26 February 2015

Blue Neon Stars

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Hello! How's everyone's CNY coming along? Mine was awesome! So i went for steamboat at my friend's house the other day and i wore my blue starry shirt that i bought from H&M. I rolled up the sleeves because i wanted to show a bit of skin.

TIP: Not sure if it applies to everyone, but i personally feel that if you show a little bit of skin, you tend to look slimmer on camera. You guys can try it if you want. Hahah! Roll up your long sleeves instead of putting them as it is.

And since the weather nowadays is extremely warm, i decided to pair it with a simple denim shorts also bought from H&M. As i already have a printed top, i try to keep my accessories and bag the minimum. So i wore a camo printed watch from G-shock and a plain black clutch that i bought from Bugis Street.

This outfit is pretty simple and i find that its suitable for gathering with friends and house visiting on Chinese New Year.

Top - H&M
Bottom - H&M
Bag - Bugis Street

So what do you guys think of this outfit? Till the next outfit post. :)

24 February 2015

Goodbye Friends, Hello Strangers

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Every year, the bloggers affectionately known as le *Cousins*, will have a staycation to celebrate either Christmas or the New Year. Last year, we decided to combine both festive seasons and just celebrate it at 1 day. 

Kudos to Meldric aka Mel (@Swiszy) he helped us book a room at Park Avenue Rochester. The room was rather small as compared to our previous staycation. but it still manages to squeeze all of us la. ^.^y

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And just like last year, we all make use of the kitchenette that is available and bought some food from the nearby supermarket and cook ourselves. LOL! But actually I didn't really help out in the cooking. HAHAHAHA!!

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The night ended with a hide and seek of our secret santa gift exchange. And I got my present from Jing Long! WootWoots! It's capital land mall voucher which i used it to buy my iPhone cable! Hahaha! :D

I didn't really sleep well for the night though, Fenny didn't sleep either. So we ended up going down to the hotel lobby talking for the whole night till 6am-ish??? Then we went back to the hotel room to catch a wink. I still remember clearly how many "fucks" Fenny gave me! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

And soon, one by one woke up to cook breakfast for everyone. I think Jing Long did the most work??? LOL!

Aites, ending this post with a instagram worthy photo. Ciao~

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22 February 2015

Adventure Cove

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As seen from the title, you can prolly guess what this post is about. YES! ITS ABOUT ADVENTURE COVE!!! *CLAPS*

This is a very backdated post, as i'm really busy with school (I just finished my FYP if you haven't know), I didn't really have time to sit down and edit the photos.

So this was way back at last year November, where my group of friends were planning to surprised this guy friend of mine but he sort of spoil the surprise himself. HAHAHAHA!!!!

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Happy us wanted to give him a surprise but ended up failing. LOL! We went there extremely early just so we can get the tickets before that guy reach. To our surprise, there's discount if you were to use your debit/credit card to pay (which I forgot is which bank already obviously!!)

But now i'm not sure if the discount is still valid though. Hahah!
So anyways. We bought our tickets and just nice our dear friend arrived.

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A random OOTD shot out of nowhere. Hahah! 
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After meeting our friend, we then head off to have our breakfast at McDonalds. I would advise you guys not to have a heavy meal before going into Adventure Cove. Cuz half the time you'll be screaming and laughing your lungs out when taking the rides.

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Time passes fast when you're having fun. I would recommend you to go down early, like in the morning around 9am - 10am?? Cuz half the time you'll be queuing for the rides, so to maximize your time, its better to go earlier. And so that you have more time to enjoy yourselves la.

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We stayed till they're about to close, wash up and we had Astons for dinner. Can I say the service at Astons is REALLY GOOD! Their staff there is so friendly and they serve their food pretty fast! Unlike some outlet that you see at town area. TSKTSK!!!

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And that pretty much sums up my day at Adventure Cove. Till next post! CIAO~

17 February 2015

Ah Boys To Men 3; Frogmen

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Recently I was invited to attend Ah Boys To Men 3; Frogmen gala premiere at Shaw Lido, kudos to Safra.

Before they begin showing the movie, the was a special appearance from the cast of Ah Boys To Men 3 and also director Jack Neo to give the audience a brief intro of what to expect for the movie.

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There's a slight twist to this 3rd installment. This time round, its filled with humor and emotions. And I can say it was over my expectations and even my friend that went for the premiere with me also agree with what i said.

I shall not spoil too much for you. The movie will be out on 19th Feb 2015 but tickets is already available for booking. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. ^.^

Ending this post with my outfit for that day. Just a simple blue shirt that i wore it as an outerwear and a basic white top. Hahah! I don't know why but i'm so into basics nowadays. LOL!

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Ohyah! And my friend baked for me buttered cookies! ♥
Feeling so loved and appreciated. SANKYEWWWWW! ^.^y

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15 February 2015

Shabu Sai

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One day, my friends and I were craving for some buffet. And so we ended up at Shabu Sai, located at East Point Mall. If I'm not wrong, East Point Mall was newly renovated.

When you're over there, the waiter/waitress will take your orders. Like any other buffet, you get to choose your soup base. For us, we chose those that were safer like Paitan seafood soup. I strongly recommend you NOT to choose the spicy soup base, it taste pretty meh...

Everything over there is free flow, so you can just take whatever you like. But if I'm not wrong, they have time limit for the buffet. For us, we stayed there for quite long, probably because they have no customers for that particular period I guess???

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 #03-06 EastPoint Mall 3 Simei Street 6 Singapore 528833

Opening Hours:
11.30am - 11.30pm (last order 11pm)

Telephone: 6636 3121

Price: Adult:
$14.99++ | Child: $9.99++

Free flow of drinks + Soft serve ice cream additional $1.99++

08 February 2015


So sorry for the long hiatus. I was really really busy with my FYP and semester tests this whole month that I didn't really have time to sit down and write.

Just to fill you guys with an update, here's a video that I did for my FYP. It might seem its poorly edited though. Once again, I'm not a media and design student. LOL!

Now I'm just left with a week of school and that's it. No end sem exam for Marketing students. YAY ME!

I just wanna say, I'm glad to have these bitches right at my back, even though we weren't the best, but we always give our best. It's like semester 3.2 just flew past like that, in a blink of an eye, we've come to the end. All the struggles, scolding from George Lim, tough night at brand study, the torturous night at Changi Airport, and the rejection from Ms Lynette, Its all finally over.

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Now I'm looking forward to our overseas trip together, hopefully it will come true. #FingersCrossed
I would also like to thank everyone single one of them who "TAHAN-ED" my lameness and over confident vibes. Hahaha! It has been a really fun and entertaining year with them.

End this post with a super step photo. Till the next post.

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