31 January 2014

Ramen Champion @ Great World City

[Sponsored Event]

Was invited over to the newly opened Ramen Champion at Great World City to try out the old and new ramen that they have over there.

Selfie before the food is being served!

 photo APB194166_526F672C.jpg

First on the table was Okonomiyaki Gyoza with Bonito flakes. (5 pcs) $5.80
Not as salty as compared to the one at Bugis+. I personally prefer the gyozo without the bonito flakes though. Just my opinion though.

 photo APB194172_526F672C.jpg

Mentaiko Gyoza (5 pcs) $5.80
Out of the 2 gyoza, I prefer this one!!! I love the mentaiko seasoning on top of the gyoza, it tastes different and slightly nicer than the okonomiyaki one.

 photo APB194173_526F672C.jpg

Tori Karaage - $4.80
Chicken is my best friend, I can't live without chicken! Tori Karaage is one of my favorite at Ramen Champion! It is best served when hot, when you bite it, the juice just flows out of the chicken! Yumms! ♥

 photo APB194190_526F672C.jpg

Sapporo Miso Special Ramen $14.80                        Special Tonkotsu Ramen $16.50

 photo APB194176_526F672C.jpg  photo APB194180_526F672C.jpg

Pork and Vegetable Ramen $16                            Special Sukiyaki Ramen $16

 photo APB194185_526F672C.jpg  photo APB194199_526F672C.jpg

Out of the 4 ramen that I've tasted, my favorite would definitely be Sapporo Miso Special Ramen from Bishamon Zero. Maybe because I like eggs that are soft boiled rather than hard boiled. So yea!

I love the Sapporo Miso Special Ramen's miso soup, its so tasty not forgetting they added chilli by the side, so if you want it a tad more spicy you can just mix with it. 

Spicy Chicken (3 pcs) $5
I LOVE THIS! I can't stop eating it! It tastes uber awesome when you squeeze the lemon onto it. It will have a sour and yet spicy taste, its definitely worth the price paying for. I can't wait to head back to Ramen Champion to have this again! ^.^

 photo APB194195_526F672C.jpg

Location: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #01-22, Singapore 237994
Contact: 6235 1295

(take bus 5 from far east plaza) that's what I did.

Here's a video of Ramen Champions grand opening at Great World City

For more details you can check out or their facebook page at

28 January 2014

Hello There! I'll Be Back Soon!

Hello there! How's everyone?!!!

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating my blog. It's because these few weeks is my project submission and presentation and tests period! But I promise you guys I'll be back here again with lots of updates, prolly 2 - 3 updates a week? Hahah!!

Here are some of the upcoming blogpost that I'll be blogging about.

  • Some miscellaneous blog posts
  • Food Tasting @ Ramen Champion
  • Staycation @ W Hotel

  • So keep a lookout for this space yea!

     photo AP1194995_526F672C.jpg

    24 January 2014

    Cloud & Cream @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

     photo APC224503_526F672C.jpg

    Somewhere in December last year, I went down to Could & Cream at Cineleisure to try out their ice cream. Not only that, it's not any other ice cream you see out there, their ice cream is made out of Liquid Nitrogen and its not harmful for the body because by the time you eat it, it's already melted! Hahaa!

    Cloud & Cream is located at basement 1 right beside Best Fries Forever. You can easily spot it once you're coming down from the escalator at level 1.

     photo APC224515_526F672C.jpg

    Did I mention that Cloud & Cream serve their ice cream fresh? They will only start making your ice cream after you've ordered, not like any other ice cream shops where its already there when you haven't even decide on what to get.

     photo APC224514_526F672C.jpg

    Cloud & Cream offers 3 different flavors of ice cream, Chocolate Banana Cookie, Orange Vanilla, and Blueberry Cheesecake. Single scoop at $3.50, double scoop at $5.90

    For me, I personally like the Orange Vanilla flavor, it tastes better for me as compared to the other 2 though.

     photo APC224520_526F672C.jpg

    Ending this post with a group photo! 
     photo APC224521_526F672C.jpg

    20 January 2014


     photo AP1084694_526F672C.jpg

    Never did I thought I'll be doing any name cards, what's more it's for my blog! Hahaha!!!
    I've also asked myself this many times. "WHY DO I NEED TO DO NAME CARDS?"

