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07 December 2017

How To Fix Your Photobucket 3rd Party Hosting Issues

Today's post will be more for people like me who is constantly online using photo hosting websites to share our photos via embedded links etc. Until about half a year ago, Photobucket decides to shit at us without giving us any warning. *Note* no user were informed prior to them replacing all our images with what you're gonna see below.

Photobucket 1

Everyone who uses photobucket as their main photo hosting platform were furious. Lucky I had switched to Flickr at the early 2014. So only my photos embedded here before 26th Feb 2014 were affected. I had tried several method and researching solutions to it but only found disappointment. Until I came across this video on YouTube which was posted only about a month ago. I immediately went to try it *BOOM*! It really works. So now I am gonna show you guys the solution to making your pictures appear again.

05 December 2017

DM Chicken 分米鸡

2 DM Chicken

Back in the month of September, my friends (Poly Year 3 Clique) celebrated my belated and Garey's birthday in advance. You know as we grow older, we tend to pretty much used up all the tricks up our sleeves and we sort of got not much creative juices left. That's why when these years we just forgo all the "surprises" and just straight up ask what the birthday boy/girl want for their birthday. This year, my friends manage to find a cool place to hang out and have our dinner at.

18 October 2017

My Army Story Part 2

Here's the continuation of my army story. If you haven''t catch part 1 of it, here's the link to it:

So after our POP also known as Passing Out Parade, all recruits are entitled to 1 week block leave. So in this 1 week leave most of us will be going overseas, hang out with friends, etc. For me, well I'm pretty much the latter cuz I'm too broke to go overseas. LOL!

On the last few days of our block leave is the day where the army tekong group chat become super active. Your alert/notification is constantly flooding with messages one. Because this is when we'll receive our postings on our next phase of army life. Whether you get posted to SCS (Sergeant Cadet School), OCS (Officer Cadet School) or Unit (basically a trooper or driver or medic). And guess what?!?!?! I was posted to a unit. A BAD ONE SOMEMORE!!! Its more like a dumping ground when you're nowhere good or bad. I cried, I cried so bad cuz I really didn't want to spend another 1.5 years going outfield and having to CHIONG all the way. It's like BMT all over again but at another level higher.


Can't remember its 21st or 22nd December that I got posted to 4th Singapore Infantry Battalion (4SIR) yeap the dumping ground that I was talking about earlier on. Who would have thought, I so "nua", can't even barely get Silver for my IPPT already, yet I'm posted to a "CHIONG SUA" unit. So together with some of my Gryphon Kias, Matthew, Ben, Jeffrey just to name a few, we were all super reluctant to report to camp. Firstly, the camp is right opposite a fucking cemetry. Secondly, we all went to google information about this camp so that we have a heads up of what to expect. Basically, nothing. LOL! We only found some information on hardware zone from the previous troopers who have already ORD saying that the cookhouse food is awesome, the bunk is haunted, toilet is haunted etc. I mean, what do you expect??? We're staying in 24hrs, 5 days a week opposite a cemetery!!!

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