31 May 2014

Daily Essentials

Recently there's lack of updates on my blog, and that's because my Mid Semester Tests is just next week! Time is really passing way too fast for me!!!

So anyways! Just a little update of what's going on recently.

My life is revolving around school and just school lately. Don't know why, but this year is passing super duper fast! It's like in a blink of an eye, half a year is gone, and soon, I'll be graduating and stepping into the workforce already!

But looking at the brighter side, I'll be going to Korea for a week after my MST's!!! Yayy! I can't wait! Now my mind can think about is just KOREA KOREA AND KOREA!!!

A week before I also went for a event at TANG MUSIC BOX kudos to Tselyn for the invite. You guys can read her blog for more details because I'm still editing the photos! Hahaha! Her Bloglink Here ->

Also! Project Superstar 3 Audition will be held next Saturday, 7th June at Mediacorp! I'm still thinking if I should give it a shot. The reasons that are stopping is that:

1) I'm afraid I will not even get through the first round of audition.

2) If I didn't get through the audition, I don't want them to air my face on television!!!

3) I don't want to "XIA SUAY" myself...

So yeap! That's why you see recently I've been posting video of myself, singing on my Instagram.

So how is it??? Is it good enough to get through the first round of audition??!!!

AND AND AND!!! If you haven't already do so. Do follow me on my Twitter and/or Instagram! I update there more often! ^.^

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Didn't have time to go out recently, that explains the lack of posts recently (Part of it). Another part is because my MST's is coming and I don't wanna be the only one in my class who fails!!! So yeap!!!

But I guess more posts will be coming up as I'm going Korea soon. and If I decide to join PSS I might also blog about my experience??? Hahahaha!!!

27 May 2014

Wheeler's Yard

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Went on a Cafe visit with Limei (Emilyoh) because we already said that she's gonna bring me to cafe visit on this particular day! Hahaha!

Took bus 145 from Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and walked one big round when actually, we could have reached there in 10 - 15 minutes walk from the bus stop that we have alighted. Hahaha!!! Blame it on the GPS!!!

A P5150484_副本

It was a pretty sunny day at Sunny Island Singapore (S.I.S), and after walking for some time under the humid weather, we finally found the place.

Located at "Lor Ampas" (I will let you guys know the direction there later), it's rather inconvenient for people who don't drive and doesn't know the route the Wheeler's Yard IMO! But nevertheless, with my trusty Goldeen (My iPhone) we manage to find it.

A P5150498_副本

Wheeler's Yard have both outdoor and indoor dining. Since the weather is so terribly humid, of course we opt for the indoor one luhhh!!!! So hot leh!!! Siao! Still dine outside meh???!!! I would be burning by the time the food is served.

So anyways, the whole place feels like a garage to me (maybe it is) but it's definitely one of the few unique cafe's that I've seen so far. Over there, they also sell bicycles and other stuffs I think...

A P5150526_副本

A P5150524_副本

Like any other cafe's you can grab a seat, take a look at the menu and order the food over at the counter, payments first before the food is served to you. It was kinda stupid that I ask Limei whether is it free seating!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

A P5150518_副本

We ordered Nachos Cheese Fries, Grilled Chicken and Iced Mocha. One learning point that I take back that day was that Mocha is actually Latte + Chocolate. Maybe it's just me but I was quite floored by Limei's intelligence of coffee knowledge!!! Hahahaha!

A P5150505_副本

A P5150508_副本

A P5150519_副本

Initially, me and Limei wanted to order both Cheese Fries and Truffle Fries. THANK GOD WE DIDN'T!!!! Because the portion of the fries is ALOT!!! Both of us can barely finish it!!! (Actually we also didn't eat finish lor!)

A P5150537_副本

After we 吃饱饱, we then take a bit more photos then we headed back to the bus interchange at Toa Payoh. Words can't describe how much hate I have towards the weather that day!!!

So anyways, just additional information for you guys:

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11:00 - 20:00
Wed - Sun: 11:00 - 20:00
Closed on Tuesdays.

Location: Address: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781
Tel: 6254 9128


A P5150555_副本

Take bus 145 from Toa Payoh bus interchange. Alight at the 5th stop where you see Shaw Plaza. Walk the direction as shown at the above picture.

A P5150554_副本

Walk straight ahead until you see this building that I've circled below in the photo below on your left.

A P5150551_副本

After you've seen this building, turn right and walk towards the direction as shown.

I know its a bit complicated following my directions, but that's because I took these pictures when I'm heading back... So yea. Bear with me. Hahaha!!!

After much walking, you will come across this building and that is it. Wheeler's Yard.

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24 May 2014

Vellus X TIN Boost

Went back to Vellus to get my hair fix again! Thank god I book my appointment in advance cuz Josie is really really busy nowadays.

