21 July 2016

3CE White Milk Series Review

So its about a month plus since I'm back from my Korea trip. Taking a break from all my travelogue posts. I'm here today to review the new addition (sort of) to the 3 concept eyes family.
A eh160408-milkall_en
The other day when I helped my friend (Joyce @JoyceForensia) to get hers from the Stylenanda outlet at Hongdae, I didn't really pay much attention to these products. Until the very last night in Korea, I was wandering around Hongdae and I decided to pay Stylenanda another visit. This time round I went inside, with the only purpose to take more pictures with the free photobooth they had. HAHAHAHA!!!

Just when I was walking around the store, I take a second look at the 3CE White Milk Series, and I thought, is it really that good? So I went out of the store and start googling, and I was quite amazed by the things these products claimed. So I thought, why not buy to try it myself?!?! So here I am now giving my verdict and review after using it for close to a month, cuz I tried googling and researching for reviews and the results I got is close to zero. Even if have its like in Korean so.... I thought why not I do a review myself. RIGHT?!?!?!!

White Milk Pack To Foam
Seriously, this shit is AWESOME! NO KIDDING! Its actually a clay that acts as cleanser to cleanse your skin, giving you a more refined pores and better looking skin. It can also be used as a pore patch where you just apply only at your nose or T zone area. When applied, its like a cream kind of texture, but after leaving it on for 5mins, it will start to turn into clay like.

A P7130022
A P7130028

What I usually do is when I apply, I leave it on for about 7-10mins. Then I'll use my clarisonic to clean it off my face. The after feeling is pretty refreshing and its really gentle on the skin. Unlike any other cleanser that I've used, this doesn't give me any skin irritation cuz I have really really sensitive skin. Thus it can be washed off easily as well, cuz I've used some clay mask/cleanser before and after you leave it for like 5mins, it starts to harden and its pretty hard to wash it off. So yea, this product did my money some justice.

I have to say, this really does wonders. I have acnes and blemishes when I was in Korea, and I started using this Pack To Foam when I came back. Now the blemishes have become less visible and pimples are also disappearing. I wouldn't say by using this will give you instant results. It takes time but it definitely works. I really regret buying only 1. Hahaha!!!

White Milk Cream
Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin people like you and me. This product is a whitening cream which whitens your skin INSTANTLY. I tried it once on my face and I think its because I'm relatively tanned so it looks really weird on me. I think this product suits people who are more light skinned. This product can also be used to set your make up. Best of all, it doesn't get washed off easily by water. (not sure about sweat though) LOL! But I've tried washing it off with water, it doesn't come off unless I use it with soap. So I guess its a good thing for you women out there. It also comes with a mini spatula for hygiene purposes. But if you don't mind you can just use your hands or fingers la.

A P7130003
A P7130010
Just for this review, I tried it on my hand and took a photo for comparison. (NOT THE ABOVE PHOTO) It doesn't really show here cuz as you know... I'm really tanned. So you couldn't really see the difference. If I'm not wrong, you can also use this as a overnight cream. Just apply it before you sleep to let your face feel moisturized the whole entire night while you're asleep.

So here's the comparison. The one that I applied the white milk cream is on the right hand. Once again, (I have to keep repeat this) I'm relatively tanned so you can't really see the obvious difference. But from my eye aka LIVE from my own eyes, you could see the difference. Just that I don't know why it doesn't translate in the image. Hmmm....

A P7130018
White Milk Sleeping Mask
This is what I've been using for my skin care routine for the past 1 month. To make sure my skin is hydrated and moisturised while I'm asleep, I will apply the sleeping mask and leave it for my face the entire night after using the Pack To Foam to cleanse my face. Its non sticky nor greasy so when you sleep it doesn't stains your pillows or bedsheets.

A eh160331-foam(29)
To be honest, I'm not sure if this works the same as the White Milk Cream??? The only difference between these 2 product is that the White Milk Cream whitens your skin and the Sleeping Mask doesn't. If anyone who's reading this happens to know, please enlighten me. Thanks. :)

AA P7130021

So in conclusion, I will say the Pack To Foam is definitely worth the buy. It really helps lighten my acne scars and blemishes and now my face look less horrendous than it was before.

If you're a girl I think the White Cream Milk will suit you? Cuz it really lightens your skin tone as shown on their website and it helps cover your blemishes as well. Good for it when you're going out on a date with your boyfriend or so. Or if you have a photoshoot the next day and your face decides to screw you up on the very last min, maybe this could save your life?!?!

If you're getting the Pack To Foam I will suggest you to get the Sleeping Mask as well. Cuz I've used it together with the Pack To Foam as my skincare regime and it might or might not help it lightening the scars and blemishes. But it definitely leaves my skin hydrated and moisturised throughout the night. So yeap. Worth the buy.

