14 April 2018

Goodbye 三叔

[14th April 2018, 1320]

It's been quite awhile since I last wrote an entry on my blog. Well, part is due to transiting to adulthood, responsibilities start coming in, and I barely have time even for myself.

This entry is written with a heavy heart. Last Saturday, I lost my dearest 3rd Uncle, but the lost can't be compared to my dad losing his precious younger brother.

I witness, I saw, tears rolled down my dad's eyes, he was holding back, and the grievances that he had. That was the first time I saw the vulnerable side of him.

Just a week ago on the 8th April, my paternal family went down to Lim Chu Kang to do our annual visit to our grandparents, (my Dad and Uncle's parents). My 3rd uncle was still pretty lively, energetic, everything seems normal. But a week later, we received news that he was admitted to A&E and is in critical condition.

We have all cried our hearts out, we all wished time could rewind. But the truth is, what has happened, already did. We can only accept the fact that we just lost a family member, and to treasure the people around us more.

Thank you for the love that you have showered me and the rest of your nieces and nephews. You're at a happier place now, keep smiling like you always do. You will always be, and forever remembered deep in our hearts.

Goodbye,  and Rest In Peace 三叔