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Check out the posts that I did before for Vellus Hair Studio:

So like the usual, Josie bleached my roots and did her magic on my hair! This time round I wanted something different but with a little bit same as the previous. So Josie suggested blue and she did the same Grey/Ash Grey for me at the front.

A P5160596_副本

A P5160608_副本


A P5160623_副本

Really love the end results of my hair! In fact, I've always love how Josie does my hair!!!
After a few washes, the grey got soaked with the blue dye, and thereafter it became a bit blue-ish grey.  It's like everytime I wash my hair, I get a new color! Lololol!!!

Went back home to wash up and change another set of clothes for TIN Boost event in the evening. Cab down because I was super late and I was welcome by TIN people and of course, their resident dog Changi!!!

A P5160629_副本

A P5160628_副本

So glad to see many familiar faces over at the event! Here's 2 selfie with Cheryl and Joey!!! Didn't manage to take photos with the rest because I was too lazy to take my camera out from my bag.... :(((

Special shoutout to le awesome Joey!!! Cuz I was asking her to come over for the event (not thinking that she would come) and she actually did!!! Such a awesome friend!!! ^.^y

OHYAH! Recently, I took part in TIN's Blog & Win contest and I manage to get 2nd!!! YES! IKR! 2nd again!!! But like what my friends have said, 2nd is always better than nothing. So yeap! :)

At the event, my prize was presented to me by the founder of TIN Dennis aka Mr Dennis. At times I got so confused as to whether to call him Dennis or Mr Dennis, because if you guys don't know, Mr Dennis was my year 2 Marketing tutor for certain modules and my Year 1 Marketing Fundamentals lecturer. So yea #TheAwkwardMomentz

A 10382070_646986228716746_8845404017348951120_o_副本

A 10320977_646985368716832_2872669709263705958_o_副本
Took a picture with the other 2 winners of the blog & win contest. Cheow Yi (left) and Tricia (Right) !!! :)

Lastly, check out TIN's interview with the 3 winners from the blog & win contest:

19 May 2014

With A Pinch Of Salt

Finally back with another post, after much procrastination, I'm finally blogging about this. So if you guys know (most of you might not), I've visited this cafe with some of *Le Cousins* back in the days where I was a skinny bitch.

A P4290269_副本

The last time I visited was 2010, and nothing much have changed, maybe except the food and services I guess? Hahah! I wanted to bring my other friends to this place ever since, but due to our own commitment, we then drag till recently. LOLOL!!!

A P4290275_副本

The cafe look pretty much like a kids cafe where everything is just so bright and...... "CUTESY LOOKING"!

A P4290270_副本

Only 4 of us went on that day, each of us ordered a dish and drinks, for me, I ordered an additionals cheesefries for sides! If you have compared the chessefries from this post and the other, you would have seen the obvious difference...

A P4290290_副本

A P4290308_副本

A P4290306_副本

A P4290317_副本

A P4290304_副本

A P4290287_副本

A P4290283_副本

The food over there was pretty average, nothing special, but what surprises me was that the service was pretty good. Maybe because that was the supervisor or manager of the cafe bah??? But she provided EXTREMELY good service for us.

She would ask us whether the drinks is alright, is it too bland, if it is she would add more chocolate for us, or change a new one for us. That was totally unexpected.

For iced water there will be a $0.30 charge.

With A Pinch Of Salt Cafe is located at  297 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437080, you can take bus 10, 31, 32, 40, 43, 76, 135, 917, 401, 853.

Alight at the stop where you see Pizza Hut on the left. Once you alighted turn right and walk straight ahead and you'll be able to see the cafe already.

Do take note that they have very weird operating hours, so yea! Do make a call if you're going cuz sometimes they are quite packed one.

Operating Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Wednesday & Thursday: Closed
Friday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Price Range: $10 - $30

14 May 2014

Officially Team iPhone!

I was a bit hesitant at first, after hearing so much bad news about iPhone. But then again, haters gonna hate right?!!!

Even JingLongKHOO who was once a DIE HARD Android fan was slowly turning gay for iPhone! Hahahaha! So yeap! Its official, I'm gay for iPhone too!

A P5100465_副本

So a few days ago, my dad agreed to buy the iPhone 5S for me, and bad news from Fennimisoo, cuz she said that the iPhone 6 will be released earlier this August than the initial September 2014. But ain't nobody got time for that! Hahahaha!!!

I mean, if I were to wait for the iPhone 6, I might as well wait for the iPhone 6S right? But that is gonna take at least half a year or more, by then, I would have already finished Poly and getting my head shaved ready to serve the nation. So yea! I didn't wait....