So yeap. That's about it. Above is the price range that they're selling for all 3 products. I didn't buy the White Milk Cushion cuz well, obviously that is like a powder, its for girls and its also quite expensive. So I didn't buy that. But it seems interesting though. But on the other hand, I did help Joyce to buy it though, maybe you guys can wait for her review to be up?

Some of the images here are from Stylenanda website. Credits: Stylenanda

15 July 2016

Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2016

I am one of the 10 finalists shortlisted for this years' Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2016, or in short TGY2016.

It came as a shock to me that I was selected as the finalist cuz the time when I went for the audition there's quite a number of people. Its like going for a job interview just that this time with people who're A LOT younger than me. LOL! And I didn't know they will narrow it down to only 10. (5 males 5 females)

You see, we have Ben (@benvoda) Mr Popular who have at least 1k of likes per photo on his instagram. Its like everyone around me knows his existence!!!! And there's Cheow Yi (@cheowster)?!?!?! She's known for her good writing and super talented!!! (The reason why she bagged home the title of CNOS4 champion!!) Come to think of it, I've taken quite a number of competitions together with Cheow Yi.

Not forgetting the rest of the contestants. They're all so... Gorgeous!!! 
I just feel that this year is gonna be even bigger and better.


The reason for me joining this contest is because I want to relive the joy of taking part in contest challenges. Other than the superficial reasons of wanting to reach out to more people and gain more exposure, I really want to find back the joy in cracking ideas for creative contents. Allowing my brain to be actively thinking about WHAT'S NEXT. You get what I mean?!?! And when you get the feedback and comments from people saying your idea is great and your entry is funny, it really motivates me to work even harder.


What I hope to achieve from this competition is to really have fun and enjoy the process. I mean, to me winning or losing is not really the main objective of this competition, but to enjoy the process is really what matters. I mean, everybody wants to win but sometimes, some people just get too overly obsessed with the thought of winning they totally forget to enjoy themselves and have fun.


The previous contests I've joined not only allow me to have fun but also to widen my circle of friends. Who would have thought that I'll be good friends, or even close friends or clique with the people I've made online?!?! Aforementioned, I also get to try things I've never get to try before. Which is great because it encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and to think out of the box.

10290979035_74947ce948_c (1)

I'm really looking forward to knowing what's in store for us. The exciting challenges, and the other contestants that I'm about to meet. Not forgetting that this year they're gonna have this voting system.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of contests with voting system. I just hope the judges will hold more percentage in the judging criteria than the voting. If not it really defeats the purpose of this contest. Might as well just be a popularity contest where we just place our face there and let people vote sua. LOL!

I'm gonna end of this post with my huge face. Hahaha! Till the next post.

09 July 2016

Korea 2016 - Day 2

Welcome back. So for day 2, I woke up wondering where should I go cuz apparently, I got no where to go. Hahahaha!!!

So one of my objective of this trip is to eat Isaac Toast, which of course I went back to where I had it at Myeong Dong. I took the subway from my place to Myeong Dong train station, figured out my way there then to realise that ITS NOT OPEN! So ended up, I had to make do with the egg tart from the street stalls. 1 for ₩1,000.

A P6192876

With much googling and some navigating skills, I managed to find Isaac Toast (the one where you can dine in). If I'm not wrong, Hongdae has got 2 Isaac Toast outlet, one of it is the take out kind and another was the one I went. Situated right opposite Hongik University, its located at the side where its actually quite hard to see. You really have to keep your eyes peeled for the ISAAC TOAST sign.

A P6192880
A P6192882
A P6192886

I feel that the taste of it was different as compared to what I had it 2 years ago. LOL! This one they added more "chapalang" stuff, which I don't really like la. But their egg still has corns in it and that melted cheese and sugar coated toast.

After spending quite some time at the cafe, I loitered around Hongdae for quite awhile and found myself to some kpop performance. Not sure who they are but apparently they have girl fan girl-ing over them.

A P6192892
A P6192903

Since I still have lots of time and I didn't know where to go, I decided to head off to Gangnam to see how its like. Cuz from what I've heard, its the place where all the rich and famous go. By that, I mean celebrities!!! YES!! YOU CAN GET TO SEE KOREAN CELEBRITIES THERE!!! So why not right?!?!?!

A P6192904
A P6192905
A P6192910
A P6192919

While I was walking, I stopped. Stepped into SPAO and that is when I went crazy. LOL! If you got follow me on snapchat you would have know. Hahaha! But later you'll see. I ended up spending around ₩70,000 inside. Hahaha! #Regrets. Shouldn't have went in...

A P6192920
A P6192925

After shopping at SPAO, my friend contacted me and asked me if I wanna have dinner with him.
Looking at the fact I got no one to eat with, and I haven't taken my OOTD, I agreed without any hesitations. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I met up with him at the station where his apartment is located at (Sinseoldong). Literally NO ONE lives there. LOLOL!!! The station is peaceful af....

So after meeting up with him, he decides on the place to eat and its at DongDaeMun. Its some boiled chicken place, and apparently its quite famous.

A P6192926
A P6192927
A P6192928
A P6192929
A P6192932

For those who have been to Korea, not sure if you've realised. But most of the good "makan" places are usually found in allies or "hidden" allies. Like you have to deliberately hunt for it in order to ENJOY it. Urghhh! *SHRUGS*

A P6192939

There was quite a lot of people there and lucky us, just as we arrived there are people leaving already. So yeap. Lady luck is on our side. :)

A P6192941
A P6192944
Happy Kid With His Food

So anyways, the restaurant aunty speaks Chinese. So you can just open converse in Chinese with the people there. (If you're okay with them assuming you're from China then yea, go ahead.)

The aunty help us mixed the spices together and DAYUM IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! My friend and I literally ate the spices like FREE! Hahaha! No kidding. So the aunty saw us enjoying the spice so much she just casually say; 中国没有这个对吧? It means China don't have this kind of spices right?!?! My friend and I just smiled and continued to devour the food. LOLOLOL!!!

So yeap. That sums up my day 2 of my Korea trip. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for the next post. :)

By the way. Here is the video that I've edited using iMovie. Its made up of some of the clips I've taken down and most of the snaps that I've saved from my Snapchat. :)

07 July 2016

Korea 2016 - Day 1

Day 1 of my Korea trip. It took me quite awhile to edit the photos for my Korea trip and I'm finally done with it. I've also done up a video collated from my snapchat and I cannot wait to show you guys!!!

A P6182660
A P6182662
A P6182664

You know, I really had no plans or any itinerary planned for this whole entire trip. This trip was solely to let my hair down and enjoy to the fullest before I embark my training at Brunei. The only thing I knew was to help my friends buy their stuff, so I ended up going to Hongdae at Hongik University. I was all alone and didn't had anyone with me, so the thought of having no one to help me take photos was a struggle. LOL!!!

A P6182665
A P6182668
A P6182670

Many people have told me how difficult it is to locate StyleNanda flagship store located at HongDae. Yes, it was difficult at first but after some googling, I've managed to find my way there. Now here's my guide to StyleNanda @Hongdae.

First: Once you alight at Hongik University station, walk out from Exit 8. Once you walk out you'll see this blue building at your right side.


Photo from:

How I managed to find StyleNanda is also thanks to this lady who wrote on that website. But still, the directions was a little bit unclear to me. Anyways, after you've seen the blue building on your right, TURN RIGHT and WALK STRAIGHT.

A P6182672

When you're walking, you will walk past this cafe called CoCo Bruni. Continue walking till you see that INVERTED TRIANGLE POLE SIGN. (As shown on the picture above) Beside the sign, there's a convenient like store that sells all your coffee, snacks and miscellaneous stuff.

A P6182673

Once you've reached the inverted triangle pole sign, TURN RIGHT, you'll see a 7-11 across the street on the far right. Walk towards it.

A P6182674

Once reached the 7-11, you will come across a cross junction. Stick close to the 7-11 side and turn left.

When you turn left, you'll see this long ass never ending street. Keep walking straight. You'll need to walk quite a distance so just keep walking straight.

A P6182675
A P6182676
A P6182677

Once you walk until the near end of the street, you turn left and you'll see StyleNanda flagship store. Its actually really visible and you won't be able to miss it.

A P6182678

The previous time I came, I regretted not taking enough pictures, this time round, I practically spam and spend more than an hour in the store. LOLOLOL!!!

A P6182680
A P6182687
A P6182685
A P6182689
A P6182700
A P6182686
A P6182695
A P6182692
A P6182693
A P6182696

If I'm not wrong, only the store at Hongdae have a photobooth and ITS FREE!!! Its the time where I unleash the Singaporean in me. LOLOLOL!!! When I was queuing up for my turn there's this few Chinese girls who're HOGGING the machine. LITERALLY!!!

A P6182724
A P6182702

Okay I admit, I had my fair share of fun at the machine too. Hahah!!! Well, its free. So.....

A P6182715
A P6182704

This time round, I managed to get myself something from StyleNanda, and also took more photos than I previously did. #HappyMe!!!

Afterwhich, I went to MyeongDong for more shopping. Just nice, the timing was where all the streets stalls are out selling stuff.

A P6182758
A P6182746
A P6182766
A P6182772

Met up with my friend for dinner whom he came with his Mom and brother. We had some expensive beef for dinner and had the worst alcohol (if you would call Soju alcohol) in my life. I think my tolerance for alcohol is relatively low. LOL!!!

A P6182792

Here's my outfit for the day. Wore a suspender culottes and a white top to match with it cuz I don't want my outfit to end up to flashy. Wore a hat to complete the outfit. Oh yah, my sandals was a steal from Zalora. The initial price was $39++?!?! I bought it for like $19.90!!!! :)

A P6182801
A P6182865