26 January 2016

Knitted Wear

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A P1160860

Isn't it weird? I'm in camp 5 out of 7 days in one week and yet I update my blog more frequently than I did when I was out 24/7 during my Poly and/or ITE days.

I can't remember when, one of the days I wore this knitted outerwear that I purchased from OSF. I'm loving the fact that now I can fit into any of my old clothes. But because of that, I'm pretty reluctant to throw away any clothes and I'm constantly buying, and from the looks of it, it seems that my wardrobe is gonna explode soon. I really need to do something about it. :/

That night, my family decides to have Mellben Seafood for dinner. Well, cuz the last time we had it was YEARS AGO!!! I think the last time I ate was with #TeamMyntefingers.

So anyways, as usual, the queue for Mellben Seafood was loooooooong as hell, so I took that time to take some photos that you saw above ^^^.

A P1160880
A P1160881
A P1160884
A P1160886
A P1160893
A P1160889

I think the food so so only leh, not really worth the wait. But the "Lao Ban" of the AMK branch happens to know my Dad, so he gave us 10% discount. Heh!!! :) #CheapThrills

23 January 2016

Army Jacket

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Isn't it fast? Its already the 23rd of January. Soon it will be the Chinese New Year. Speaking of CNY, I recently bought something from OSF and I LOVED IT!!! This year I will be trying out Culottes and a pullover. I tried matching it this morning I think its okay. Haha!!!

Lucky me, I managed to pull out 3 outfits for this year's CNY and I can't wait to post it on Instagram already!!!

A few weeks back, I went out with my friends for lunch/dinner and I decide to wear my Military Jacket despite the humid weather. Many commented that my singlet looked like an Uncle singlet. :((((( Hahahaha! But anyways, its a relatively cheap one that I got it from H&M for only $9.90.

Shoes and Bag are the usual. Nowadays I'm so packed from my army schedule that its really wearing me out. There are times that I would feel so tired that I really just wanna continue laying on my bed. :(

This week, I completed my Navigation course which is a part of the Combat Skills Badge test. Thank god I have my section commanders with me. They're so fun and I really enjoyed my time with them. And there's still more tests to come. River Crossing, 32km route march, 10km run, and etc. The thought of it is just...... But nevertheless, I believe when the time comes, I'll still be able to pull through one la. LOLOLOL!!!

15 January 2016

Crazy Family

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You know, I don't really write anything about my family or in fact my siblings. Probably because since young I've always been quite distant from them. Since young, I'm pretty much neglected by them, as seen from this photo below. vvv

A IMG_9193

One of the main factor that pulled me away from my sisters could be our age difference. Look, my eldest sis is older than me by 15 years, followed by 9, and 6. The things we talked about is so different, needless to say, they're girls. So since young, I felt that my friends are somehow closer to me rather than my own sisters.

But in the recent years, our relationship grew closer. Not sure why, but could be due to all of us being adult and understands each other better?!?!?! HAHAHA!

So lets cut the chase, from the title you can tell. This post is about my family. So a few weeks ago, my 2nd sis decides to give le family a treat at some restaurant at Toa Payoh. I can't really remember the name of the restaurant though but yea, the food is just so so la IMO. We took some photos before heading to the restaurant for our dinner.

A PC250009
A PC250012
A PC250006
A PC250034

This cute little thang that you see above ^^^ is my nephew. My 2nd sis's son. Only a year old +. Super duper smart and cute. If you'd like to see more of him you can follow my snapchat at donxkoh, cuz every weekend he'll be coming to my house to stay and I'll be posting some snaps of him.

A PC250070

Now this is picture you see is my eldest sis with 2 of her children and my 3rd sis. ^^^
The little boy is a fan of Kendama. While the Girl is a avid badminton player.

A PC250073

Now this ^^^ is my 2nd sis and her beloved husband aka, my bro-in-law. :)

A PC250027

And here's my beloved mom and dad. HAHAHAHA! We forced them to take this corny pose picture. My mom is loving it as you can tell, while my dad is holding on to this pose with reluctance. LOLOLOLOL!!!

A PC250067
A PC250084

A simple meal with le family. Sometimes, you find the most precious and priceless moments. Cherish the time spent with your family cuz time doesn't wait for anyone. As we, the children are growing up and strong, we tend to forget our parents are growing old and frail at the same time.

Now, I'm ending this post with a photo of myself. Hehe! Till next post. :)

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13 January 2016

Hello Friend

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Hi. A few weeks back when I was having my block leave, I take my time off to meet up with Joyce (@Joyce.Forensia), cuz well, it has been MONTHS since we last met. It was just a simple meet up over dinner and some ice cream. We had Toss&Turn for dinner cuz I was craving for salads. Not sure why though, nowadays I have cravings for Yogurt and Salad. WEIRD.

A PC152881

After our dinner, we went out of Orchard to take some photos. I bought my Coffee Bean while Joyce got her Mint Ice Cream. Now when was the last time we both get to help each other take photos?! I really miss the good old times. :(

A PC152887
A PC152913
A PC152955
A PC152959
A PC152896  A PC152935

My outfit of the day. Knitted pullover from Bugis Street which I bought 2 years ago. I didn't wore it because I was so fat back then and I couldn't fit into it. #ThankYouSAF HAHAHAHA!!! Shoes is from Superga.

A PC153020
A PC153030 A PC153039

It was a great night spent. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up again soon. Ending this post with a selfie. :)

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10 January 2016


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A P1090802

Here's another outfit post. Unlike other countries, Singapore has only one season and that is summer. The most we'll get is only rain. Coming to January which is a month past December (the winter season), the weather is starting to get a little more humid over here at Singapore. So I decided to "lip" my Varsity outerwear together with a drawstring short which I have been wearing forever!!!

I actually wanted to pair this outfit with my Adidas backpack, but then my sis wanted to use it so I lend it to her for that day. Shoes is from J Shoes, and my cap is from Chatuchak - Bangkok. Speaking of Bangkok, my family is going there this April for their Songkran PLUS they're going to Banyan next week!!! WITHOUT ME!!! CAN YOU FEEL ME?!?!?! God damn it all because of the army I'm missing so much in life. :(((

But anyways, a little update about my life now. I'm currently going to 1 month in my unit life, and I think I'm slowly adapting to it already. I still remember the first few days I was so depressed and I really want to get out of there, but as days goes, things get better. My laptop also crashed recently (My Lenovo Laptop) which I bought it when I was in my Poly freshmen year. I still remember on my 01/01/16 post I said I'd hope a miracle would happen and that my laptop would revive itself. Sadly it didn't but my dad decided to buy me a new one. This time round I decided to go get a Macbook Pro instead of a Windows laptop. I went to play around with my new Macbook Pro and DAYUM! The iMovie is sooooo good! I can imagine myself doing up videos with that already. Apart from that, the down side of Mac is that I can't download some of the photo editing software that I used to have on my Lenovo laptop. But its okay I guess?!?! Cuz I can make do with other editing software. :)

09 January 2016

Coffeemin- Singapore's First Time Café

Hi. I finally have the time to sit down, edit my photos and write a proper blogpost. My life is now revolving around army and more army that I barely have time for my own. Every weekend I would just be like resting on my bed or meeting my friends. Unlike the past where I have plenty of time and I could blog like every other day. Furthermore, my Lenovo laptop crashed and that explains why the lack of updates. Yesterday, my dad bought me a Macbook Pro and YAY! I can finally blog again. I think I'll post some pictures of my new Macbook Pro next time.

P/S: Sometimes, I really miss writing on this space. I miss taking part in blogging competition and feeling the adranaline rush!!!

So anyways, today's update is about a cafe that I visited a few weeks back. The cafe is called Coffeemin. Located at Clark Quay Central, it is pretty accessible if you'd ask me. 


Coffeemin is Singapore's first time cafe. Meaning, it is charge by the amount of time you spent there. Prices are as seen below. You can use all their facilities there (Xbox, Pool Table, Computers, Board Games etc), snacks and drinks are also provided as well. Furthermore, its ALL FREE FLOW! In addition, you're also allowed to buy your own food and consume over at the cafe! (If you're intending to stay there for quite some time lah!!! Like to study or something?!?!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.36.37 AM

Overall, I really enjoyed myself there. I was playing Taken and UNO Stacko with my friends until we almost forgot that we're there for 3 hours already!!! What's more, I'm there constantly munching on their cookies and biscuits. LOL?!?!

They also have another outlet located at Suntec City Mall, I found out that Noelle also visited Coffeemin before and she went to the one at Suntec. You can click on the link to her post for more info.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.50.07 AM

You can head on to their website for more information.

Ending this post with my outfit for that day. My fedora hat and Drawstrings Shorts from Forever 21, Muscle Tank from JB, Outerwear from somewhere in Taiwan, Bag from Adidas, Watch from G-Shock, Shoes from J Shoes.