29 August 2014

Class of 3M02 2014

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So recently, my class decided to have a class picnic/outing. Its rather impromptu though, but I'm glad that most of us were able to make it, or should I say half of the class. Hahaha!

Each of us brought different stuff over there, some of us cook ourselves and some brought snacks and drinks, which was good I guess? Cuz we get to try out different things at one go. ^.^

Here's Audrey, busy setting up so that we can take a good photo of it! VISUALLY APPEALING OKAY!!! Hahaha! And Aaron, can't wait to dig in already!!! We were quite over our initial meeting time, that explains why most of us were very very hungry already!!!

A P8263738_副本
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We have so much food, that some people even say that it's not picnic anymore, more of a buffet! Hahaha! I especially love my friend's Potato balls! Taste super nice!!! ♥

So after we had the food, some of us played Twister, some played Frisbee, and I decided to fly a kite myself. Hahahaha! But after awhile, the rest of them came and we flew it together.

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We took some photos and after that, we witness a very sweet proposal! All of us were mesmerized by the guy's sweetness and all!

A P8263796_副本
The shot without Audrey
The shot with Audrey
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A P8263879_副本
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A P8263894_副本
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After that, the sun was setting and its starting to get dark, we pack up and headed back to the train station and at then, we decided to head to ChompChomp at Serangoon Gardens to have our dinner! YAY TO CHOMPCHOMP!!! ♥

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A P8263917_副本
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A P8263930_副本
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We ordered A LOT of food, it was a sinful day! Shared the costs and its about $10 or a little more per person. Its quite worth it I guess??? If you're going in a group.

Overall, I've enjoyed myself that day. Hopefully there's more to come!

27 August 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 2


So last week was the 1st episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21. One week had past and now its time for episode 2. Sorry for the delay in updating this cuz I was sorting out my photos taken during the weekend. 

Without further ado, lets get started.

Last week was the first cut and it was down to the final 22. So they have 1 more week till the final cut and it will be down to the Top 14 that will get into the top model house.

All of them mingled and gathered in a room, and friendships started to form and the true colors of some are also starting to show.


Then, they headed to Hollywood/Vine Subway station for their first challenge. Franco Lacosta was standing right infront of them, telling them that there will be a challenge for them, and if they want to make it to the top 14, this challenge would be crucial!


So the challenge require the contestants to go to each station, where they have to piece a head to toe clothing to match it season Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter in 1 to 2 minutes. 

Station 1
Summer station

The challenge was super rush, and it was down to Matthew and Daniel (Danny). Watch the video to know who won! Hahah!

Next, they went back to the house and mingled around again. At then, Romeo spoke up and said they he was unhappy with someone in the house that had made it this far. Together with Mirjana, they started a fight. lolol!


The next scene is where they head to the beach, not knowing what to expect, and suddenly here comes Yutsai and Kelly Cutrone, telling them that they will be having their last photoshoot before the final cut to select the top 14 finalists.


First of all, they head off to hair and make up, then they had a 1 to 1 photoshoot with Yutsai, so that he is able to tell them their flaws and how to work their strength to achieve the shot!

Beach 2

After they're done with their individual shots, Yutsai told them that its not over, now they had to do a group shot, with 22 of them lying down on each other on sand. Hence creating this awesome shot below!

Beach 3

Next up, the contestants meet up with Tyra, where she announced the Top14 that will be entering the top model house! Sadly, Danny didn't make it this time round. #SPOILER


Here's the video for Episode 2 of Cycle 21

Up next on Episode 3. 
Tyra told the models that they will need to have a runway walk, walking...... Like this!!

Next episode
next episode 2

Now I can't wait for episode 3, tension is definitely building. People are starting to hook up! Look at Keith flirting with Kari! Hahahaha!

nwxt episode

Here are your top 14! 
Are you excited already?!!!


25 August 2014

Melaka OOTD

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Yoohoo! I'm back from my Melaka bloggers tour trip. It was a fruitful trip, where I get to meet many new people and learn about some of the things about Julie's Biscuits!

So when we're over at Melaka, I manage to snap some OOTD shots, kudos to Joey (iisjong) who had helped me take all the above pictures! ♥

I just got my pictures sorted out and now I'm halfway through editing, can't wait to blog about the trip! Hehe!!

Just a quick update. I'm left with 2 weeks of my holidays before the start of my internship. I'm kinda excited yet scared at the same time, because I don't know whether I'll be able to meet the expectations of my employers and some other stuff. Tomorrow I'll be having a picnic with my Poly classmates! Teehee! I still don't know what to bring though... :/

Now ending this post with a candid shot taken by Joey as well! Hahah! Till then.

