29 June 2014

Wimbly Lu Chocolates

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Wimbly Lu is just a stone throw away from Rokeby Bistro Cafe. You can click on this link if you see the directions on how to get there. (

So on the other day, right after we had our mains at Rokeby Bistro Cafe, we then walk down a few shops down to Wimbly Lu Chocolates for desserts. Thank god we only have 3 people if not we would have to wait for quite awhile as the timing that we went was quite crowded.

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We each ordered a dessert and we shared the bill among ourselves. We ordered:

Nutella Chocolate Pie - $6
Waffle w/ Ice Cream - $8.50
Chocolate Creme Brulee - $5

For the waffles with ice cream, you can choose which flavor of ice cream you want, we chose the Cheesecake icecream because.... It stands out from the rest of the flavors I guess??? And you hardly see places selling cheesecake ice cream. Hahaha!!!

Oh! You also get to choose the topping, Maple Syrup, Toffee or Chocolate Sauce.

Here's a picture of the menu, in case you guys wanna see.

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We sat at a very awkward seat whereby infront of us were 3 girls and me and CS was sitting in a way that we're facing them. So weird???!!!!

I love their waffles its super crispy (I LOVE CRISPY WAFFLES! ♥) and their cheesecake ice cream is surprisingly good as well.

I MEGA LOVE THEIR CHOCOLATE CREME BRULEE! Its worth the $5! What's more we shared the cost among ourselves, so yeap! :)

The only complain that I have is the table that we're sitting at luh! Other than that, no complains!! Hahaha!!

At Wimbly Lu, there's service charge and GST, so do take note.

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Address: 15 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987
Contact: 6289 1489

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 12.30pm - 10.30pm
Friday: 12.30pm - 11pm
Saturday: 9am - 11pm
Sunday: 9am - 10.30pm -

Closed: Monday

Last order - 30 minutes before closing

Dine-in orders - subject to a 10% service charge

25 June 2014

An Old School Entry

HI (to imitate dear Fennimisoo)

Today I have the sudden urge to write a blog entry, no reason why, just felt like it. Just like the old school days, where I can post dozens of entries in A DAY. Hahaha! But that was then, where all my entries like no substance one. Lololol!!!

So today, I went to school and saw my tutor for Services Marketing module, so my group members and I went to talk to her like how we always do. So out of the blue, we asked how was our exam results, and her reply was: Yea, not too bad, but there's people who failed. At that point of time I saw my tutor LOOKING AT ME when she said that (THERE'S PEOPLE WHO FAILED) and at instance my gut feeling was telling me, great I failed, like what's new?!!! So later she then added, but there were no failures from 3M02 (which is our class) and I immediately went WHEWW! RELIEVED!!! Hahahaha! It's like, I thought I was gonna fail this module right after I walk out of the exam hall but NO! I PASSED! Haha!

So yeap, but that tutor (also the same tutor for another module) told us that we did badly for that. It was so bad that she said it was bad. LOL!

The day ended with lunch at design school canteen with my groupmates. Talking about life, actually....


The thing that has been bothering me recently is that, a lot of my friends have already got their internship sealed and secured, those that haven't also have already been sent for an interview, but till now, there's no news of me being sent to any company for interview, which I'm quite afraid because I don't want to end up working at some reflexology or telemarketing company. I wanna work at a place where I have interest in and I can enjoy working at. Yea, so I hope I'll be getting that "sacred" email from my DIP Representatives for my internship soon. :(


The nomination period for Singapore Blog Awards, also known as SBA has come to an end, and from now till 3rd July is the judging period for the 10 finalists of each category. To be honest, I'm having hopes of making it to at least 1 category. Ever since last year, I wanted to get into the top 10, but eventually, I didn't. All my blogger friends were like saying SBA main category very hard to get into top 10 one. If you can get into top 10, you should be happy already. True enough.

So the other day, I was telling Andy that I hope to get shortlisted to the top 10 finalists for Best New Blog category, and his reply was: -.- YOUR BLOG VERY NEW MEH?!!!

Hahahaha! Well, technically my blog started last year and I began blogging religiously after CNOS 2013 which is after April 2013 mah, YES, NO??? Hahaha!

So now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, till 3rd July, which is just 1 week away, and I hope, Joyce, Me, Andy, Joey, Damien and all my blogger friends will be shortlisted. Haha! ^.^


22 June 2014

Rokeby Bistro Cafe

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Once in a blue moon meet up with my BFF's, also known as my Primary School Friends. We decided to meet up for dinner, chill and catch up with one another. But 90% of the time me and Cheryl was just "SUANING" CS with his "stupidity, not saying he is, but he's just being a bimbo la! Hahahaha!

