29 November 2014

Korea Travelogue; Day 5

Hello there everyone, I know, this is taking forever to get it done but I'm proud to say that I'm done filtering and editing Day 5 of my Korea photos, like after 5 months.... LOLOLOL!!!

So anyways, if you haven't read my previous Korea posts, you can just click on the "Travelogue Globe" widget at my sidebar. :)

Now where was I? Ohyah! Day 5 of my Korea trip. So on day 5, Andy had already plan that we should visit the Everland theme park. And we should spend our entire day there, cuz think about it, traveling there takes approximately 2 hours, and coming back to Myeong Dong is another 2 hours, in total that will be 4 hours spent on just traveling. So might as well just spend our entire day there to fully utilize the opportunity cost. If that counts? Lol!!!

I will just talk about my day at Everland, for the exact details on how to get there, I'll put Andy's link down below because his post is more detailed and informative than mine. Hahaha!

A P6121523_副本

We took the Subway to Giheung Station and after that switch to Yongin Everline. And when we arrived at Everland Station, we had to cross a bridge and down to a bus interchange and take the shuttle bus all the way to Everland.

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When we arrived at Everland, Andy immediately went to purchase the entrance ticket. The ticket's original price is 46,000 Won ($56 SGD) for Adults and lucky Andy is resourceful enough, he manage to find discount coupons on the web and so we got our tickets at 37,000 Won ($45 SGD) per person! ♥

A P6121547_副本
Took a mandatory tourist shot before we start our journey at Everland.

The first stop at Everland was this Kpop Hologram theater that is nearby the entrance area. Andy and I was like OMG Big Bang and 2NE1!!! We didn't really care much about Psy. LOLOLOL!!!

A P6121549_副本

The hologram theater is like you watching 2NE1, BigBang, or Psy performing LIVE!!! It really looks and feel very real when you're in there. Right beside the theater there is also this souvenir store where you can buy fandom bags, accessories and etc. But what attracted both Andy and my attention was this Kpop photobooth, where you can take pictures with either 2NE1, BigBang or Psy! Andy took the one with BigBang and I took the one with 2NE1, we were literally hogging the machine for quite some time just so we can get the perfect shot before we get in printed out. LOLOLOL!!!

A P6121555_副本

After we got our photo printed, we then head for the hologram theater because there's different timings for each shows. We watched the BigBang one before we went into the souvenir shop, and I just had to watch the 2NE1 one which is a few minutes after.

A P6121561_副本

So after we had finished watching the hologram show #FanBoyMode cuz I still can't get over the fact that I have watched both BigBang and 2NE1's hologram concert. LOLOLOL!!! We then went around exploring the place.

First up, we went to the place where the animals were at. I've never thought Everland was this big, they had different parts and section in the themepark.

A P6121565_副本
A P6121566_副本
A P6121577_副本
A P6121587_副本
A P6121598_副本
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With each different places of its own, they carry different animals and attractions. They have animal shows, rides and many other stuff. We even get to experience a ride in the wild, and I also get to see a giraffe REAL CLOSE!!!

A P6121612_副本
A P6121609_副本
A P6121621_副本

This, was the giraffe that I am talking about. It was blocking our bus halfway and the zoo keeper had to pull/push it away.

A P6121625_副本
A P6121624_副本


A P6121627_副本

After that, we happen to randomly walk into this place where we saw there's people queuing, so not knowing what was it, we join the queue cuz "WE THOUGHT" its another ride where we could see more animals, but later did we know that the queue that we're at was actually for a water ride!!! Kinda late to realize that when we're already at the front. LOLOL!!! So Andy and I thought, why not just go for it? Hahaha!

The water ride ended up being a super funny and entertaining one cuz we were to be seated in circles with other people, and there was this Aunty beside Andy that was screaming her lungs out, Andy and I just laughed at her screaming throughout the ride. It was hilarious! HAHAHAHA!!!

A P6121631_副本

Next up was the Safari World, where we get to see animals from the wild, lol! Actually most of the animals we saw earlier is also from the wild. LOLOLOL!!! Idk what am I talking. Hahaha!!!

