27 April 2015

VisonData Singapore

Hello there everyone. I'm back from my 8 days 7 nights Taiwan trip with my friends and I can't wait to share my travelogue with you guys! But before that, let me share with you guys something else.

If you've followed me on my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You would have seen all the pictures I've posted from my Taiwan trip.

We all live in the digital age where we NEED to stay connected everywhere we go. So many thanks to VisonDataSG. They have kindly loan me their pocket wifi to try and review their services.

Diyana from VisonDataSG is super nice! She contacted me regarding the pocket wifi and it was couriered to me 1-2 days before my trip. If you'd like, you can also op to pick up your pocket wifi device from the office itself.

A bit information about VisonDataSG.

VisondataSG (VDS) is a company that provides low cost pocket Wifi rental services that covers more than 70 countries. With the Pocket Wifi, it will be so much easier to google and search for information when you're at overseas.

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Each pocket wifi comes with a 

  • Pouch
  • User Manual 
  • Cable
  • Adapter plug
The power bank is available for rental at only $2/Day. Furthermore, it has a capacity of 8400 mAh with two outputs (1.5A/1A) which allows me to charge both the pocket wifi and my phone at the same time

Most of the time I did not use the cable and the adapter plug cause I have my own and I pretty much just bring along the power bank and the pocket wifi everywhere I go.

A P4242134_副本
A P4242109_副本

Each device can support up to 4-6 users. So imagine all of you sharing the costs together, its so much cheaper and cost saving as compared to your data roaming.

My Experience With VisonData Pocket Wifi

Well, this review is solely based on my usage on the pocket wifi itself. Its pretty easy to use, all you have to do is just connect it manually.

Step 1: Turn on your phone's wifi (let it search for the SSID which is shown at the back of the pocket wifi)
Step 2: Key in the password which is also shown just right below the SSID

AND VOILA! You're connected. A good tip for you guys would be to connect the device beforehand so that when you reach your travel destination all you have to do is just turn on the pocket wifi and you're already connected to the internet.

Overall, I didn't have trouble staying connected only when I was on my way from 九份 to 十分 in the tunnel. But not to worry, cause the rest of my friends also had no service at that point of time. Other than that, the pocket wifi works pretty well even when i'm on the MTR underground and also up on 清境 mountain.

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For more information
you can check out their facebook page at 
or their website at

23 April 2015


We all know that our sunny island Singapore have been through tremendous transformations. 50 years ago, to be exact. 9th August 1965 is the day where Singapore becomes independent after separating from Malaysia.


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50 years later. 2015. The greenery, the clean river that we see now. The non air conditioned buses to air conditioned. The shop houses to all the tall HDB flats you see today.  Singapore has been through a lot changes for the past 50 years. BUT! Can you imagine what Singapore would be in another 50 years of time? What do you think our tiny little red dot would turn into in the year 2065?


Now you can share your ideas of how you think Singapore should be in 2065 and you may stand a chance to win a stay in London/Paris! There are many other attractive prizes to be won too!


Contest ends 30 April 2015. So hurry! Click on this link ( and submit what you hope to see in Singapore in 2065. Ideas can be absolutely ANYTHING (even flying vehicles!) Submissions can be in text, video, or images. So hurry up and let those creative juice flow!!!

Ideas submitted should fall under one of these topics:
 - Go Green
 - Smart Spaces
 - Space-Age Kampungs
 - Weatherproof World

 Top 50 ideas also stand to win attractive prizes!!!

Now let me share with you my ideas of how I think Singapore should/would be in 2065.

GO GREEN - Imagine in the year 2065, our energy would be generated via the nature of the wind. This, we won't have to worry about bursting our electricity bills.

SMART SPACES - We all wished there were more spaces in Singapore right? So in 2065, I hope that everywhere in Singapore will be connected via slides and we can just take the slide down to our destinations. Imagine living in Jurong and having to book in to Pulau Tekong. All we (boys) have to do is just take a slide and VOILA! We've reached our destinations. Say no more to long waiting public transport!!! ♥

For more information you can take a look at this video to get some inspirations.

If you're sharing your submissions on your social media platforms, don't forget to include the hashtag #BuildSG2065 so that I can also see your submissions too. :)

13 April 2015

Dolce Tokyo

I'm a crazy fan of poached eggs/eggs benedict. So a few weeks ago, I wanted to go Symmetry Cafe to try put their poached eggs. But sadly, their brunch hour was over. So.... To seek for next best alternative, my friends and headed over to Dolce Tokyo located at level 3 of Bugis Junction.

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Absolutely love their poached eggs!!! The egg is runny unlike some cafe's where they cook till the yolk is sooooo hard that its no longer runny anymore. :(

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And this is what my friends ordered. 
Fish and Chips, and Smoked Salmon Eggs Ben. 

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A P3270577_副本
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(Me and You)

Bugis Junction 03-10H

T: +65 6336 4808

Operating Hours
11.30am - 10.30pm Daily

Facebook Page:

06 April 2015

Group Therapy Coffee

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Hello there everyone. I'm finally back here to this space writing. Hahah! I've been busy with work recently, and that explains the lack of updates at my blog. If you'd like, you can follow me on my twitter and/or instagram @donxkoh for more updates about my life? Hahaha

So anyways. Last week was my off day, so I went for some cafe hopping. Had brunch date at Group Therapy because my friend recommended that cafe as I was told that their portion serving was huge. :D

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We were lucky enough that when we reached the place there's seats available for us. I think prolly because its a weekend, that explains why the place is filled with people. Furthermore, I feel that the cafe is relatively small. :/

A P4030758_副本

I ordered their BLT Croissant Plate and request to change to scrambled eggs instead of their usual sunnyside up.

P/S: I forgot what my friend ordered already. LOL!

As for drinks, I ordered their Mint Mocha and my friend ordered the Matcha Latte. The cafe is located on the 2nd level of a shop house. Nearest MRT station is at Outram Park or Tanjong Pagar. Both are walkable distance.

Overall, the serving was huge, but it isn't that fantastic. The scrambled egg was pretty dry, and their bacon was quite hard to be honest. But if you're not very particular and anal about how your food tastes, you can give this cafe a visit. :)

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A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀D͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ (@donxkoh) on

Group Therapy Duxton
49 Duxton Road #02-01 Singapore 089513
T: +65 6222 2554

Opening Hours
Mondays: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am to 6pm (kitchen closes at 5pm, bar closes at 5.30pm)
Fridays - Saturdays: 11am to 10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm, bar closes at 9.30pm)
Sundays &; PH: 10am to 6pm (kitchen closes at 5pm, bar closes at 5.30pm)

Facebook Page: