29 June 2015

ANTM Cycle 22 Top 14

Hi there. It has been a long long time since I last blogged. For today's post, it will not be on my Taiwan travelogue nor my daily ramblings. In fact, it will be on... America's Next Top Model Cycle 22!!! YES! YOU HEAR ME!!!! *Put your hands up*!!!


America's Next Top Model is back with another cycle of Boys VS Girls! There will be more competition, and it will get even more fiercer this cycle. Now here's your top 14 for ANTM Cycle 22.


Who are you rooting for? After going through the profiles of the final 14. Here are my favorite picks.

Justin Kim
The only Asian in this competition, and the only guy Asian that has made it to the top 14 of ANTM, considering the fact that the boys and girls cycle has only been going for 2 cycles so far.


Michael Heverly (Mckey)
Don't you think he resembles a bit like Phil from Cycle 20??? Hahah! I think its just the long hair thing. I wonder what kind of makeover is Tyra gonna give him... But anyways, he's unique, so that makes him to my favorite pick list.


Nyle DiMarco
IMO, I think he is quite exotic looking leh! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Really. And I think he looks a bit like Yoshi Sudarso (YoshiStunts) don't you think? So anyways, what's interesting about Nyle is that he was born deaf. Such an inspiration to many out there. And I really hope he'll go far in this competition. So yea, he's one of my fav this cycle too. HAHAH!


Dustin McNeer
Your typical guy next door. Just like Jeremy Rhomer from Cycle 20. His bright smile will definitely charm most of the girls in the house. I think his look is pretty clean and lean, that's why I pick him the top few that I'm rooting for.


Lacey Rogers
Enough of the boys, now lets move on to the girls. Lacey is definitely the one to look out for. I love love love her dark hair and jawlines! I'm in love with her look!!! I hope she make it to the top cuz she's on the top of my favorites!!! And here's her doing my all time favorite back shouler facing the camera look. HAHAHAHA!!! ♥


Ava Capra
I LOVE GIRLS WITH SHORT HAIR!!! I mean, it takes a lot of effort for girls to work a short hair imo... I think that's why she stands out from all the girls for me. Let's see how far can Ava go in this competition. ^.^


Now that's all my top picks for this cycle. Who's your favorite? Who are you rooting for? Oh and did I mention? For this cycle, its all about the judges. There's no longer any social media score for this cycle!!! Not sure is it a good or bad thing. But we'll see. :)


Till the next spoiler/post. America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 will be premiering on 5th August 2015, Wednesday. U.S timing, So it's 6th August, Thursday in Asia. Mark your calendars!!!

P/S: I do not own any of these photos. Credits to their rightful owners.


09 June 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 2

Hello hello! Its day 2 of my Taiwan travelogue. For day 2, its all about traveling to Taichung, Cing Jing. It's where all the "MehMeh's" are.

Woke up early the next day just to do some last minute packing in case we left out anything behind. By the way, Even, the host was nice enough to help us transfer/carry our luggage to our next apartment that we'll be staying from day 3 onwards. :D


A P4180981_副本

I'm not sure about other areas/district of Taiwan. But at Xi Men Ding, most of the shops won't open till 11am+++. So if you're out early, the only thing you could have is either Ru Rou Fan or fast food such as KFC.. We were roaming around the street for quite a bit to search for breakfasts but nothing much.. So we decided to settle down on a Ru Rou Fan stall.

A 'P4180984_副本
A P4180985_副本
A P4180986_副本
A P4180988_副本

Breakfasts was ridiculously cheap. I ordered their dry noodles for only 35 NTD = $1.50 SGD?!!! And their Ru Rou Fan was only 45 NTD for the bigger bowl and 25 NTD for the small one!!! How to resist such temptation you tell me?!!!

A P4180992_副本
A P4180990_副本
A P4180995_副本

After our breakfast, we quickly went to the train station to get our tickets to TaiChung cuz I heard that they have timing for that...

Took the train from XiMen train station to Taipei Main station. Bought our tickets to TaiChung for 740 NTD = $32 SGD est...That's probably my most expensive train ticket ever... LOL!

P/S: We took the HSR (High Speed Rail) to TaiChung just for your info. :)
I think you can take a bus to TaiChung too if I'm not wrong, but we just decided to take the HSR there cuz its much faster.

A P4181005_副本
A P4181006_副本
A P4181003_副本

The previous time I came to Taipei I didn't get the chance to have my "Bian Dang" Bento in Chinese. So this time, I manage to get myself one on the train. It costs 100 NTD = $4 SGD est...