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19 August 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Boys & Girls Episode 1


Hey all! After more than half a year have passed, I'm back here to blog about America's Next Top Model! Hahaha! This season is exciting yet thrilling! Now lets not waste any more time. Let me bring you through the first episode now shall we??

So this year, top model is back once again with another guy vs girl season, and with that we ought to predict that we'll see some familiar faces right?


Yeap! He's back again, and cockier than ever, till it pisses some of the contestants off! Lol! I really wanted Virgg to come back though, she's such a sweetheart. ♥

We all know that Cory was invited back to this cycle to do a photoshoot with the contestants at the later part of the show, but what was unexpected is that he was invited back on the 1st episode as well. Hahahah!

I saw some people google searched for keywords that led to my blog: "Why was Cory invited back to ANTM and not Jourdan"! Hahahah! Kinda funny though! Maybe Cory can host and Jourdan can't???? Idk?!!!


At then, the contestants were told that they will be having their first runway show and its Electronic Dance Music themed (EDM), and also as part of their challenge, they're required to take a selfie at the end of the runway and upload it to Line Chat for the judges to judge.

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure Line is using this as part of their Marketing! Hahahah! #WoesOfAMarketingStudent

The guys and the girls weren't allowed to see each other, not until when they're getting their hair and makeup done backstage! Where Cory hinted the guys to do a short runway walk facing the mirror, later then they know that the mirror was actually a see through mirror, where the girls get to see the guys strutting their stuff! Hahahah!


At the runway show,  Tyra was introduced at the start, and she begin to slowly come down via a string/cloth like thing attached to the ceiling! Lol! Tyra always has creative ways to make appearance one! Hahahaha!


And when Cory and Tyra introduced Ms Jay Alexander, that was the moment! THE QUEEN IS BACK!!! Hahahaha! I was a tad emotional at that point of time! Hahahah!

ms jay

As mentioned previously, Danny seems abit arrogant to some of the contestants, and especially to Romeo, it pisses him off to the extent that he wants Danny gone! During panel, they had quite a tiff at backstage with few other contestants questioning Danny on why he's back here for the 2nd try.


So after the judges have made their decision, it was time to make the first cut. Ms Jay and Kelly was there to tell the contestants that they had to bowl to know whether they've made it through the first cut. Sounds kinda irrelevant though but yea, that's how they showed. And did I mention that Line was using this as part of their Marketing strategy??? Lololol!!

First cut
line camera

And now, the moment that you've all been waiting for. 
Here's episode 1 of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21.


18 August 2014

Korea Travelogue; Seoul Day 3

Hello! :)
So sorry for the lack of updates, I'm now pretty packed up with all my project submissions and deadlines, but no worries, today I'm back with a super duper long post. As seen from the title, YES! It's my Korea Travelogue, Day 3! Hahaha!

For this Travelogue I would need to wait for Andy to update his before me so that I can refer and make sure I get all my information correct. Hahaha! This explains why I'm always posting after him.

So anyways, back to topic. We had Isaac Toast for our breakfast as usual (I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR HOT CHICKEN TOAST).

A P6101045_副本

Took the train from Myeong Dong station to Jamsil station. Idk about the directions though, cuz I rely everything on Andy. If he got lost, then so am I. Hahah!

A P6101049_副本

In the midst of switching trains, I came across this poster ads which is advertising for plastic surgery, and I immediately told Andy. I'LL BE BACK HERE FOR THIS!!! Hahaha!

A P6101050_副本

Reached Jamsil station and we followed this pathway to Lotte World, but before that you will come across these ticketing machines for the entry to Lotte World.

A P6101054_副本
A P6101056_副本

Kinda forgot how much each ticket cost already. For a more descriptive and informative post, you can visit Andy's blog where it's more detailed. I'll be putting down the link for his post at the end of this post. :)

OHYAH! If you're afraid of getting lost and not knowing the route to Lotte World, no worries cuz there are signages that will lead you there.

A P6101053_副本

They do also sell entry tickets to Lotte World just right outside of the entrance, but to avoid queuing up, we bought it from the ticketing machines luh...

A P6101058_副本

And look, Andy just went on ahead without me :(((

A P6101063_副本
A P6101064_副本

When I first went in, I was taken away by the awesome view! Okay la, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but its somewhere near okayyy! Furthermore, I've never been to any theme park besides Escape Theme Park and Universal Studios Singapore. So yeap! This marks another tick on my theme park to go list. Hahaha!

A P6101066_副本
A P6101072_副本

As mentioned previously, we spend the entire day at Lotte World, we tried the indoor rides first then we headed out to the outdoor ones. In my opinion, I felt that the outdoor rides are more thrilling as compared to the indoor ones. But nevertheless, I've enjoyed myself over at Lotte World. Hahah!

A P6101074_副本

At Lotte World, they not only have rides but also exhibition?? If you call it that way, for people to enjoy. For instance, the above photo, they have insects and animal zone for visitors to see.

