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10 January 2018

Are We There Yet?


Hello, hello. To those who are still sticking by my blog and reading all the bits and puzzles of my life that I'm trying to piece together.

It's been quite awhile since I last wrote a personal post. And as much as I keep saying that personal blogging is more or less dead, the lifespan of a person staying on a page to read something is also decreasing. I feel that blogs still has its value and live up to its name to once a platform for brands and advertisers to market their product.

Okay I digress. The reason for me writing this is because of what I fear the world has become, and is going to become. In a age where everything is so superficial, everyone is so attracted to things that are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing, we fail to look deep upon to what's beneath those carefully curated image. I ask myself, when scrolling through some of my social media, do I really look at what the caption/content is, or do I just look at the image itself. The answer is pretty clear, I'm at guilt myself too. We all are. In contrary to what I've just mentioned, I had a small talk with some of my friends over a meal last month. We realized how some brands and companies are so obsessed with numbers, just like how we're obsessed with curating those beautiful images. They don't see beneath those numbers, just like how we don't see the captions/content beneath those carefully curated visuals. When it comes to advertising, some brands and companies rather believe in superficial things like numbers  than hard work and creativity. It irks me, really.

07 January 2018

True Love @ Neverland Café

Here we are again with another food/café post. It took me long enough, but I finally had the time to sit down proper, open up my editing software(s) and start editing all my overdue pictures taken from my past café hop and oversea travels.

In early November last year, I went on a short getaway with my Poly friends to Bangkok Thailand. Prior to this trip, we had a bit of debate as to where and when is the best time for us to put away our busy work schedule and go on a trip together. But because we're all working adults now, it's pretty hard complementing as some of our schedules may clash. So after much discussion, we settled for a 5 day 4 night trip to Bangkok. But as seen from the title, this post will be focusing on True Love @ Neverland Café instead of my Bangkok travelogue.

Besides all the cheap food and shopping that everyone has heard of. One of the highlight of this trip is to visit True Love Cafe. Located in the middle of a quiet street in the neighbourhood, it is quite inconvenient for you to travel there by foot. What I'll recommend is to book a grab or take a TukTuk there. From my own experience, my friends and I (5 people) we took TukTuk from Platinum Mall to True Love Cafe for about 100-200 Baht? I can't really remember the exact amount but considering the fact we, 5 people squeezed in a TukTuk and travel to the cafe for quite a distance for 200 Baht - $8 SGD, it's pretty much worth it.

31 December 2017

A Closure To 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end, I've decided to write down some of the highlights that has happened. I know many have already posted their yearly recap/reflections on instagram or insta-story, but personally I feel its better to write it here and leave it as it is. 10 years down the road, I can come back and read at my hideous grammar and vocab. LOL!

Let's take a look back at what I wrote for my new year resolutions back in January 2017.

1: Continue To Stay Fit & Maintain My Physics
2: Travel At Least Twice
3: Keep In Contact With My Friends More
4: Continue To Blog More
5: To Attend More Events
6: To Achieve Something Great In Life

I can't help but to feel ashamed of myself. HAHAHAHA! Cause I barely even achieve half of it. But I'm glad that I manage to travel 3-4 times this year, that is if you wanna include army overseas exercise as one of it. Haha! And also putting in more effort into my meet up with friends.

Now let's have a quick recap to some of the 2017 highlights shall we?
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