29 July 2014

Korea Travelogue; Seoul Day 2

I finally have the time to sit down and do up my Korea Travelogue.
If you haven't read about my day 1, here's the link to it. --->

So on day 2. We woke up kinda late because we reached our hostel quite late the previous night and we did some unpacking and etc. So yeap.

I have received comments from people asking me about where and which hostel did I stayed, Andy and I booked the S Tower Hostel located at MyeongDong. Exit from Exit 3 and walk up the slope and you'll reach there eventually.

Do take note that all my conversions of SGD & KRW is $1 SGD = 800 KRW.

A P6090903_副本A P6090904_副本

Super duper small and compact toilet for washing up and doing my business. I think if you're intending to go Korea you don't really need to book a hotel one lor, somemore guest house/hostel over there is pretty cheap and affordable. We paid around $400++ for 2 person for 6Days 5Nights. Considered cheap I guess cuz 1 person is around $200++++ over. And when you're there you just need a place to bath and sleep. So yea, that's just my take luh!!!

A P6090905_副本
so here's how the hostel looks like.

So where do I stop? Ohyah! Woke up kinda late, so we just anyhow grab a bite from a nearby shop that sells toasts, lots and lots of toasts.

A P6090910_副本A P6090911_副本

Later then we found out that the store that we bought our breakfast from was actually Isaac Toast, its pretty famous in Seoul though, and can you believe it? We actually had Isaac Toast for our breakfast almost every single day! Hahahahah!!!

The good thing about Isaac Toast is that its all DIY payment, you pay the amount for the toast that you've ordered and you do the change yourself. It's pretty cool leh! I mean you have this kind of concept of shops in Singapore, most of the Singaporeans are just gonna abuse it. #JUSTSAYING

A P6090912_副本
My super awesome Hot Chicken Toasts that costs 2600 Won??? It's around $3++ SGD if i'm not wrong...

After that, we went to the subway station and bought our T-Money card, which works the same as our EZ-Link card in Singapore, just that theirs is in a cuter shape! Hahahah!

A P6090916_副本

At the subway stations, you can buy it at their ticketing machine, either in the shape of a card or a cell charm, I bought the cell charm one cuz I can just hang it at my camera and just tap it whenever I'm taking the subway.

I can't really remember, but the cell charm T-Money costs slightly more than the card design one, I'm not sure I bought it for 10,000 Won, and I also top up another 5000 Won to my T-Money cell charm.

In case you guys are curious how it looks like, this is how it looks.

A P6091044_副本

A P6090917_副本

First stop of the day was at Hongdae station, where Trickeye Museum, Ice Museum, and Style Nanda is located.
The thing I love about Korea train stations is that they have vending machines and shops IN the subway station selling food and drinks etc.

A P6090920_副本
A P6090924_副本

Reached Hongdae station and it was a sunny afternoon! Walked around the area and thanks to Andy's good sense of direction, we were able to find Trickeye Museum.

A P6090929_副本

A P6090932_副本

The ticket price for Trickeye Museum was originally 15,000 Won, but thank god Andy printed the discount coupons and we manage to get our tickets at 12,000 Won! #LifeOfASingaporean

If guys want, the discount coupons are valid till end of this year, so for those that is thinking of visiting trickeye museum over at Korea, do print this discount coupon out.

You may wish to check out this website as well because there's other discount coupons available. Hahahaha!!! Don't say I never share!!!

A P6090936_副本

So when we got our ticket, I then found out that we also got tickets to Ice Museum! YAY US! So after we had our fun taking pictures at Trickeye, we headed over to Ice Museum which is just right beside it.

Now the following are just pictures taken over at Trickeye Museum.

A SAM_8402_副本 A SAM_8406_副本
A SAM_8396_副本 A SAM_8426_副本
A SAM_8444_副本 A SAM_8443_副本
A SAM_8448_副本 A SAM_8472_副本
A SAM_8477_副本 A SAM_8490_副本
A SAM_8502_副本 A SAM_8510_副本
A SAM_8512_副本 A SAM_8520_副本
A SAM_8522_副本 A SAM_8552_副本
A SAM_8537_副本 A SAM_8569_副本
A SAM_8555_副本 A SAM_8560_副本

Yeap, that's just "SOME" of it that was taken, after which we did walk through and fro to see if we miss out anything, because once we walk out of the museum, we can't go back. Hahahaha!

After we got out of the museum, we then headed to Ice Museum, which I had no idea what it's about, all we got was a thing to cover for us (which I think its completely useless).

A P6090939_副本

Everything at Ice Museum was made out of ice (DUHHHHHHH!), and it was superfragilisticexpialidocious-ly COLD!!!! Somemore I was wearing shorts, a super short one!!!

A P6090947_副本
A P6090963_副本

We were cold to the extent that we ran out of the Ice Museum, wait till we got back to our normal temperature, then we head back in again.

A P6090945_副本

I risk my life when I was taking this shot above ^^ because as you go deeper inside, the colder it gets, and you know how sometimes taking shots like this requires LOTS AND LOTS OF TAKES?!!!!

Yeap! But I manage to do it! Hahahaha!

A P6090967_副本
Selfie with my photographer for the entire trip! Hahaaaaa!

