05 December 2015

Something New

[Food Review]

Hi. Its been a long time since I did a food review. This time round its a brand/restaurant that everyone is familiar with. McDonald's.

Ever since I was a kid I ♥ McDonald's that I had their chicken McNuggets almost every single day. As I grew older, I tend to like something with more flavor such as McSpicy. I still remembered clearly that McDonald's used to sell something like Nasi Lemak which costs only $3++ or so. Many don't remember but that product had been stuck to my mind since childhood. Sadly they removed that product from their menu already. So when I was asked to do a review on McDonald's latest promotional product, I quickly agreed to it.

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McDonald's latest creations.
- Beef Clubhouse Burger
- Chicken Clubhouse Burger
- Truffle Flavored Shaker Fries
- Red Velvet Mcflurry with Oreo Cookie Bits

Moving on to the review. Many people had pretty high expectations for their new product, but for me, I feel that its better to expect less so that the disappointment won't be that much.

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Red Velvet Mcflurry
To be honest, it tastes pretty much like the original Mcflurry, and it costs much more. So yeap.

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Beef/Chicken Clubhouse Burgers
I love the fact that McDonald's keep adding different things to their current product so kudos for that. For their new clubhouse burgers, they added Bacon and Melted Cheese on top of the usual lettuce and tomatoes. A little something different compared to the other burgers on their menu.

A PC053381_副本

Truffle Flavored Shaker Fries
Well, this was the one that got many people talking about it. The smell was good but it tastes like Garlic/Onion Maggie Powder. Many of my friends have commented that its VERY BAD!!! True enough. But what do you expect something that comes out from a pack of sachet????!!!!


These above mentioned items will only be available from 26th Nov - 30th Dec (In Singapore Branches Only). Go grab them now while stock last.