my life I've never really studied for any exams. That is why I only scored a GPA of 2.765 for my first semester.

 photo P9121676edited.jpg

When my lecturer told me that in order for me to progress to a Higher Nitec business course, I would need a GPA of 3.0. I was devastated, I only have a GPA of 2.7, it is almost impossible for me to shoot up to 3.0!!!

I got enrolled into Nitec in Service Skills Retail ITE Bishan College Central in the year 2009, this is a 1 year course and by the 7th or 8th month of education, we'll be sent out for our 2 Months Attachment/Internship, which is a HUGE DEAL because it consists 7 Credits of our grades. In ITE, the higher the credit unit, the more you SHOULD score well!!!

After I've finished my attachment/internship, I got back my results. I manage to get a GPA of 3.182, and so I applied for a higher nitec course at Clementi Campus, the main reason for me choosing such a far campus is because they will be opening a mega campus at Choa Chu Kang in June 2010.

You know me, I'm more of those people that will go for newer things and outer look of it, and the mega campus seems quite appealing to me. Haha!

 photo P9121677edited.jpg

Then its on to the next level of education. I got into the my first choice, which is School of Business, Higher Nitec in Service Management at College West.

This was one of my best school days! Everyday was like going to school to have fun! Not saying ITE is very slack or what, you can have both fun and seriousness, you just need to know how to balance.

I played for the whole of first semester, and I ended up failing 1 module during the mid-sem. Thank god the lecturer was really really good, he helped me and all the other students as well, he even gave his meeting with his friends a miss just so he could help us with our studies! HOW TO FIND SUCH AWESOME LECTURERS NOWADAYS?!!!


But in the end, I only scored a GPA of 2.471, and in order to progress to Polytechnic, I would need a minimum requirement of 2.0, but I know if I want to get into a course that I want I would need to get much higher than that, maybe a 3.0???

 photo P9121678edited.jpg

My course for higher nitec is a 2 year course, and by the 3rd or 4th semester , we will be send out for our attachment/internship (again)!!!

At semester 2, I took another exam, and when I received my results, I was quite disappointed, because I did badly for my core module, which holds higher credit unit as compared to my other modules.

 photo P9121679edited.jpg

I only manage to increase my GPA by 0.1, this led me to thinking am I still able to get a GPA of 3,0?!!!

And so, I worked harder for my year 3rd semester exams, and I manage to do quite well this time round. I scored a cumulative GPA of 2.896.

 photo P9121680edited.jpg

I was told that our school will be sending to the Polytechnics our GPA for this semester and not the final one, I was taken back by this announcement. This means I might not be able to get into a course of my choice, because by the time we graduate from this course, Polytechnic have already started their school, that's why they're sending our 3rd semester's GPA to the Polytechnics.

So I worked extra hard, thinking that this will be my last chance to get my GPA up to at least 3.0! AND THERE! I FINALLY DID IT!

 photo P9121681edited.jpg

I scored straight A's for my last semester and scored and graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.145
And I manage to get into my first choice in Polytechnic! :D

 photo 181459_10150886837033514_722068311_n-1.jpg

I would like to thank my ITE Mates, without them, I wouldn't even be where I am today. Till date, I've never regretted the path that I went. Eventhough its longer than the usual, but its definitely worth it.

They played so much in my life, its like my secondary school mates bring out the "real" me, but its my ITE mates who shape me to who I am today.

The fun that we had!

 photo 291905_10150359891713433_1519905545_n.jpg

The retarded times!

 photo 296305_10150353529338433_1390823059_n.jpg

The BITCH I don't care where I am, 
I'm just gonna look good times.

 photo 303775_10150358783983433_1855807973_n.jpg

Not forgetting, doing Manicure in class during our free time

 photo 35597_493011258432_8027528_n.jpg  photo 63568_493012048432_7613990_n.jpg

Like they all say, some things should just take it slow and steady, then you'll be able to experience it to the fullest.

Just a tip for you people who are going for attachment/internship, just make sure you stay out of trouble, and go by the rules, know who is the one that is grading you, be it your supervisor or shop manager or whoever that is, it is important to know how to play the game well.

I'm not the best student, always the last few in class in terms of results, I'm not smart, I don't really have any secrets in studying. All I can say is that, no matter what, just don't give up on yourself. The day you give up is the day where you let yourself down.

Look where I am now! :D

That's all I can say, I hope this post can inspire some of you in a way or another.

Lastly, to end this post. I would like to post a photo!


 photo 285110_10150286348473433_4413489_n.jpg