    Well, I've been attending events and such, and when PR's gave me their name cards, I would "paiseh-ly" tell them that I currently do not have any name cards to give. So yeap!

    After much considerations, I've finally did my very own name card courtesy to my blogskin designer! Hehh! ^.^

    Actually, I did my name card more than 3 months ago, just that I didn't had the time to do a blog post about it. XP

     photo AP1084693_526F672C.jpg

    I really liked it! As in the design of my name card! But I have friends telling me that the font clashes and its a tad small for a name card.

    What do you guys think? :)

    16 January 2014

    Scoot, Kpop Starhunt Season 3

     photo AP1124718_526F672C.jpg

    So on 12th January 2014. It was the grand final of Scoot, Kpop Starhunt Season 3. I was rooting for Stephanie cuz I really find that she has the whole package, what's more, she's representing Singapore leh! How to not support her?!!!

    Then I was still in the midst of whether should I head down all the way to Suntec City to watch the grand finale and to find out who will be crowned as Kpop Starhunt 3's winner. So, I scrolled through my twitter timeline and saw Zachary tweeting that he's going down to Suntec to see Jaejin from FT Island as he will be one of the judges there, so I ask if he mind me joining him, and VOILA! I ended up going to Suntec City with Zach.

    I'm actually quite surprised at myself, cuz I'm not really a huge Kpop fan, and.... I rarely head down for some competition that doesn't really concern me. But yea, I did.

     photo AP1124722_526F672C.jpg

     photo AP1124735_526F672C.jpg

    The top 4 had 2 missions on that day, they had to perform 2 solo performance and then the judges will then decide who will be crowned as KPSH3's grand winner. That explains the different outfits you see from the above 2 photos.


    So in-between they had stage games, and I heard that emcee mention something like there will be a pair of tickets to Seoul, Korea to be won. There were air stewardess tossing 10 scoot teddy bear to random audience and we have to catch it if we want to participate in the stage games.

    At that point of time I was still hesitating, but when I saw the scoot teddy bear being thrown and coming towards me, I reach out my hand and GRABBED IT!

    So I went on stage and I had to answer this simple questions in order to move on to the next round, so everyone did answered the questions and we were given the scoot blanket. We were told that inside 1 of the blanket there is 1 envelope, and if you have that envelope, it means you've got the tickets to Seoul, Korea.

    It was given in random order. When I received mine, I tried touching it and I felt something was inside, on my mind I was thinking, COULD IT BE ME?!!!!

    All of us opened our blanket and everyone had envelope's dropping out of their blanket, and when I opened mine (I opened slightly later than the rest cuz I wanted to wait and see), I saw an envelope dropped, front facing me saying "1 PAIR OF TICKETS TO SEOUL"!!!! My heartbeat increased x 1000000 I SWEAR! MY MIND WAS BLANK AND I'M IN A TOTAL SHOCK! I mean, how lucky can I be right?!!! 1 out of 10 people and I'm that 1!!!!! ^.^y

    In just a split second, I'm going to Seoul, Korea!!!

    I really have to thank Zach for accompanying me to this event. If not for him, I wouldn't even have the chance to play the stage games! And also, thank you FLYSCOOT for the tickets to Seoul, Korea! Hahaha!

     photo AP1124739_526F672C.jpg

    My friends all could not believe that I really won this! Hahaha! Some say I was really lucky, my closer friends say that my past life is definitely quite sad, that's why in this current life I'm so lucky.

    Whatever it is, I think I'm really lucky, and I could feel/sense that 2014 is gonna be a great year, and I look forward to more opportunities! With that, I've already achieved 1 of my new year resolution, which is to travel at least twice this year! Hahahaah! Bangkok and Seoul, IM COMING FOR YOU!!!

     photo AP1124741_526F672C.jpg

    12 January 2014

    Let's Move Forward To 2014

    I realized I haven't made any new year resolutions yet, so now I'm gonna write about it and hopefully I'll be able to stick to it and get it accomplished by the end of 2014.

    In 2013, I've gained some, but I've lost some as well. I've lost some friends due to conflicts and such, but, no point bringing the hatred from last year, so why not let bygones be bygones and start anew?!

    I didn't thought that I'll be blogging so consistently, updating this space of mine. So that's something that I really hope I will continue doing, updating my blog more frequently be it or without any invitation to events or reviews.

    If you like, you can follow me on my Twitter and Instagram account @dOnnlicious

    Twitter:                             Instagram:

    So without further ado, here are some of my new year resolutions for 2014. ^.^y

    1: To get good grades. 
    As much as I want to, I know I'm a lazy MOFO when it comes to school work. But if I have to, I will definitely work hard to achieve what I want. But most of the time, I'll just leave it to fate.

    2: Travel more. 
    I've always wanted and aim to travel at least once a year, be it to Malaysia or anywhere else, and guess what?!! I'll be going to Bangkok with le *cousins this coming April! A total of 13 of us are going, can you imagine?!!! Hahaha! I'm so looking forward to it!

    3: More exposure. More opportunities
    Who doesn't like to be recognize for their efforts put into something? As much as I want my blog to be known in the blogosphere, I will still do it in the ethical way, by working hard, and also leaving it to fate. Hahaha! If it's meant to be it's meant to be.

    4: Spend more time with my family.
    As I grew older, I realized I'm spending lesser time with my family, especially with my parents. It's kinda sad knowing that one day I will have to live my life without them. It's tough la. That's why one of my resolution is to spend more time with them, and hopefully we'll be able to travel overseas together, as a family. ♥

    5: Lose Weight.
    I know I know, this sounds almost impossible la, but I hope to lose some weight by the end of 2014, like not those super fit muscle gym kind but just nice enough to look good la. Hahaha! But.... we'll see! LOLOLOL!

    6: Blog more often.
    I know I'm already considered blogging VERY frequently already, but I hope to do it often like more consistently, maybe 2 - 3 post every week? Which makes 8 - 12 posts every month, and its 96 - 144 posts a year!! But sometimes due to school work and stuff, I may not blog so often la, like I say, let's just leave it to fate. Hahaha!

    7: Lastly, be more optimistic and stop being so pessimistic.
    I'm quite a emotional and sentimental kind of person. I can cry when I'm arguing with another person one hor!!! Hahahaha! And I take the words from people who are close to me very seriously, like the things they do or say can affect me one! So yea, this year I hope I can brush away those negativity easily, and live as though you only live once! #YOLO

    I really hope I could achieve at least half of it! Hahaha! Alright, that's all for this post, till then!

     photo AP9232347_526F672C.jpg

    10 January 2014

    Hercules The Legend Begins

    [8th January 2014]

     photo AP1084698_526F672C.jpg

    Went for the movie premiere for Hercules The Legend Begins at Cineleisure. At first, I didn't know what to expect from the movie because, I've never really heard about it before.

    So for those who have no idea what the movie is about? Lets just watch the trailer first shall we?

    If you still have no idea what the movie is about after watching the movie, no worries, cuz I don't either! Hahahaha! KIDDDING!!!

    So anyways, let me sum up for you. King Amphitryon had been a selfish ruler of his own throne/kingdom where one day, Queen Alcmene could not tolerate anymore and decided to put this to an end by succumbing to the lust of Zeus to bear a son, promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule of King Amphitryon in order to restore peace to a land in hardship.

    Queen Alcmene had 2 sons, 1 is Hercules and the other is Iphicles. Both of them are in love with Princess Hebe, princess of Crete, but the princess was only in love with Hercules and no one else.

    After knowing Hercules isn't his own son, Amphitryon then killed Alcmene and go all out to get Hercules killed.

    Yeap! That's all I can say, you guys have to watch the movie to know the whole story! Hahaha! For me, the plot was alright I guess, to some, its quite bad. Some of the scenes are pretty computerized. IMO.

     photo hercules__the_legend_begins_2014-1600x900.jpg

    I would recommend you to watch it during weekdays instead of weekends though. Worth the $7 - $9 ticket price, but definitely not worth the $10 - $11 and above. Just my 2cents la! Hahah! If you guys are huge Greek Mythology kind of thing, then this movie would prolly be the one you would want to watch.

     photo hr_Hercules_3D_6.jpg

    Remember To Catch Hercules The Legend Begins In The Cinema Near You!

     photo hercules-banner.jpg

    Some of the Japan goodies from Joey (iisjong)! Yay!
    As I'm writing this, I've already finished all of it already! LOLOLOLOL!

     photo AP1084705_526F672C.jpg

    Here's a #OOTD taken at a very poor lighting condition!

     photo AP1084700_526F672C.jpg

    Lastly, to end this post off with the one and only poster left standing at Cineleisure!

     photo AP1084713_526F672C.jpg

    07 January 2014


    This is prolly gonna be one of those wordy with no photo kind of blog post. I was randomly bloghopping and I came upon Joey's (iisjong) blog, and I saw that she did posts like [2014 Diary], nope I'm not gonna be so hardworking like her, cuz I'll never be and never will. Hahahah! So I'm just gonna write down in this 1 post.

    I was randomly thinking why did I even start blogging in the first place? Was it because of fame? Free stuff? or money? Actually, its all of it. I did thought of making money out of blogging which I already am, just not like thousands and such, just a few maybe to a hundred. But I'm definitely not looking at it as a full time job, just some additional moolarhs that I can get every month to spend on miscellaneous stuff.

    Now back to what I was saying, why did I even start a blog? Well, I started this blog when I was 16/17 ish years old back in 2007/2008, where life was just simply going to school and have fun. No, I'm not saying that I don't work hard to get good grades, I do, but I just don't put in as much effort as compared to the rest of my classmates where they will just mug 24/7 during the exam period. For me, its just 95% play time and 5% studying, by studying I mean flipping through the textbooks and just reading it through. Hahaha!

    I created a blog just so I can pen down my daily happenings, I still remember I would take pictures with my Sony K850i Cybershot phone EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail, and upload it via blogger and post it. But now, taking out my camera from my bag is already a burden. I wonder where do I get the motivation from back then. LOLOL!

    As years have passed, I just didn't blog as much as I first started, and I just let it rot on the net. But I would still update it on and off. Now when I'm reading through my archives, I would cringe so badly because of the "TWIT" vocab I've used in the past, god knows why would I even type/write that way!!! Hahahaa!

    Now here comes the present. I started updating this blog of mine regularly ever since I won 2nd in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation Version 2.0 last year. Winning that title sort of helped me gain exposure one way or another. I've also made tons of new friends via blogging.

    Then, when opportunities starts coming in, so is greed. People are beginning to take blogging as a platform to get freebies. I guess it's also part of Singaporeans nature, we love freebies, who doesn't?! But in my opinion, if you have what it takes and the opportunities comes knocking on your door, then grab it, if it doesn't, then wait for it. Why be desperate and go around asking for it?! It's not like you have no money to get the stuff you want! Even if you want it so badly, WORK FOR IT! Nothing in this world is free (well technically), cuz you need high traffic, good blog content to attract advertisers to your blog, right?!!!