Sent them the websites to check for Cafe's to go to and they both decided on ROKEBY Cafe. To be honest, I've never heard of this cafe before, so why not give it a try?

Thank god Cheryl drives, if not we would have a hard time finding the place, but actually, with her driving, we already had quite a hard time finding the place. Blame it all on google maps!!!

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So anyways, reached the place, it's somewhere near Serangoon NEX, but I'll paste the exact location at the later part of this post for easier reference.

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It was only after we came then crowd started to come, before that, there was no one in the cafe, so yeap. WE BRING THE CROWDS!!!! Hahaha! Just kidding.

Anyways, just so you know, they have different menu on different timing, like eg; they only serve certain dishes until a certain timing, after that they stopped. A bit like LOLA's Cafe where they have Brunch Menu, and Dinner Menu. So yeap.

Water is self service and its free flow, so you can just grab a cup near the counter and get yourself a drink whenever you like. :)

Cheryl ordered Spaghetti Carbonara - $15.90
CS ordered Fish & Chips (BOOOORINGGGGG!) - $16.90
Yourstruly ordered THUNDER TIGH BURGER - $15.90

A P6182047_副本 A P6182051_副本 A P6182044_副本
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Feedback from Cheryl: Her Spaghetti Carbonara is too salty. For me (I tried abit), I feel that its nice la, just that if you keep eating you'll get sick of it easily. Just my opinion though.

Overall I find their food was average only, Cheryl was saying like she don't even know why people (LIKE US) go cafe hopping, its like a sudden trend and everyone is like going cafe hopping. LOLOLOLOL!!!

So yea, food was average, place is also so-so. But the good thing about rokeby is that they don't charge taxes. That means whatever you order from the menu, you just pay for that amount. Don't believe? Look!!!

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Ohyah, their service is also quite good, they bother asking if we would like to have tomato or chili sauce to go along with our food because it doesn't come together with it. So extra points for that.


Address: 15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
Operating Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 10pm
Facebook Page:

19 June 2014

A "Beary" Good Reason

[17th Jun 2014, Tuesday]

So on Tuesday, it was a very special day where Domino's, together with The Influencer Network, also known as TIN in short, held their event to commemorate the launch of Domino's limited edition Bola Bear collectibles.

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The event was held at 31 A Scotts Road, Colonial @ Scotts. I had quite a difficult time finding the place though, but nevertheless, I manage to made it on time.

Saw quite a few familiar faces over there, and the first person I saw was Michelle.C! FAN BOY MODE!!! Didn't hesitate to ask her for a photo. Hahaha!!!

A P6171924_副本

photo 1 (1)

Above photo is from Vivian (xchubbykitty), I love that photo because I look so naise!!! Hahaha!

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The place was filled with bloggers, and also BALLOOONS!!! So without further ado, the emcee began introducing himself and the highlight of the event, and that there's this Instagram #BOLABEAR contest. The person with the most likes will walk away with:

1st Prize: Go-Pro Camera
2nd Prize: Fuji Film Instax Camera
3rd Prize: Samsung Digital Camera with Wifi capabilities

So yeap! Everyone started instagraming away~ Except for me... Cuz I know I won't win. Hahaha!

A P6171932_副本

After that, the emcee announce that they're gonna have a stage game, 3 teams of 3 will go up the stage and get their photo taken by the photographer once, and only once, then the group with the loudest clap wins the limited edition Bola Bears!!! So the lucky me got called up the stage, together with Darren and Shaun, and guess what? WE WON!!! Hahaha!!!

A P6171936_副本

After the stage activity, the marketing manager of Domino's told us that each and everyone of us will be walking away with a Bola Bear collectibles!!! YAY! I CAN HAZ 2 BOLA BEARS!!!

A P6171942_副本

After that it was group photo, but I didn't manage to get any photos taken because everyone is snapping photos with their camera. SIGHSS! T.T

photo 2

So after that, the marketing manager began explaining little bit about Domino's pizza and also the Bola Bear launch.

You have to hurry if you want to get your hands on the Bola Bear collectibles cuz I heard that it's selling out FAST!!! For more information you can check out Domino's website at

photo 5

So next, the moment that everyone had been waiting for. THE FOOD!!! It's free and easy, so everyone just helped themselves with the food. I really love their Napolitana Meatballs! ITS DAMN AWESOME!!!

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A P6171947_副本

A P6171945_副本

A P6171952_副本

I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THEIR DRUMPLETS! It's like a MUST HAVE whenever I eat Domino's!!! And how can I forget about their Chocolate Lava Cake! It's everyone's ultimate favorite from Domino's Pizza!!!

A P6171955_副本

So after much fun chatting and eating, its time to announce the top 3 winners for the #BOLABEAR Instagram contest.

So for 3rd Prize, the winner is: @Hpility, with 262 likes.

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A P6171989_副本

2nd Prize, we have Vivian, @Xchubbikitty with 283 likes.

A P6171992_副本

A P6171994_副本

and now, for first prize, the person with the most likes, and Angie was like saying confirm is him confirm is him. Hahahah! That person is non other than...... Ben, with 300 over likes, P/S: This one the photo a bit blur, so I couldn't see the exact figure of his likes, but well, at least his is real numbers. Just saying.

A P6172000_副本

A P6172003_副本

Shy Ben with his new Go-Pro. Now this is the annoying part, I swear to god the emcee is a jackass! Like how I tweeted yesterday, yes he is funny, I like his entertainment value but then again, insulting someone so that you can make others laugh isn't cool yo! Insulting people, making them lose face on stage is just not right, I mean, yea you make others laugh, but do you know how the person that is being made a laughing stock feel?

How inconsiderate!!!

The day ended with more selfies and photo taking. I'm glad to see everyone together at one event, and I finally get to take photos with Darren and Ben! :D

Not forgetting Michelle. TSKTSK!!! And I have to apologize to Tselyn cuz I didn't take any photos with her. :/

A P6172012_副本 A P6172009_副本 A P6172008_副本
A P6172005_副本 A P6172007_副本

Lastly, this person that I have to thank. Thank you so much for being there with me throughout the event, without you I think I'll have to start singing to ALONE already. So yeap! A big thank you to MyApplePai! So much loveeeeeeeee!

A P6171962_副本

Now ending this post with a group photo (just us actually) Hahahah! Together with William, and thank you Domino's and The Influencer Network for hosting this event, it was an honour.

photo 3
Photo Credits: Vivian (xchubbykitty)

16 June 2014

Stateland Cafe

Hello there everyone! I'm finally back to update this space of mine. If you guys have read my previous posts and followed me on my Instagram, you guys would have know that I've went to Korea for the past 1 week. As I'm writing this phrase, my heart aches, because I'm really missing the good food, the people and not forgetting the carefree life over there. Coming back to Singapore is like a wake up call. Calling me to wake up and get back to reality.

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Okay, nuff said! This post will be on another cafe that I've visited a few days before I fly over to Korea. Visited Stateland Cafe with my group mates (School/Poly) after our last paper.

A P6060790_副本

Located at Bali Lane which is right beside Haji Lane, the cafe is just a stone throw away form the sign board you see over there. Just follow the sign and walk towards the alley and you'll be able to see Stateland Cafe.

A P6060802_副本

A P6060807_副本

A P6060806_副本

Initially we were told to wait outside as they're only open from 12pm (we reached around 11.50am++), few minutes past 12 and no one attended us, so our fierce Nicole went to ask them whether can we go in already because all of us are perspiring like maaaaaaad! And yes, finally we're allowed to go in, only after Nicole asked the person. TSK!

A P6060794_副本

A P6060791_副本

TBH! I find their menu abit limited uhh! Like there's only THAT much stuff we can order, so Audrey, Nicole and I ended up ordering the same thing. Eggs Benedict, Aaron and ML ordered Carbonara, and Garey ordered some waffles thingy.

A P6060828_副本

A P6060814_副本

A P6060838_副本

Aaron, Audrey and Nicole wanted to try more of their stuff, so the 3 of them ordered and shared a Red Velvet Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream.

A P6060835_副本

Overall I find that the place is worth visiting once, for the ambiance and such. The food wise is just so so only. But the food is not that bad la. You guys can still pay this cafe a visit. :)

Other than what I've said, their service is actually quite good. One of the service stuff actually offered to change for us another bottle of water. So kudos for that.

Price of the food range from $10 - $30, and they only accept cash, no nets/credit cards/debit cards. So do take note.

Their operating hours is:

Mon: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Wed - Thu: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm