12 June 2017

Teenage I Pledge Campaign

Wow. It is down to the last challenge already!!! How time flies. Anyway that aside. For this last challenge it is a tad different from all the ones in the past.

During the audition for TGY 2017, we all were asked: If given the power to influence, what message would you like to say to everyone out there? I couldn't really remember what I said exactly, but it was somewhere along the line of embracing your flaws... And yes! For this last challenge, the TGY finalists are tasks to do our part to make the internet a better place by spreading positive online influence to our friends, followers, and readers. But of course, I cannot possibly do this alone, so I brought back all my fellow friends who have helped me alongside through this journey. Each with a voice of their own, strong personalities and character. So I thought it will be a great idea to have them all to pledge with me for the last challenge.

Here's the video that I did which is the compilation of all our pledge.

Fenny 1
Ben and Noelle 2
azri 3
Angie 1
joyce 5
Don 6

It was a tiring but yet fulfilling 8 weeks. This competition has allowed me to create contents that I've never done before. Such examples like showing my readers how to style my outfit with the Skechers shoes, exploring places like Kaplan Wilkie Edge, teaching my readers on how I edit my instagram pictures that I really want to do it long time ago but procrastinated because I was too lazy to do so. Furthermore, I've also met new friends along this fruitful journey and I hope we will still keep in contact in the long run, even after this competition. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the team from Teenage Magazine and all the sponsors for Teenage Gorgeous You 2017 for making all these possible, and giving this this wonderful opportunity to be part of the TGY Family. Lastly, not forgetting those who has constantly showered me with their support and words of encouragement, you know who you are.

That's the end of my post for challenge 7. Till then. :)

02 June 2017

Teenage Gorgeous You Café Trail

Last week, Teenage teams organized a cafe hopping session together with the Teenage Gorgeous You 2017 finalists. As we're waiting for everyone to arrive at the venue. The team drop a huge surprise challenge for us, and that is we need to shoot, film, and edit a video by the end of the cafe hopping session and submit it, and it be used as our video and instagram submission. To add on to the difficulty, we will be doing the challenge in pairs and I'm paired up with Tyler (@Tylomere). Good thing I paired with him because he's super easy to work with. We split up the workload with him taking/editing the photos while I shoot/edit the videos. And I must say we worked really well as a team. :)

First stop is Food Anatomy. Located right outside Tanjong Pagar MRT station, the café is just a stone throw away from the station's gantry. Selling local delights in wacky modular creations, you can be sure that it will keep your tummy wanting more.

A Food Anatomy
A Food Anatomy 2

Food Anatomy serves it's food cubes from 10.30am to 9pm on weekdays, and 10am to 6pm on weekends. It is open for breakfast on weekdays as early as 7am. Strategically located just right outside the train station. Commuters who are on their way to work or school can just get a quick bite or simply takeaway and have their meal right on the go.


A dalkomm coffee 3
A dalkomm 4

Located right at the entrance of The Centerpoint, it is hard to miss dal.komm COFFEE. I am sure most of us are not stranger to this café. It has made its appearance on some really hot Korean dramas such as Descendants of the sun or also known as D.O.T.S, in short, and Goblin as well. When it first open in Singapore, it was probably the most hyped café, and everyone on social media were talking about it. I never get to try it until last week. Thanks to the organizers from Teenage I finally get to sit at the café and enjoy some hot aroma coffee plus, I get to savour on some delicious kimchi pizza as well.

The ambiance of the café is great, the perfect place to bring your date to. Plus points if your other half loves Korean dramas. It will feel as though you both are in some K drama scene. Hahah.


Now moving on to the next segment of this post. Before I begin, we all know that our lives pretty much revolve around social media. Whatever we do, eat or comes to our mind, we share it on our platforms. For me, I like my pictures to be nicely edited before it goes live to the internet. Since we're on a topic of Café Hopping thus food related, therefore this next segment, I'm going to share with you guys on the tips and tricks as to how I edit my Instagram pictures.