Selfie with my photographer for the entire trip! Hahaaaaa!

After we're done at the Museums, we decided to just walk around the streets of Hongdae, explore a bit over there, try some street snacks and etc. But in the meanwhile, we thought why not just go have our lunch first instead? Hahaha!

A P6090972_副本
A P6090973_副本
A P6090976_副本
A P6090979_副本

Decided to have our lunch at Roscoco Steak House, when we went inside, the place was empty. Like there's literally no one! One thing about me is that I'm very hesitant about going to a store that has no one, you know??? I'll feel like all eyes are on me (eventhough I pretty much love attention) but!!!! The feeling is just weird!!!

So anyhow, thanks to Andy, he managed to make me MAN UP and go into the restaurant.

A P6090986_副本

The food costs 20,600 Won, which is around.....$25.75?? Come to think of it, its quite expensive uhh!

A P6090982_副本

And so, this is what I had for lunch, looks pretty promising hor??? It tastes quite nice actually. There's also free flow of iced water as well! :)

A P6090989_副本

After we had our filling lunch at Roscoco, it was near late afternoon already, so we decided to roam around the streets of Hongdae again, and this time, there's more people on the streets. I think Koreans only appear at late afternoon and/or evening. Lolololol!!!

A P6090991_副本

Bought this ^^ at 3000 Won, totally worth the price la, cuz its alot. But you'll end up eating till very messy, I end up throwing mine away when I ate 3/4 of it cuz.... Everything was melting and it ended up dripping to my hands. So yeap. I couldn't take it anymore so I threw it away. Hahaha!!!

A P6090996_副本

Was roaming around the streets and halfway through I felt the need to get something to drink, so I end up buying the watermelon juice at their street store that costs 3,500 Won.

A P6090993_副本

The people at Korea are super friendly, the guy that I bought watermelon juice from initiates conversion with me, he asked me where I'm from and he told me he was from Australia, or was it Switzerland?? I can't really remember, all I know was that he also came from other country. Hahaha! XD

A P6090998_副本

And did I mention that the watermelon juice at Korea taste extremely nice?!! Unlike Singapore!!!

A P6090999_副本

Saw this badly vandalized Super Junior poster at the streets of Hongdae. Poor Donghae!!! T.T

It was near evening already and I told Andy that my friend wanted to get something from StyleNanda and just then we realized that their Flagship store is located here. So after realizing we headed our way to where StyleNanda is located.

A P6091001_副本

As we're walking, we wanted to check where the exact location of the store is because we've been walking for quite some time already, so when I told Andy to on our wifi egg so that we could check the location, we turned our heads and we saw the store. Hahaha! #LuckyUs!

A P6091003_副本

Wasn't really a fan of StyleNanda until I left Hongdae. I regretted not buying anything from there. Hahah! But I made myself a StyleNanda membership card as a momento cuz I really want something from there. Hahaha! Ohyah! I also took 2 photos at the photobooth in their flagship store. ITS FREE! Hahaha!

Proves that I really went to the StyleNanda store! Hahah!

A P6091005_副本

So after we bought our stuff, we headed over to the subway station and took the train down to Dongdaemun. Where night life is always happening over there.

A P6091011_副本

When we walk out of the exit, it was kinda chilly as it was near evening and the sun is setting already. But I pretty much LOVE the weather. No complaints. Hahaha!

A P6091014_副本
A P6091016_副本
A P6091018_副本

As we're walking, we saw a lot of stores selling street snacks, can't help it but to buy one and munch on it. So guess what I bought???

A P6091019_副本

A P6091021_副本

I bought Korean Rice Cakes also known as Tteokbokki,  I fell in love with it ever since Pamela made it on our CNOS2 Picnic last year. So thereafter, it has been my favorite Korean food!!! Plus, I had it in combination of the chilly weather. AWE-GASM!!!!

A P6091028_副本

We walked around the streets and we can't really find any decent place to eat, so we decided to settle down at a restaurant that sells fried chicken and have our dinner there.

A P6091038_副本

I know, in Korea, fried chicken is best eaten with beer, but sadly I don't drink. So I had all my fried chickens with iced water. #IHaveALife

So after our dinner, we do walk around the streets of Dongdaemun and also the shopping malls. The things they sell are pretty expensive though, not as cheap like what others say. Didn't really feel the quality of the clothes though, prolly because most of the time my eyes were on the stores selling food.... Hahahah!!

A P6091039_副本

Saw this BigBang posters while we're on the lift up to this level where they're "SUPPOSED" to have a hologram theater kind of place where they place Kpop Artists like Big Bang and 2NE1 singing. But when we reach that level, it was closed. So yea, guess we're not that lucky afterall.

Actually Andy and I wanted to wait for all the stalls to open as Dongdaemun is known for their colorful nightlife. Everywhere you go, the streets will be lid up with stores selling all sorts of things you could ever imagine (okay maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but you get my point!)

A P6091025_副本

It was near midnight already and most of the stores were not open yet, so we decided to just head back to Myeong Dong to see whether we can get any snacks back to our hostel.


Reached Myeong Dong and most of the shops were closed already. Didn't manage to get anything for that night...

That's the end for Day 2 of my Korea Travelogue. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Till the next post. ♥