    But I mean, blogs are meant to be written as a form of a diary to begin with right?! For people to pen down their thoughts and daily rants. Some people just blog because they get to go for events, and food tastings etc, and their blogs are filled with events, food tastings, advertorials etc. They've already lost their own unique style of blogging already. (If you get what I mean)

    I'm sure most of the blogs you visit nowadays are 3/4 filled with events/reviews kind of posts, and it gets abit sian at times. Unless I'm really interested in that person la, that is.

    Now I feel better after ranting it here. Hahaha! Maybe I should do more of such wordy posts. LOLOLOL!!!

    So to make this post less wordy, I shall *Piak* 2 photos here to make it more interesting! Hehhh!

     photo APB244345_526F672C.jpg  photo APB244346_526F672C.jpg

    06 January 2014


     photo APC304528_526F672C.jpg

    Went to Vellus Hair Studio to get my hair done again! If you guys have not read my previous post, here it is:

    It's located along the shop houses at Tanjong Pagar. Click on the link above, I did a little "How To Get There" map, just for your convenience! :D

    Ready to get my hair treatment done!

     photo APC304532_526F672C.jpg

    Josie was asking what color would I want to do, to touch up the previous green/yellow hair or do a new set of colors! Of course, to have more new colors and designs to show to my readers, I go for the latter.

    I told Josie I wanted pink, like those cotton candy pink, but she said that if I want to do that color I would have to bleach my hair again, which gave me a second thought about it. Then she suggest, why not do cotton candy pink + hot pink and fire red???! I INSTANTLY AGREED! Hahaha!

     photo APC304535_526F672C.jpg  photo APC304540_526F672C.jpg

    She applied the pink color treatment over 3/4 of my hair and the fiery red at the fringe area, sort of like a gradient kind of thing you know?!!!

     photo APC304544_526F672C.jpg  photo APC304546_526F672C.jpg  photo APC304545_526F672C.jpg

     photo APC304549_526F672C.jpg

    I told Josie that I need to trim my hair a little bit as it grows out SUPER FAST! Plus, my Dad keeps nagging on how long my hair is and yada yada yada!

     photo APC304558_526F672C.jpg

     photo APC304551_526F672C.jpg  photo APC304553_526F672C.jpg

    I've posted photos of it on my Instagram and many of my friends told me its nice! Teehee!

     photo APC304563_526F672C.jpg

    Really have to thank Josie for suggesting ideas and giving me this wonderful hair color! ♥

     photo APC304571_526F672C.jpg

    If you guys are looking for new hair colors that stands out (or normal hair color also can la) this Chinese New Year, you can book your appointment with Josie at Vellus Hair Studio.
    Contact: 62246566

    Quote "Don Koh" and enjoy 50% off all hair services on your first visit! 

    You can check out Vellus Hair Studio's Facebook page here as well:

    That's all folks! ^.^y

     photo APC304562_526F672C.jpg

    02 January 2014

    Annual *Cousins* Staycation

    21st December 2013

    Had our annual *cousins* Christmas staycation party at Capri By Fraser hotel! The awesome thing about this hotel is that there's a kitchenette, where we can cook our own food! :D

    *KOPE-D* some of the photos from Le *Cousins* instagram cause I was too busy camwhoring OR I was just plain lazy to whip out my camera! Hahaha! So yea!

    Photo credits to: Weijie, for being so "Xi Xin" to even take a photo of the hotel before entering! Hahaha!

    Here's the entire room covered by our dear ANdyStorm.

    Then, when Kaizhi and Joyce arrived, they started exploring the room, for me, well.... I do what I do best! Being vain! Hahahah!

     photo APC214374_526F672C.jpg

    Joyce just had to jump on the bed and ruin everything! Thank god I took a photo of it before she decided to ruin a picturesque photo of the bed.

     photo APC214376_526F672C.jpg

    Now here's a photo of the bed, before it was completely ruined by Joyce.
    Featuring Andy and Jiaqi's Craftholic. ^.^

     photo APC214361_526F672C.jpg

    Mandatory Mirror Reflection Photo!

     photo APC214370_526F672C.jpg

    Then one by one started arriving, so while waiting for the food to be cooked by our dear Joyce and co. The rest of us just slacked and watched teevo and..... camwhore.

