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08 August 2021

Getting Your Drivers License In Singapore (2021)!

As seen from the title, you probably would have guessed what this post is about. Yes! I finally got my drivers license. I wanted to jot down my journey over here reason being is that I find it real hard to get information online with only that few YouTube videos that is available and most of the blogposts that people have shared are from eons ago. Before the few days to my Traffic Police Test (TP Test) in short, I even resort to searching information on forums.

There are also many considerations to go through before deciding on getting your license. Examples like which school to enrol, private or school instructors, Auto or Manual. Well, I will list all of them here so that you can decide which one better fits your needs and criteria.

25 December 2019

Something To Be Thankful For

It's really amazing how things have been for me in 2019. I still clearly remember when I wrote my 2018 summary, I mention that many great things IS coming! It really did! BTS-Concert