22 March 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22

Hello there!
After about 3 months, ANTM is back once again with another season of boys VS girls!

So yesterday was the runway for the cast of cycle 22 at Hollywood. And many were there to support their favorites! (How I wish I can just book a plane and fly there! LOL)


Tyra had her new pixie haircut and its oh so gorgeous!!! I think she can pull off any kind of hairstyle!!! Also, from the picture below, you can also see that Kelly Cutrone and Yutsai is once again back at the judging panel.

11081485_805974399451719_4545678220777847410_n 10559654_805972056118620_7677194935261284547_n

So anyways, here's a sneak peek of some of the semi finalists of this cycle strutting their stuff on the runway. Video credits to

We have Miss J strutting her stuff on 3:57 and the contestants walking the runway at 5:30. And there's this guy (I think its Justin Kim, or is it Peter Park? He made a mistake by walking back instead of getting off the runway at 6:38. LOL! Kinda funny IMO)

Here are some of the semi finalists for this season. Which one are you rooting for? For me, my favorite would definitely be Shelbi, Abryanna, James, Michael and this Asian guy called Justin Kim. Cuz you rarely see any Asian on ANTM! Hahahah!

Semi finalist girls Semi finalist


And if you guys remember at Cycle 21, there's this guy called Brandon which sorta make some nasty remarks for his audition clip previously. But this time round, he's back and now a semi finalist for the cast of Cycle 22. But will he make it to the top model house?


Now I'm really excited and I can't wait for the premiere to be up on TV.
Till the next post. Ciao~

Photo of the runway event credits to: @MichelleMockCasting

19 March 2015

Glass Bead

A P3160330_副本

Hello there everyone! It's been awhile since I last updated. Nowadays, I kinda lost the feel to just sit down and write. My life recently also very boring la. LOLOLOL!

So a little update here. I found a job to keep myself occupied till my enlistment date cuz loafing around at home also a bit waste of time. So I thought why not I go get myself a job. I didn't really tell anyone where I'm working because I want to keep it low profile.

The reason for me getting a job is also to get myself busy and out of the house so I won't think so much and go crazy with my thoughts. And i'm loving my job so far! I got to know a few people from my workplace and they're a fun bunch! ♥

Ohyah! I've also contacted my web designer in regards to my change of new blogskin already. Soon this web layout will be gone. LOL! I told my friend about it and he asked me am I sure of changing it, cuz the design that i want to revamp to is rather plain and simple. But yea, i'm pretty sure of what i want and sticking to my decision.

Met up with Damien, Noelle & Clive for dinner some time ago. Was kinda sad that Huixin, Joey, and Shenny couldn't make it this time round cuz of last min stuff. :( But nvm, there's always next time. :D

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀DON•K (@donnlicious) on

Come to think of it, I think my life now like very boring eh! I've tweeted this before, that I kinda lost the feel to post anything on instagram anymore. You see, I've deleted my photos all the way till less than 20 left. Not sure why though, I think I've sorta lost interest already. But who knows right? Maybe this feeling is just temporary.

Aites, I guess that's about it. Till the next post.

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07 March 2015

Unofficial Graduate

Time passes so fast, in a blink of an eye, I'm unofficially a graduate from Temasek Polytechnic. These 3 years has its ups and downs. Having to juggle my school and personal life is definitely not easy. Furthermore, coming from ITE and a Normal Technical stream has its rough times too. I mean, I'm not the kind that will really study. My friend told me straight at my face that I don't come school to study, I just come school to play. LOL?! Which I have to agree with him.

So after finishing my secondary school and ITE, I just thought, why not try my luck applying for Polytechnic? Who knows I might really get into a course that I want to study. In the end, I got into my first choice which is Business Studies Grouping at Temasek Poly.

Fast forward to year 1.2 where I had to make a decision of a diploma to go to. Among the choice of Business, Marketing, and Logistics, I chose Marketing as my choice because, well... It's project based and there's minimal exams. (as compared to the other 2 la!)

So fast forward again to year 3, its the most hectic year. Especially semester 3.2, everything is compressed into 2 months, and we have 3 modules to complete. Mainly, Public Relations, Global Marketing, and Integrated Marketing Communications aka IMC in short. All these are implemented together for our final year project where we have to come up with plans and executions for the clients that we're working with. Aka Philips AquaTouch Shavers. It wasn't an easy journey. But with my groupmates, we all managed to work it out and survived the tedious 2 months.

Lets just say, I really enjoyed this 1 year with them. And now, we can finally say. 

A P2170003_副本
A P2170029_副本 A P2170023_副本

I'll definitely miss the fun that we had. All those late nights at brand study. And all the sick jokes that these 95's make! Hahaha! It just shows how sick kids are these days. LOL!!!!

04 March 2015

So... 2014 is over?!

So... 2014 is coming to an end, in like???  (OMG I JUST CHECKED THE CALENDAR!!) Its just next Thursday!!! TIAN AH!!!

Sorry, this post was typed on somewhere near end of December. But I just left it hanging cause some things happened in between and I took a hiatus during the month of January. That is, I'll leave it to some other post next time.

In this post, I will be summing some of the highlights of 2014.


As I was an avid supporter of the talent show kpop starhunt back then, and I don't know what got into me, I was contemplating whether to head down to Suntec City to support the 4 finalists. Just nice, I had a friend who also wanted to go down to the event cuz the guest star that they're inviting appears to be his idol. So yea..

After which, they had a stage game activity, and lucky me manage to bag home the prize of a pair of scoot tickets to Seoul, Korea. Lol! The post on the event is here:

 photo AP1124741_526F672C.jpg

I am definitely very lucky, considering the fact that I had won a pair of tickets to Seoul, and the month before in Dec 2013, I won a 2D1N stay at W Hotel Singapore. I didn't believe it at first and I was quite skeptical about it, but after much checking, indeed. I've won. Hahah!

 photo AP1195000_526F672C.jpg

Ohyah! How can I forgot about Chinese New Year as well? Other than going to relative houses to "Bai Nian", I also had a "reunion" dinner with my Poly year 1 clique! ♥

 photo AP2085216_526F672C.jpg


I didn't remember doing anything worth highlighting in February, (not like I get to celebrate valentine's day!) So yea. Let's move on to March shall we?

I took part in Nuffnang's blogging contest, Unwrap Good Times With KFC Bandito. I get alot of good feedback from my friends that the video I made was pretty entertaining. (Video On My Blog Header). Here's the post:

And I came in 2nd for that contest. First prize of $1000 goes to Cheow Yi, which is now a friend of mine. (Cheow Yi, we're friends right? RIGHT?!!)


Ohohoh! And I died my hair purple as well! Hahah! CHIOZ!!! I kinda miss my funky hair days. Lol!!!

A P3070122_副本


Fast forward to April, the first ever Cousins* Traveling together. Initially there was more people going luh, but then because of the BKK Riot thingy and some of them their parents felt that it wasn't safe to go at that point of time. So some of them called off the trip. But nevertheless, we had plenty of fun!!!


The finale of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3 also known as CNOS in short was held at mid April. I attended the event as a guest and I saw some familiar faces. Hahaha! So for all the winners. Especially Noelle, cuz she really wanted this. And also because I keep disturbing her cuz she got 4th place during CNOS 2. Hahaha!

A photo with Joey and Shenny and QiuQiu photobombing us from behind. Hahaha!

A P4121514_副本

Back in April, I also took part in The Influencer Network's first ever blogging contest "Why I Love Being A Blogger". And I came in 2nd. Again!!! Yes, I can never get 1st in life, not sure why? But that's the other story.

April was also the month where I return back to school as a senior year student. Gawwd. Words can't explain how stressful I am... I still remember clearly I had a hard time building relationships with my year 3 groupmates. But look, now we're friendsssssssssss! Hahaha!