A P5100461_副本

Before I forgot to mention, I bought the iPhone 5S in Gold, 32 GB, because I feel that 16 GB for a heavy user like me is just.... Not enough, because I use my phone for many purpose, Music, Photos, Web Browsing, Videos and many more, so getting a 32 GB one sounds quite legit right???

12 May 2014

Bangkok Travelogue (Day 4)

This will be the last and final post for my Bangkok Travelogue. It was a fun experience traveling with le Cousins*, eventhough its just for 4 Days 3 Nights. In case you haven't read my previous posts, you can read them here at

A P4071396_副本

Day 4 is gonna be a really short post because we had to check out of our hotel rooms at 12pm and our flight back to Singapore is at evening 7pm - 8pm???!!! So yeap. In between all we did was just shopping and shopping and more shopping! We literally went CRAZYYYYYY!!!!

A P4071432_副本

Morning selfie with @YourApplePAI! You can clearly see that she just woke up! (with that messy hairdo)

It was free and easy for ourselves till 12pm before we check out of our rooms, so me, Angie and Joyce decided to walk around the street stalls near our hotel and get breakfast and some food to till our empty stomach. WAIT! Joyce didn't went with us, she was in the hotel room...and being lazy... Hahahaha!!!

A P4071437_副本

Had Thai Milk Tea and Chicken Cutlet Rice for the last time in Bangkok. Actually, I'm quite amused that their milk tea is in Orange color!!!! Lolololol!!! #CuriousityKills

A P4071453_副本

After which, we went our own separate ways for shopping. Our meeting time was 4.30pm but some of us came back sorta late. But yea, nevertheless everything was quite alright I guess.

When we all came back to the hotel lobby, all of us open our luggage and packed everything in. Some even had to stuff and squeeze the things they've bought! Hahahaha!!!

A P4071447_副本

While waiting for some of them to come back from their shopping, I bought this to munch, and I have to say this is REALLY CRISPY!!! I can't remember the price but, its definitely cheaper than SG luhhhh!

Super crispy and crunchy!!!

A P4071460_副本

Took a taxi from our hotel to the airport, we managed to bargain for 300 Thai Baht. Which is around $12 SGD. It's super worth it! I mean, if you share within 3 person, each only paid like $4 SGD!!!

But the cons of it is that the taxi was filled with ants la, abit dirty la IMO! But what to do, *AI PI MAI HIAM* = Want Cheap Don't Complain!!!

A P4071457_副本

Checked in our luggage and because of Kaizhi, who upgraded his seat for the bigger leg space at Scoot, we got ours upgraded as well, FOR FREE!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

A P4071467_副本

#FunFact: Not sure if you guys know, this is what Angie told me la! Scoot Airplanes are actually former SQ Airlines. Nowonder its so big and spacious! I didn't know about this until Angie told me. Hahah!

A P4071484_副本_副本

This was quite epic. When we all checked in our luggage, got through the gate and etc. Me, Andy, Weijie, Ruoxuan decided to get ourselves Burger King cuz we were quite hungry and we didn't want to spend money on the overpriced food at the airplane. At least for me.


We heard announcement saying last call for our flight. WE RAN WITH OUR LIVES TO THE GATE!!! Only to realize people are still queuing up to board the plane! #FOL!!!

A P4071488_副本

The return flight to Singapore was slightly faster than flying towards Bangkok IMO.

Reached Singapore at around 11pm and waited for our luggage for around 15mins?? Or maybe more??? Anyways, its a fun filled experience for this trip, and I definitely had loads of fun! ♥

I take back my words, now I'm looking forward to our next overseas trip again. Hahaha!

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

07 May 2014

The Tiramisu Hero

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A P4170098_副本

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Some time last month, I went Cafe hopping with my friends and one of them suggested "The Tiramisu Hero" since we're at the area nearby.

I only tried the most basic thing on their menu which is their Tiramisu. If I didn't recall wrongly it's called MOMMAHERO. Hahaha! Such a cute name! ♥

You can also choose different kind of flavors of Tiramisu from the menu. They have Strawberry, Lemon, Lemon Lavender, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Ovaltine, Milo, and Horlicks. Decided to go with Milo cause it sounds the safest. (Sorry I'm not as adventurous as you think I am)

I mean, it's worth the experience, just go and try. But I think you guys have already tried before even coming across this post la! Hahaha! Cause I think I'm one of the last few to have visited The Tiramisu Hero...

Oh! And did I mention Peggy was there as well??? But I didn't manage to snap a photo with her though. :(

Over at the Cafe, they also have little corner where they display accessories and its available for purchase! Not only that, they also have the head of the mascot where its well known for people taking photos of/with it.

A P4170100_副本

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548
Contact Number: 62925271

For more information on how to get there, you can click on this link:

You guys could check out their website for more details at

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