26 February 2014

Mummy, Daddy, I Love You.

This will be a rather wordy post. Hahah!

I'm 22 years old this year, and I've been thinking to myself. "What if one day my parents are no longer here with me, what would I do?"

I'm sure many of you will think about this at some point in life. Recently, this question have been popping on my head. I can't help but to feel sad whenever the thought of not having my parents around with me comes to my mind. Its just... sad.

I'm very attached to my parents, well, my mom to be exact. I love her, and I can see that in the recent years, she has turned haggard and frail due to her age. I can't wait for the day where I can tell her, "Mom, you don't have to work anymore, I can support you now..." Really, I can't wait for this day to come.

466246_10150886837033514_722068311_o A P2015127_副本

Eventhough I don't come from a wealthy family, my family income is average, my parents earn just enough to support the family, but, my parents never fail to give/provide me with whatever I want.

Since young, I was pampered by my dad, whatever I want, he will buy for me, even till now, and I am truly grateful for what he has done for me, and for this family.

After having so many thoughts running through my mind, I can't help but to feel grateful and appreciative for the little things my parents do for me, and I feel that everyone should be grateful for what their parents have done for them as well.

We may complain about how our parents are nagging at us for certain things we do in life, but look on the brighter side, do you think they want to nag at you just because they feel satisfied for nagging at you? NO! They nag at you because you're doing something wrong, (OBVIOUSLY), and want you to change for the better.

I understand sometimes our parents can be in the wrong and that is because of their lack in understanding the situation, it doesn't hurt to explain to them nicely rather than screaming our heads out at them....

Put yourself in your parents shoe, how would you feel if your child were to scream at you? You'll feel hurt won't you?

I just hope that everyone would put themselves in their parents' situation before lashing out at them. Think from their perspective. You might hate them for nagging at you now, but you'll definitely wish they were there to nag at you when they're gone.

Start loving your parents like how they've showered their love for you. Start appreciating the little things they do for you before you regret, then, its too late.

Even if its just a simple dinner, they love it when you spend your time with them.

I just want to jot down at this little space of mine, remembering the little things my parents have done for me. Thank you mommy and daddy, I love you. :')

20 February 2014

America's Next Top Model Boys VS GIrls Cycle 21


Yes! America's Next Top Model is back with another boys VS girls season! Here's the top 30 (15 boys & 15 girls) for this season.

Back here with another video! Here's the official TOP 14 of ANTM Cycle 21!!!!

I'm rooting for Girls: IVY, MIRJANA, SHEI



Another thing that I'm excited about is non other than......

 photo MsJay2.jpg

AND HE/SHE is gonna replace non other than...

 photo MsJay.jpg

Finally! Rob is finally leaving, I've had enough of him in cycle 20, where he's oh so bias against Cory for being androgyny with his poses!

I'm glad that Miss Jay is making a comeback and hopefully he/she will stay for as long as this show may be, hopefully, Nigel and Mr Jay could come back in the upcoming season as well. #FingersCrossed.

19 February 2014

What I Do For Marketing

So hello all! This post is gonna be me sharing the things that I did for my entire Polytechnic year 2 journey in Temasek Polytechnic. Well if you guys don't know, I'm currently studying Diploma in Marketing. I can't say its completely boring or I hate it, its a mixture of good and bad if you'd ask me.

So throughout this whole year, I've had some modules that we had real life clients for our projects, clients such as Samsung, IKEA, Clinique and Lab Series. So when we're coming out with an idea, we will tend to create some videos for our projects, so here are some of it which me and my groupmates have created throughout our year 2 journey.

I'm just sharing the videos that I have done for my school projects. So what you see for the ideas is just purely for project purposes and the brands you see inside is not liable for what is shown. So do take note, this is just for sharing purposes only. Thank you for your understanding.

Creative Campaign Project
For this project, our client is Samsung, and we have to create an event in school to raise awareness of Samsung's galaxy note 10.1, the great thing about this module is that Samsung generously loan us a tablet for each group in every class, and we get to play with it.

So here's the video that me and my groupmates created before the event, our main purpose for the video is to raise awareness and also to get students in school to go to our booth on the day itself.

Next up for component 2 of this project, we're required to come up with 5 ideas and to execute 1 of it. So my group decided on Samsung's Birthday Bash. Actually, we are also time constraint so we just had to make do with what we had at that point of time. So yea.