A P4230199_副本


As I was busy with the new semester, I didn't really have time to blog much, but the highlight for May is that I've gotten a new phone!!! Woots! And its an iPhone 5s!!! I've never regretted my purchase, and its all thanks to Daddy Koh!!! ♥

A P5100465_副本

I dyed my hair to cobalt blue at May, along with silver/grey highlights at the fringe area. I SUPER DUPER LOVE IT!!! ♥

A P5160629_副本


Finally the time has arrive. June was the period where I had my mid-terms and I was pretty looking forward to the holidays after cuz I will be traveling to Seoul, Korea courtesy from the tickets that I've won from KPOP Starhunt finale. Hahaha!

A P6080853_副本
A P6090998_副本


I attended TIN's Boost at WhiteSails. It was my first ever yacht experience and I definitely enjoy it. I got to know more bloggers through the event and it was my first time talking to Celine (@SecretNudges) as well. Hahah! But many things had happen and I'll probably write in another post in regard to my r/s with TIN. But for now, I'm currently a free spirit and going solo. No longer tied with them anymore.

Collage 3


Done with the last presentation for semester 3.1. I remembered how stressful it was because my group was the last group to present for our class. The stress and tension.... I can't even!!!! Partly because its set as a director board meeting style, and questions asked is like never give face one. So yeap! Glad that its all over now!

Mr Steven FTW!!!


OHYAH! On the month of August, I also bought a new lens! Never regret buying it cause I can take nice bokeh pictures! WOOT WOOTS!!!

A P8122760_副本


The month that I always had a love hate relationship with. Reason being its my birthday and I'm turning a year older. It seems quite unreal to me cause year by year just passed by like this. I mean, its literally in a blink of an eye!!!

A P9144346_副本

My friends celebrated my birthday with me. Namely, Keekhim, Grace, and MingLong (left to right). We've known each other since ITE Higher Nitec year 1 but started getting close at the start of year 2. There are some other ITE friends that I miss though, hopefully we can get to meet out soon. :/

Part of the reason I love hanging out with them is because with them, I can act like a diva all I want cause I'm the youngest out of all of them. HAHAHAHAHA!

A P9144319_副本

NEXT! My poly year 3 groupmates also celebrated my birthday with me. I truly grateful. I mean, I don't expect any fancy gatherings or presents. Just a simple dinner together will do.

Somewhere around internship. We had a simple dinner and chilling session at Timbre (which Garey loves) LOL! And they surprised me with a cake and present! ♥♥♥ But someone let the cat out of the bad and spoiled the surprise. LOLOLOLOL!!!

A P9194388_副本
They got me a Victoria Secret Bombshell in Bloom! YAY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF SLUT-INESS!


Celebrated Garey ma' boy's birthday! #Beyond360 + Wildpokemon wanted to give him a surprise. But ended up failing cause he manage to saw us through his window panes while me and Nicole were hiding behind some pillars! HAHAHAAHA! #UltimateFail!!!

A PA054865_副本

Meet out with the usual CNOS2 bitchesss for some catch up some time in October as well. Till now, I'm glad that I've made the decision to join cnos for the 2nd time cause I've made really good friends with these people. I mean, how often can you actually make friends with people you know online?!!!!

A P9284484_副本

And again, celebrated another bitches's birthday! This time round it's Grace's birthday. Everytime I hand out with them, I'm so glad that they're in my life. ♥

A PA245077_副本

Days on internship were tough. But Mellysa did not forget about me. (Inserts many AWWWWWW)!!!
This girl asked me out for cafe hopping and in the end, she treated me to a birthday meal instead. ^.^y ♥

A PA064894_副本


For the month of November, its where most of my friends and I anticipate, because at the end of the month it will be the end of our internship. Surviving with only $450 per month is really a torture. Having to be careful of how I spend every single cents is really tough. I mean, towards the end of the year is where money is needed the most. Birthdays, presents, festive seasons such as new year and christmas. OH MY GAWWWWD!!!!

But nevertheless, I'm willing to spend it on the people that is worth spending it on. ♥
Celebrated Keekhim's and MingLong's birthday on the month of November.