Time taken to travel there is about and hour. So yea, you can take your time to eat.

A P4181016_副本
A P4181021_副本
A P4181026_副本

When we reached TaiChung station, we alighted and headed down to the ground level to get our bus ticket up to CingJing. While you're on your way down at the ground level, you'll be bugged by Taxi drivers wanting to drive you there. My advice is, DON'T!!! They're pretty persistent and will try any method to get you to take their taxi. This is when you have to shrug them off and proceed directly to the bus ticket counter. Furthermore, the bus ticket package also includes the CingJing farm where you get to see lots of "Meh Meh's".

The bus ticket to CingJing + Tickets to CingJing Farm costs 600 NTD = $26.50 est...

A P4181028_副本
A P4181031_副本

After we bought our tickets, there's still a bit of time left, so we went around the station to take a look, and also to do a bit of shopping.

After much shopping around, we went back to the ground floor and waited for our bus.

A P4181033_副本
A P4181034_副本

The bus ride was about 1 - 2 hours if I'm not wrong??? I can't really remember anymore, all I know is I was woken up by the jerking of the bus when we're up on the mountain.

After the pretty much scary bus ride. We finally reached the mountain top. The moment when we step out of the bus... IT WAS HEAVEN!!! And I mean it. The air was cold and its super windy! My friends and I were like saying this is the reason why I'm here!!! LOL!!!

A P4181059_副本
A P4181055_副本

As we're walking to a place to put our "barang barangs", my friend called the host for the Minsu that we're staying in for the night. Over at CingJing, there's quite a number of hostels and minsu you can stay imo. As our bus drove up the mountain, we saw quite a few, there's some really really chio and instagram worthy ones!!!

A P4181061_副本

Sat down at this place where there's 7-11 and other miscellaneous shops to wait for our host to drive us up to the minsu. While we were waiting, I took this opportunity to take a picture of my outfit of the day. Hahah! XP

A P4181076_副本

About 30mins later, the host contacted my friend and told us that he's waiting for us at the carpark nearby. Actually, everything was pretty easy, from booking of the hostel, the communication, the contacting of the host and etc... Ohyah, the name of the minsu we stayed in was called Starry Minsu if you'd like to know. We booked a 4 person room for 4600 NTD ($203) and added a extra bed for 500 NTD ($22) which total up to 5100 NTD ($225.60) = 1020 NTD ($45 est SGD per person). This is inclusive of the host driving you up from the place you alight from the bus + Dinner + Breakfast the next day + Friendly People + Sunrise + Chilly Weather + Full of Insta Worthy Places. WHAT'S THERE TO HIAM?!!!

A P4181105_副本
A P4181094_副本
A P4181098_副本

Here's the view when we reached the minsu. Looking down from the open garden area. The view is quite intimidating to me tbh. Hahaha! :/

A P4181096_副本

As we reached the place, we were explained to about the rules and regulations and the do's and don't, and also to pay the full amount of our stay for the night. The hosts are very nice, I think its a family owned place. Like there's dogs and children and everything is just so homely. We were told that we could see the sunrise the following morning if we were to able to wake up at 5am?? LOL! And that dinner is almost ready that we can just head on down right after we've unpacked our stuff...

A P4181099_副本

Here's how our room looks like. Its actually pretty simple, just 3 beds, and TV and a bathroom. No fancy stuffs. Hahaha! But we managed to keep ourselves occupied with instant beef noodles, poker cards and monopoly deal. HAHAHAHA!!!

A P4181102_副本
A P4181103_副本

After we've settled down and unpacked our stuffs, we hurriedly went for our steamboat dinner that is included in our stay at Starry Minsu.

A P4181107_副本
A P4181111_副本
A P4181109_副本

This place is so pretty that everywhere is so instagram worthy!!! I wished we could have stayed for 1 more night. :(

A P4181113_副本
A P4181133_副本

The dinner that was prepared for us. It was really good, and the people there are super friendly. What's more, there's no additional cost if you want more rice on your plate. Hahahaa!!!!

After our dinner, we headed back to our room to chill and play cards. We kept ourselves occupied by betting on who gets to choose their bed for the next minsu that we're staying. Hahaha! We played till about 1 or 2am-ish I think??? And we're pretty worried about how are we gonna wake up to catch the sunrise later on. Oh btw, we set our alarm at 5.45am when we're supposed to set it at 5am! HAHAHAHA!

That's it for now, till the next post!!! ♥

01 June 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 1

Hi there. I know I've been procrastinating for the longest time for my Taiwan travelogue already and I'm truly sorry. Its just that I'm so busy with work nowadays that I don't even have the time to edit my photos. Even if I have the time I will just want to lay on my bed and just rot. Haha!

So anyways, I have finally decided to get my lazy ass up and edit the pictures for Day 1 of my trip. I guess I'm taking the first step already??? Haha!

This trip is suppose to be a grad trip with my poly year 3 group mates. Initially we planned to go Korea, but due to budget restrain, we decided to settle on Taiwan. Air ticket price was about $350 SGD for 8 Days 7 Nights return trip. It is quite worth it I guess???

A P4170854_副本

I still remember how excited we all were. Considering the fact that I've already been there once back in 2013. LOL! I think partly is because of the company???

A P4170858_副本

Here's my airport outfit. Just a Garfield pullover that I've been wearing for ages from F21, and my Momsie's pants. Comfort at its best!!! ♥

A P4170875_副本
A P4170876_副本

After about 4-5 hours of plane ride and "Chua Tai Di", we finally touch down at TaoYuan International Airport. As we arrived at Taiwan, I immediately turn on my portable pocket wifi that VisonData kindly loan me for this trip. While the rest of my friends all decided to get their own data sim at the airport. #PocketWifiFTW

A P4170885_副本

After my friends have gotten their data sim card, we went down another level where there's a 7-11 and the place to buy the bus tickets to Taipei Main station. We were starving at that point of time and airplane food is just too expensive for poor kids like us. So yea. Convenience food ftw.

A P4170892_副本
A P4170893_副本

Before this trip, we were all asking all our friends who were at Taiwan a few days before about the weather cuz we are pretty unsure of the clothes to pack. For me its still alright cuz guy's clothing is pretty versatile. But for my girl friends, they were struggling. HAHAHAHA!!!

To my disappointment, I went outside to get a feel of the weather, and it was humid!!! IT WASN'T COLD AT ALL!!! I was so prepared for the cold wind! :(((

After the long 45mins - 1hr bus ride, we've finally reached Taipei Main Station, and took a train stop to XiMen station. Checked into out Minsu and hurriedly went for dinner at the Toilet Cafe.

A P4170894_副本
A P4170898_副本
A P4170899_副本
A P4170901_副本
A P4170911_副本
A P4170935_副本
A P4170914_副本

What I like about Taiwan is that all their food is affordable yet comes in a really big portion. Like a bowl of hotpot at the modern toilet cafe only costs about 320 NTD which was about $14 SGD, and it comes with a drink and ice cream.

A P4170904_副本

My friends are still craving for desserts despite already having a bowl of ice cream. So we all ended up ordering the choco shaved ice that costs only 100 NTD which was about $4 SGD? What's more its shared among 5 people, that means each of us only paid like 20 NTD = 80 Cents SGD??? Hahaha! #CheapThrills

A P4170947_副本
A P4170950_副本

After our dinner at the Modern Toilet Cafe, we took a walk down the streets of Xi Men Ding, bought Ru Rou Fan for supper as well as Papaya Milkshake. YUMSSSS!

A P4170961_副本

After that, we went back to our MinSu to chill and that pretty sums up our first day in Taiwan.

By the way, the MinSu we stayed in was from Airbnb. The host is really nice and he kept in contact with us via Line Chat. He would advice us on places to visit and also give us tips on what transport to take etc. Here's the link to their profile. ->

We booked a separate rooms for the 1st day because on the 2nd day my friends and I will be leaving Taipei for Taichung and only to be back at Taipei on the 3rd day, thus we would be wasting the 2nd day if we were to book the whole entire 8 days.

Even is really nice to assist us with our needs by helping us to reserve our MinSu when the Airbnb website crashed. LOL!

So for our first night we stayed at Angel House ( Where we had to squeeze a little bit, but we're all fine with it since its just for a night. The place overall is quite cozy IMO...

A P4170965_副本
A P4170967_副本
A P4170968_副本
A P4170972_副本

Bathed, changed into our sleep wear, put our masks, pack our barang barangs for our Taichung trip the next day cuz we won't be back for the night. Took a group photo before going to sleep, and that sums up our day 1 in Taiwan.

Till the next post~

A P4180975_副本