So anyways, this place had a tour bus to drive us around the safari. Where we get to see grizzly bears, white tigers, and many other different animals from the wild. What surprises me was that there came this point when the bus driver stop the bus and the grizzly bear was along side sitting and begging for treats. Super cute!!!

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A P6121634_副本
A P6121654_副本

So after we were done with the ride, we went out of the animal safari zone and headed out to the place where the rides were. Just nice there was some restaurants over there, so Andy and I decided to have our lunch first before attempting the rides.

A P6121658_副本
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The place is more of like a cafeteria instead of a restaurant, but we don't have time to think about that cuz I was really hungry at that point.  Andy ordered some crispy pork and I had grilled chicken for 12,800 Won ($16 SGD), which was pretty expensive IMO!!!

A P6121662_副本
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After our filling lunch, we then head back out and start exploring the themepark. While we're on our way out we saw this really really huge wooden roller coaster - T Express. After much googling about it, it was said that its the world's steepest wooden roller coaster. Not sure whether its legit or not but we didn't come across that on our mind at that point, all we're thinking was, lets just skip this ride first and come back later. Lololol!!!

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A P6121676_副本

We started off by taking the skyline to the top of the themepark where they are other rides over there, the queue was long but surprisingly fast. It didn't took us long enough before we got on the skyline. Hahah!

A P6121678_副本

Come to think of it, we skipped quite a bit of the rides because it's either too scary we're too "Ham Cheese" to try it. Hahaha! Either ways, its the same. LOL!

A P6121680_副本
A P6121683_副本

We were walking along the streets, and I felt that the place is sooooo OOTD worthy that I had to take this shot below! Hahaha!

A P6121684_副本

Just nice it was the rose festival when we're over at Everland. They had many roses displayed at a part of their themepark. The place was like a fairytale, magical. Whichever you prefer. Its really really pretty!

It was so nice that I decided to go off on my own without Andy. Lol! I walked around the garden myself getting into the feel of being immerse in a wonderland. Hahaha!

A P6121693_副本
A P6121696_副本
A P6121697_副本
A P6121711_副本
A P6121715_副本

The moment when I stepped into the rose garden, I felt as though I'm in Greece. The statues that they had and the decorations, its just... URGHHHHH! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

A P6121729_副本
A P6121735_副本
A P6121725_副本

While I was walking and jumping around as though I was "Alice In Wonderland", I saw quite a number of couples taking selfies, and getting lovey Dovey over there. Somehow this reminds myself how much of a loner I am... LOLOLOL!!

A P6121739_副本
A P6121747_副本

After much walking around and taking pictures at the Rose Garden, I met back with Andy and continue exploring the place, until at a point where we stop and talked about whether should we give the T-Express a shot. Lololol!!!

At that point it was the hardest decisions in our life. Hahaha! But after much deliberation, we decided to go try it once. Like what's the worst that could happen right? We die, but we die in Korea! Hahaha

A P6121752_副本

I swear to god when we were at the top of the roller coaster, my heart was about to drop out. Like really, I was terrified. But nevertheless, I took the ride and it was one of the best roller coaster ride I've ever taken. #AchievementUnlocked

Here's us after the ride. A winning selfie. Hahaha!

A P6121765_副本

As the sun was setting, we heard that there's gonna be some festival going on and fireworks thereafter. We followed the crowd and headed to the street and got our spot. Sat on the ground as we gazed the magical light costumes that the performers were wearing.

A P6121770_副本
A P6121786_副本
A P6121796_副本
A P6121797_副本

A P6121774_副本 A P6121775_副本

The night was so cold that my lower body was freeeeeezing!!! After the lighting performance, we headed to the place located near the rose garden to watch the fireworks, which was the finale for the day at Everland I suppose???

We had a impromptu decision to have our dinner at a restaurant at the same time we get to see the fireworks. Haha! I didn't take any photos of the fireworks though, but Andy did, you guys can click on the link later at the end of this post to check it out.

A P6121803_副本
It was indeed a tiring day, we spent the entire day at Everland but no regrets, I enjoyed it A LOT! Like it was wayyyy above my expectations. Hahah! We took the cable car back up to the place where the entrance/exit was located and then another 2 hour train ride back to Myeong Dong.

That's it for Day 5. Next up will be our last day in Korea. ^.^y

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