Brought Keekhim to dancing crab and surprised her with 2 presents. Hehe! ^.^y
As for MingLong, we wanted to surprise him and not tell him that we're gonna bring him to adventure cove. But guess what? This smartass know it all decided to spoil the whole plan by making a correct guess. LOLOLOL THAT BITCH!!! (We celebrated both their birthdays on different days though).

A PB234787_副本
A PB094543_副本

For the month of November, I got invited to attend the premiere of Mocking Jay part 1, courtesy of Cathay Ad House. Thank you so much for the tickets! ♥

And because of this invite, I get to see my awesome cnos2 peeps as well! :D

A PB184671_副本


Month of December was the start of semester 3.2. I still remember how stressful it was. Juggling with 3 individual assignments and 3 group projects. But all and all, I'm glad that I've made it. The friendships forged with my group mates, the late nights at brand study. It's all worth it. ♥

Manage to pull out some time to celebrate bitchnic's birthday cause this girl was telling our friend (WeiJing) that we didn't celebrate her birthday! LOL! (Judging....)

So sorry everything was very last minute. I promise in years to come (if there is) it will be more effort put in okay!!!! ♥

Nic Bday

As I was busy with the last 3 modules of my polytechnic life. I didn't really had time to go out and have fun. All I did for December was school, home, school, home. And the cycle continues. But at the end of 2014, I had a annual staycation with *le cousins and Park Avenue Rochester Hotel. Link to the post over here ->

A PC315050_副本

And well. That sums up my whole "journey" for the year 2014. It's pretty boring I guess??? LOLOLOL!!! But I'm sure 2015 is gonna be even more boring. HAHAHAHA! As I'll be enlisting probably this year (not sure when though). I think I'll have lesser time to hang out, and also to take pictures of myself. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

But who knows right? The future is still unknown to me. Cheers to a better future. Hahaha!

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01 March 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello everybodehh! Happy Chinese New Year to all. How's everyone's new year so far? Mine's pretty much mundane as usual. LOL! But here's a compilation of the outfits for my CNY!

You know how for the past few years when instagram is "hot" among the social media enthusiasts??? On the eve of CNY, you will see plenty of steamboat pictures flooding your instagram feed. LOL?! And on day 1 of CNY you will eventually see everyone becoming a model with their OOTDS. Hahaha!

For me, I didn't really do anything on day 1 nor post the steamboat pictures on instagram. But I did join in the OOTD game luh!!! Hahahah! Say real one, on day 1 my feed was literally FLOODED with my followings OOTD pictures but I'm not complaining, because I really liked seeing what others are wearing to get inspiration... "SOMEHOW"... Hahah!

A P2200041_副本
A photo of my pap and lao ma zi ♥

I know you guys wouldn't want to hear the story of how and what I did during the house visits. I mean, every year is pretty much the same??? But as I grow older, I kinda lost the feel of CNY already. Cause, year by year, I think I'm going to lesser and lesser places for house visits. and its kinda sad actually. I still remember when I was younger, I used to go house visiting on day 1 and it will always be packed and my family will be going to lots and lots of relative's houses. But now.... :(

Okay! Nuff said. Here's my outfit for day 2.

A P2200044_副本 A P2200048_副本
A P2200053_副本

On Day 3
My family went to my uncle's place (my dad's side), and we practically stayed there for the entire day. Hahaha! It was fun, cuz the whole family played blackjack and mahjong. It was a great catching up. Even though I didn't really talk to my cousins. LOLOL!

Fam photo

I was playing black jack and initially on a winning streak. But I ended up losing all my winnings and also my capital. :(((
But okay la, its once in a year anyways, and its for the fun of it. ^.^

Here's my outfit for Day 3

A P2210072_副本
A P2210073_副本

Wore the Garfield pullover that I saw at Forever21. I guess its love at first sight? LOL! Cause I really really love it so much!!! It's really comfortable and the material is very thin and you won't be dying out under the humid sun. :D

A P2210082_副本