Advertising & Promotion
One of the module which I look forward to taking. I took this module during semester 2.2, which is recently la. We had to choose the types of media to place our advertisements in one of the component for this project, and my group chose TV Ads. Therefore we have to come up with a "TV Ads" kinda thing for our project presentation, so this is the video that we have come up with.

As you can see, the video above is slightly incomplete, this is because I uploaded the draft onto Youtube instead of the finalized one. But you guys get the idea! It's just the credit part is not done, the video that we did was somehow like what you've seen above.

Now before I end this post.
Here's a video that my group and I did for one of our Creative Campaign Project tutorial. Enjoy~

Harlem Shake x Gentlemen

Sorry for the amateur and bad video quality. 
P/S: I'm not a film or media student. 

16 February 2014

House Visiting @ Yongqin's & Jiayu's

 photo AP2085213_526F672C.jpg

Day 9 of Chinese Lunar New Year.
Visited Yongqin's house for the first time and we had steamboat! Sort of like a "reunion" dinner for us! Hahaha!

 photo AP2085214_526F672C.jpg

Look at the amount of food on the table! We ate so much that we couldn't move after that! Yongqin's mum was super generous and funny! Hahahah!

 photo AP2085216_526F672C.jpg

Played a little bit of blackjack aka "Ban Luck", was on a winning streak but the rest had to call it off cause we were about to get ready to go to Jiayu's house next! DAYUM!!!

Took a group photo before leaving! LOVE THIS PHOTO TAKEN! So family portrait-ish! Hahah!

 photo AP2085225_526F672C.jpg  photo AP2085226_526F672C.jpg
 photo AP2085230_526F672C.jpg

Headed to Jiayu's house after that. Did a little pre celebration for Yongqin's 19th birthday! WTF?!!! That was the age when I met/knew them in year 1 of my Polytechnic life!!! T.T

Yongqin was given tasks to do before she was given a clue to the next present that was hidden in Jiayu's house! Kudos to Mellysa and Jiayu for planning it and also Mooi Suen and BF for buying the cake! ^.^

I will definitely not forget about the guessing of my undergarment part! TSKTSK!!!

Look at that happy girl with her Victoria Secret panties! LOLOLOL!!!

 photo AP2085242_526F672C.jpg

Then, we had round 2 of steamboat after the taxing missions that Yongqin had to do! Hahaha!

 photo AP2085247_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP2085245_526F672C.jpg

Now ending this post with 2 photos! 2013 CNY and 2014 CNY! I don't think we change much! Hahaha! Missing Chuwen Fu in the 2014 CNY!

2013                                        2014

 photo 2013-02-12-17-27-32_photo.jpg  photo AIMG-20140209-WA0012_526F672C.jpg

I still can't believe that we manage to stay in contact (Most Of Us) till now! ♥
May our friendship grow till eternity~

Hahaha! That's it for this post! Ciao~

09 February 2014

Hassle Free Delivery With Food Panda

 photo pandafinecircle1.jpg

Have you guys heard about Food Panda before? I haven't heard of it till recently. Food Panda is a delivery portal that allows you to order food from various restaurants, ranging from western, to eastern to even our local Singapore food such as Chicken Rice!

 photo Foodpanda3-1.jpg

You can order your food in just 3 simple steps!

Key in your postal code so that they can detect which restaurants are available to deliver to your area

 photo Foodpanda1-1.jpg

Select the food that you want to order. See! I have 62 restaurants available at my area! ^.^

 photo Foodpanda2-1.jpg

Make payment. AND VOILA! There you have it!

 photo Foodpanda-1.jpg

All you have to do is just wait for your food to be delivered to your door step! How simple! You can choose to either pay via visa/master card, cash or paypal!

The food arrived within the estimated time! YAY! I shared it with my sis, mom and dad! Enough for 4 people! :D

 photo AAP2065198_526F672C.jpg  photo AAP2065205_526F672C.jpg
 photo AAP2065211_526F672C.jpg

Adding on. FoodPandaSG is also available on both IOS and Android app store, which you can use it to order your food as well! Bringing convenience to a whole new level! ♥

P/S: Something that I would like to address, I made some mistake in my order and I called the hotline wanting to make some changes and they picked up the call quite fast, So thumbs up for that! ^.^y

Key in the voucher code "Pandalicious" upon check out and you can get your delivery fee waive off!
"Selected Restaurants Only", because I've tried it for Pastamania and it doesn't work.

