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19 August 2017

My Army Story Part 1

It has been so long since I last posted an entry and I guess its about time to update this little online diary of mine. If you have been following me on my instagram/snapchat, you would have probably know that I've ORD almost a month ago. After a long consideration and procrastination, I've decided to search high and low for all the photos that are related to my army days and do up a timeline of my 2 years of serving the army.

30th July 2015 (BMT)

Like most boys who have just finished their tertiary education, I was enlisted to Pulau Tekong for my Basic Military Training. There are some who are of "special case" where they'll get posted to Mono intake also known as unit directly but I'll get to that at a later part of this story.


02 June 2017

Teenage Gorgeous You Café Trail

Last week, Teenage teams organized a cafe hopping session together with the Teenage Gorgeous You 2017 finalists. As we're waiting for everyone to arrive at the venue. The team drop a huge surprise challenge for us, and that is we need to shoot, film, and edit a video by the end of the cafe hopping session and submit it, and it be used as our video and instagram submission. To add on to the difficulty, we will be doing the challenge in pairs and I'm paired up with Tyler (@Tylomere). Good thing I paired with him because he's super easy to work with. We split up the workload with him taking/editing the photos while I shoot/edit the videos. And I must say we worked really well as a team. :)

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