A P6101079_副本
A P6101085_副本
A P6101084_副本
A P6101087_副本
A P6101088_副本
A P6101097_副本
A P6101098_副本
A P6101110_副本
A P6101106_副本

At Lotte World, they also sell snacks as well! When I came out of the washroom and saw Andy having this chicken like thingy and with a drink! I thought it was quite interesting (and it taste quite delicious also), so I thought why not I buy one myself. Hahaha!

A P6101114_副本

At some point of time, they will have this parade thingy where all the performers will come out and go round Lotte World (indoor), and dance. Super fun and happening, like everything is just so happy! Hahaha!

A P6101121_副本
A P6101116_副本
A P6101129_副本

After much exploring the indoor theme park, its time we head to the "otherside" of Lotte World! The outdoor themepark!!!

A P6101137_副本
A P6101135_副本

First look and it's so magical! Everything is just soooo...... I don't know how to describe other than magical!!! LOLOLOL!!!

First ride we took was the Bun Gee Drop! This decision was kinda impromptu and I had no mental preparation for this! Andy was like just, lets take this, want to take this? And I just went, ORH OKAY! WTHELL WAS I THINKING BACK THEN?!!!! Lololol!!!

A P6101141_副本

There was a lot of impromptu decision while deciding whether to take the outdoor rides, like there was this 1 ride which both of us didn't know what was it and we just went right in. Later did we know that it's a 360 degree roller coaster ride!!! As in, the seats will rotate 360 degrees luhh! And it goes like super duper fast! Like lighting speed fast!!! Hahah! It was quite an experience though! #YOLO!!!

So after that ride, I felt rather giddy, so I bought myself a Mocha drink to cool myself down!

A P6101147_副本
A P6101152_副本

Andy cooling himself down with the air cooler???? It's really cooling leh!! Like literally having water blasting at you!!! Hahaha!

A P6101148_副本

We saw this ride and deliberate for a very long time whether should we take it or not? Cuz it looks kinda scary!!! Hahahah! In the end we did not take it as it started to drizzle/rain at that point of time...

A P6101155_副本

So we went back to the indoor themepark and we thought, why not settle our lunch first before we continue with the rides. We walked around hunting for food, and we end up having fast food at a fast food restaurant called Ogre's Factory".

A P6101157_副本
A P6101170_副本

After we had our lunch, it was still raining outside, so we figure why not we finish the indoor rides first before going to the outdoor ones. So first stop, the site seeing hot air balloon!

Th queue for this was quite long though, waited for around 15-30mins for it.

A P6101173_副本
A P6101178_副本
A P6101184_副本

Apart from being super duper uneasy and hot from taking the hot hair balloon ride, you get to see the whole of Lotte World!! Indoor of course! Hahaha!

A P6101186_副本

So after our balloon ride, we walked around and saw this place where they had displays of artifacts similar to trickeye museum, but smaller! In a sense that, there's lesser displays la! More of like "sample", I guess???!

A P6101197_副本

So after that, we head outside again, and guess what? We decided to take the ride that we previously didn't! Hahaha!

A P6101200_副本

And the reason why we didn't dare take this ride at first.... Its because it goes super duper fast! What's more its open space!!! But oh wells, what's the worst that could happen? Right???!!!

A IMG_1300_副本

We took quite a while to queue for that ride too, and after we're done with it, the sun is already setting down. So we went back to the indoor themepark and took some other rides. At that point of time I was already tired and I didn't take out my camera to snap any pictures.

At Lotte World, they have this group of performers where they will perform different various of KPOP Songs on the stage! They have different timings for each shows, but I highly recommend you to watch the one at night cuz it's so much nicer with all the lighting and such!!

A P6101201_副本

Last ride for the day is the carousal! Beautifully lit up and many people were there taking lovey dovey pictures! Hahaha! Sadly, I'm with Andy there. Oh wells!!!

A P6101206_副本
A P6101211_副本

That's how we spend our entire day at Lotte World! Definitely an experience! I would definitely bring my friends back here next time. After we left Lotte World, we had a little snack at Krispy Kreme, and back to Myeong Dong thereafter.

A P6101216_副本

When we reached back at Myeong Dong, it was quite late already, and shops were all starting to close, thus IT WAS RAINING!!! And I didn't bring any umbrella that day!!! Talk about being super "suay"!!!

We had fried chicken somewhere nearby our hostel for dinner/supperzz and its damn awesome!!! Rainy days, with hot crispy fried chicken! What's there to complain?!!!

A P6101225_副本
A P6101220_副本

So that sums up day 3 of my Korea Travelogue. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading it! If you want a more detailed blog post you can visit Andy's blog post over at the link below! Till next time! Ciao~