The voucher code can be used 10 times by 10 different users only! So hurry! Before its all used up! :D

06 February 2014


Hello there everybody! How's your Chinese New Year? Well, mine is great so far! Okay not really that great, on a scale of 1 to 10 maybe 6??? Hahaha!!!

I still remember when I was younger, I really love and anticipate CNY! But as I grew older, it kinda gets boring. As in, there's nothing much we can do except house visiting as most of the shops will be close. But to my surprise, cotton on and toastbox are open during CNY this year! So yea.

So I had reunion dinner with my family on the 30th January, which was the eve of Chinese New Year.

One of the main reasons I look forward to CNY! I get to eat lots and lots of food! I really love this kind of atmosphere, where my house will be fully lighted up and it will be so happening, with my sis friends coming over to "Bai Nian" and overnight Mahjong session with my parents. Hahah! But I'll be like some loner in my room using my phone la, or maybe watching the television. Hahaha!

So after having my reunion dinner, I went down my block to play sparkles with my sisters. My 3rd sis decides to be "creative" and made a "rocket" out of sparkles!

After that, we head back home and started chilling and watching television. Some channel 8 live show! Hahah! That pretty much sums up my CNY Eve.

Day 1 of CNY! Did practically nothing. Rotted at home the whole entire day. Waited for my Uncle (My dad's brother) to come over to our house for visiting and that's it. OH! I ordered McDelivery that costs $45.60 and my dad paid for it. Hahaha! Cuz I told him I was angry at him for some reason and VOILA!


But anyway, the Mcdonalds that I ordered is for my family, consisting of My mom, 2 sis, myself and my bro-in-law. So yea! I personally feel its quite expensive but my sis beg to defer. Oh wells.

Later at night, I went to AMK Hub together with my mom to purchase tickets for "THE LION MEN" Yayyyy! And that's Day 1 of my CNY! Hahaha!

Woke up early for McBreakkie with le Mom and Sis! Went back home, and bathed, did the necessary stuff and then off we go for house visiting at our relatives place.

Photo with my Mom, 3rd Sis and Dad.

 photo AP2015131_526F672C.jpg

Didn't really take much photos also. Cuz well.... I was shy and I don't wanna whip out my camera infront of my relatives! Hahaha!

CHINESE NEW YEAR GOODIES! #ReasonsWhyImGrowingHorizontally

 photo AP2015136_526F672C.jpg

Now ending this post with 2 more photos. I swear to god my sis is no photographer material. She had a hard time using my cam and the photos turns out like SHIAAAT (mostly). BUT STILL! I really appreciate her effort and help for taking photos for me. ♥ #SiblingsLOVE

 photo AP2015147_526F672C.jpg  photo AP2015158_526F672C.jpg


- Neckless sponsored by SpunkPunkFunk
- Outerwear: YoungHungryFree

Prolly there's gonna be a part 2 of my CNY, cuz I'm going house visiting again this Sunday at my uncle's (My Dad's Bro) house. YAY! Gonna play "Ban Luck"! WootWoot! ♥

03 February 2014

Staycation @ W Hotel

 photo AP1184750_526F672C.jpg

This post is a bit backdated. On the 18th January, went for the staycation that I had won from Canon #IWantPixma contest. If you guys miss it, you can read the post about my win here ->

I asked afew friends to join me for the staycation, and also to catch up with one another la. ^.^

Was suppose to meet at 2pm, but ended up everyone reached Vivo City at 2.30pm++. But Nurul came early, so we decided to head to GIANT to get the things that we need first.

 photo AP1184754_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1184763_526F672C.jpg

Look at the amount of things we bought! 7 Bottles of 1.5 litre drinks, 36 small packets of snacks, 2 cans of Pringles, 9 Cup Noodles. CRAZY!!! And its just for 5 people!!!

 photo AP1184761_526F672C.jpg

Took a cab in to Sentosa Cove instead of walking/taking the shuttle bus because the amount of things we had to carry was..... So yea!