A disclaimer here, I will not say that my food photography skill is top notch but I have received quite a few positive feedback and comments on the pictures I post. So without further ado, let's get on with it.

food photography 1

There are 3 types of method/angles where you can take your food shots.
1. The Straight On
2. The Flatlay or Bird Eye View
3. The 45 Degree

food photography 1.1
food photography 1.2
food photography 1.3


Next up, I will be showing you guys how I edit my Instagram pictures. I have chosen 2 pictures, 1 from dal.komm COFFEE and the other one is from Food Anatomy. Both from the Café Trail that the Teenage team has brought us to.

food photography 2
food photography 3

Now first let's take a look at the photo taken at dal.komm COFFEE. The lighting is pretty bad, there's the yellow tints on the plate that is coming from the café lighting, thus the food color doesn't seem that appetizing at all. No worries it can all be resolved with photo editing apps that you can easily get it for FREE from your Google Play Store or IOS App Store.

how i edit 1
how i edit 2
how i edit 3
how i edit 4
how i edit 5

So basically I used 2 apps for these photos. Snapseed, and VSCO Cam.
For Snapseed, I use it to "desaturate" the yellow tints that you see from the plates and also enhance the color by increasing the saturation of the food. You can select various spots that you want to edit by tapping on the (+) feature. Not only that, you can also edit the "brightness" and "contrast" the same way as how you edit the "saturation". There, yellow tint and food coloring problem solved.

As for the overall lighting and color of the photo. I like it warm and contrasty. VSCO Cam is pretty much versatile with it's editing. With plenty of filters to choose from (some you need to pay for it), you will be spoilt for choice. Personally, I like the (E Series). Therefore I chose E3 and I decrease the harshness till around 7.5. Usually I will put it between 6 - 8, depending on the picture itself.

After I have done editing my picture from VSCO Cam, I will still edit the brightness a little bit on the Instagram app itself. Not many people realised that Instagram's editing tool is actually quite good. Usually I'll "up" the brightness by +10, contrast +5, warmth -5, and increase the sharpness by +50.


For the photo taken at Food Anatomy, it is somehow similar to what that needs to touch up from the previous picture. Just that this time round, there's food crumbs seen on the plate and it has pretty much destroyed the beauty of this photo. So apart from doing all the editing that I have mentioned above, now I'll use another app to remove the imperfections of this photo.

how i edit 6
how i edit new
how i edit 8
how i edit 9

Many people thought that "Meitu Xiu Xiu" is only used for editing beauty or portrait shots. But today, I will be showing you how to remove imperfections even on food photos.

Firstly, go to "Meitu Xiu Xiu" and select "Beautify". Then it will bring you to the page where you can do all sorts of "magic" and "wonders" to your photos. I like to keep it simple and not tend to over do my photos. Tap on the "Acne" button and it will show you "Tap to remove Acne". Treat those food crumbs as acne and tap it away. You can even zoom in to remove those small little particles that looks pretty disturbing if not removed. After I am done removing the food crumbs, save the picture, and I will do the same procedure as the previous photo. Import it to VSCO Cam, select E3 as my filter, export it and use the Instagram tools to tweak the photo a little bit here and there to suit my liking.

There you go. This is my secret to all my Instagram food pictures. For more you can click on
Till the next post. See ya. :)

P/S: Do note that food pictures are neither from dal.komm COFFEE nor Food Anatomy otherwise stated.

27 May 2017

Debunk Your Skincare Myths With Dr. Belmeur

This week's challenge is all about skincare. The fellow team from Teenage have given us finalists the task of finding 5 skincare myths and have them debunk to our followers/readers. Before we go on any further with this post, do take a look a this video that I've did in collaboration with THEFACESHOP.

19 May 2017

EAT.SHOP.PLAY at 313@somerset

Wow, in a blink of an eye it's already the 4th challenge. For this week, it's all about spending the day at 313@somerset aka the Lifestyle Challenge. But there's a twist, the finalists were all given random alphabets and are required to only go to shops with those alphabets on it. So for example if I got "O" as one of my alphabets, I would have to go to shops starting with "O". For instance, "Old Chang Kee", and/or "OWNDAYS". In addition, we need to come up with minimum 4 activities to do at 313@somerset.

For me, I've gotten the alphabets (C. D. J. L. U. Y). It was hard initially because most of the shops with the alphabets that I was given revolves around F&B, so it got me thinking quite hard as to how I'm going to come out with 4 activities to do at the 313@somerset, because I can't be possibly eating for the whole entire day right? But thanks to my friend Angie (@YourApplePie) who happens to be a lifestyle blogger herself, she manage to give me some ideas as to how to make the idea and plan flow. So without further ado, let's get started with this post shall we?

Final Edited Ya Kun
Edited Cotton On
Final Edited Sneaker Heads 3
Final Edited OOTD Ready 4
Lunch Break 5
Snacking 6

What Is Tring 313?
Tring 313 is a mobile application that brings users a revolutionary service that utilizes location-based targeting technology. It is available on iOS devices (iPhones, iPods and iPads) and helps users discover exclusive offers and promotions from over 170 retailers within 313@somerset, within walking distance from your current location.

How To Use The Tring 313 Mobile App?
First you have to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, (Tring313). Then, you can sign up via FaceBook account (which I did), and allow it to detect your location. Voila, you're done.

Most importantly, the app is FREE for download. Browse offers/deals and to receive application alerts. Once the app has been installed in your iOS device, you will be able to search for offers/deals that you would like to download/purchase. Payment can be made through PayPal or Credit Card.

For more information about the Tring 313 Mobile App, you can click on the link here: to find out more.

Tring 313 7
Tring 313 8
Edited Tring313 9
Final Edited Challenger 10
Love, Bonito 11
Cocoa Colony 12
Dinner 13
Edited Takeaway 14

That summarize my day at 313@somerset. It's definitely a fun experience shopping with only the alphabets given to us. Furthermore, using the Tring 313 mobile app has allowed me to receive and check for deals and offers whenever I'm near 313@somerset's vicinity.

So to conclude this post, here are the list of activities that I did at 313@somerset.
1. Have breakfast to start off your day
2. Shop for a head to toe outfit for the next day of work and/or school
3. Take OOTD at Instagram worthy place
4. Lunch break at Basement 3
5. Great deals from Tring 313 offers and coupons.
6. Stress relieve at Cocoa Colony
7. Gather your friends together for some catch up session
8. Takeaway food to get ready for the next day

Shops Featured.
C - Cotton On, Coco Ichibanya, Churro101, Challenger, Cocoa Colony, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, Candy Empire, CHARLES & KEITH (In Video)

D - Duke Bakery, Deen Xpress (In Video)

J - JiBiru Craft Beer Bar (In Video)

L - LE Underground/L.E WAY, Love Bonito, Lacoste (In Video)

U - umisushi (Post and Video)

Y - Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Yayoiken, Yoogane, Yoshinoya (Post and Video)

Before I end off this post, here's the video that I did for Challenge 4. It's the first time I step out of my comfort zone to sing and act in front of the public, so pardon me if I look like a awkward penguin. So anyways, here's the video. Enjoy. :)

08 May 2017

What's Your Style

For challenge 3, the finalists were given a specific style to embody, and for me, I got Athlete as my theme for this challenge.

So today I will be sharing some of the tips and tricks as to how to achieve that Athlete/Sporty look. For me, style is a personal preference, different people have different style and I can't force you to follow what I'm about to show you in this post, but I do hope that my tips and ideas will be able to give you some inspiration as to how you want to style your pieces next time. Remember, dress to express, not to impress.

Style 1
Tip 1
Style 2
TIp 2
Style 3
TIp 3
Style 4
Style 4.1
Style 4.2_meitu_1

Here's the video I did for this challenge.
Hope you guys enjoy reading this post and stay tune for more upcoming challenges that I'll be doing for this competition. :)

For more information about Skechers D'Lites 2 Sweet Monster, you can click on the link here:

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