So peaceful and quiet! I RIKEEE!

 photo AP1184764_526F672C.jpg

The entrance of W Hotel! I was so excited cause it was my first time going into Sentosa Cove, the view is sooooo amazing!!

 photo AP1184766_526F672C.jpg

Their lobby! ITS HUGEEEEE!

 photo AP1194956_526F672C.jpg  photo AP1194957_526F672C.jpg

Checked into our room, and got amazed by everything! Okay la, maybe its just me, cause I very easily contented one! Hahaha!

 photo AP1184783_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1184771_526F672C.jpg


 photo AP1184779_526F672C.jpg

The room is so awesome that you can even adjust the lighting to suit your liking. Its like some mood enhancer kind of thing la, I personally think this room is more for couples???

 photo AP1184782_526F672C.jpg
 photo AP1184788_526F672C.jpg  photo AP1184787_526F672C.jpg

Movies are also available, but you must pay for it la, the price is stated there for the movie you have selected. For us, we just make do with the channels they have there.

 photo AP1184793_526F672C.jpg

They also have chargers for all sorts of phones, so you need not worry about not bringing your own. But its always better to have your own la, cuz you'll end up fighting for the charger with your friends. LOLOLOL!!!

 photo AP1184811_526F672C.jpg

 Necessities that you need! 

 photo AP1194986_526F672C.jpg

My friend is enjoying every second of her life in this room! Hahaha!

 photo AP1184796_526F672C.jpg

I also suggested that we have a post X'mas gift exchange just for the fun of it. But we still have 1 more friend that have yet to arrive, so we have to wait for him before we can start our gift exchange. You see the one that is wrapped the most ugly one.... THATS MINE! Hahahaa!

 photo AP1184815_526F672C.jpg

Having McSpicy and palaying UNO on bed, #EnjoyLife. 

 photo AP1184826_526F672C.jpg

Right after I instagram a photo saying how much I have longed to be able to have breakfast/lunch/dinner on hotel beds. I receive a call from the hotel's phone, asking me to open the door for his staff to enter my room. I was a bit shocked la, cause I don't know what for, until I open the door.

 photo AP1184829_526F672C.jpg

I've always wanted to have my breakfasts/lunch/dinner in my hotel room, and it finally came true!!!

There's like Satay, Wonton Mee, Chicken Rice, and Laksa! Shared it with my friends cause I've already had McSpicy! DAMNNN!


 photo AP1184836_526F672C.jpg

Check out our messy room!

 photo AP1184849_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1184861_526F672C.jpg

Soon after, it was night time. Time passes so fast when you're having fun! Went to shower at around 10pm because there's a horror/thriller show on Channel 5 soon after, whats more the show is until 12am+++, and I don't wanna bath at such a late timing, so yea! :D

 photo AP1184896_526F672C.jpg
 photo AP1184881_526F672C.jpg  photo AP1184880_526F672C.jpg

Then soon, our friend arrived, at around 11pm++ near 12am. After he was done showering, we began our gift exchange! YAY! The long awaited gift exchange! Hahahaha!

Photo of the gifts that we have gotten, and after we have unwrapped our gifts.

 photo AP1194901_526F672C.jpg  photo AP1194903_526F672C.jpg

After that, a few of them went to sleep while I stayed awake to do my work (FREAKING PROJECT!!!)
But it didn't took me long enough to doze off. I was too tired! Hahaha!

Woke up around 8am??? When I saw the morning view, I couldn't help it but to snap a picture of it!!!

 photo AP1194905_526F672C.jpg

Since we have some time left before check out, I decided to check out the facilities of W Hotel. Together with a friend of course! Hahaha!

When we walk out of the lift, we were greeted by this! Can't help but to take a photo with it! Hahah!

 photo AP1194917_526F672C.jpg

Located at level 1, there's a lobby, a spa, gym and when you walk further down to the open area, thats where the swimming pool is.

 photo AP1194910_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1194914_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1194913_526F672C.jpg

After exploring the facilities, we then went to have our complimentary breakfast! ♥

 photo AP1194952_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1194944_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1194934_526F672C.jpg

 photo AP1194938_526F672C.jpg

After we had our breakfast, we then went back to our room. Took a few more pictures before checking out!

 photo AP1194966_526F672C.jpg 
 photo AP1194989_526F672C.jpg  photo AP1194990_526F672C.jpg

But sadly, its time to say goodbye!

 photo AP1195000_526F672C.jpg

Yeap! That's all for my post on my staycation at W Hotel! Hope you guys enjoyed reading/browsing it! Hahaha! I shall end this post with a selfie! Toodles~

 photo AP1194996_526F672C.jpg