    Chef of the staycation!  ^.^y
    The rest also did help la! Just that Joyce does most of the cooking! Potential wife anyone??!!

     photo APC214393_526F672C.jpg

    AND YES! We manage to whip up lots of delicious food for dinner! We have, Nuggets, Chicken Drumstick, Seaweed Chicken, Spaghetti, Sausages, Curly Fries turned Rösti, Roast Turkey and Chicken, and many more. Definitely feels like a homely Christmas meal, ASIAN VERSION that is.

    I was telling the rest that the only thing its missing is the fire place, where you'll sit around and keep yourself warm. Hahaha!

     photo APC214380_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214382_526F672C.jpg
     photo APC214383_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214386_526F672C.jpg

    And while Joyce was still in the midst of cooking...

     photo APC214389_526F672C.jpg

     photo APC214407_526F672C.jpg

    And here's Kaizhi, very focused in cutting the ham! 

     photo APC214429_526F672C.jpg

    The #ForeverAlone Limei

     photo APC214409_526F672C.jpg

    Hahahaha! NAH! I'm kidding. It just so happens that she's sitting alone.
    Here's Dawn, RuoXuan and Limei! Teehee!

     photo APC214411_526F672C.jpg

    So while waiting, I whip out my camera to snap pictures again!!! Hahahahah!!!
    Look how Andy is photobombing 3/4 of our photos! LOLOLOL!!!

     photo APC214417_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214420_526F672C.jpg
     photo APC214445_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214446_526F672C.jpg

    Next up! We have more food! Spaghetti with Cream base and Tomato base sauce! Yums!!!
    I'm missing it as I'm writing this post!

     photo APC214387_526F672C.jpg

     photo APC214440_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214455_526F672C.jpg

    Then we start laying the food on the floor on top of the newspaper that was initially supposed to be used as Kaizhi's wrapping paper. But.... It was a long story, so yeap.

     photo APC214459_526F672C.jpg

    And this is the usual standard procedures before digging in! 
    Taking photos and Instagraming it!

     photo APC214464_526F672C.jpg  photo APC214463_526F672C.jpg

    Mel was doing the honor of cutting the turkey/chicken for us! :D

     photo APC214465_526F672C_526F672C.jpg

     photo A1484277_10152109579795631_910559029_n_526F672C.jpg

    Then we began the Christmas Gift Exchange. This year was a bit different compared to the past ones we did. Jiaqi used this internet programme??? (I assume) called Drawnames, where she will put all the names in and it will randomly generate a secret santa for each of us, and we can then put in the things we would like to have for our Christmas Gift Exchange.

    So firstly, we all hid inside the bathroom/toilet, and 1 by 1 we'll go out and hide the gift that we bought for our receiver at any place of the room. Initially we thought its gonna be easy cuz the room is relatively small, BUT NO! We all tried searching it when its our turn to hide our gifts, but we couldn't find any.

    There's also a twist to this game, while we're trying to find places to hide our gifts, if we happen to find the gifts that the previous people have hidden, we're allowed to change it to other places. How cunning!!! Hahaha! But to our disappointment we can't find more than 2 gifts. So yea, everyone is smart in hiding stuffs! LOLOLOLOL!


     photo A524049_10152109580055631_258189463_n_526F672C.jpg

    Everyone was searching high and low for their hidden presents/gifts.
    Some even almost went berserk!!! HAHAHAAHAHA!!!

     photo A1535519_10152109580175631_1601689801_n_526F672C.jpg

     photo A1478997_10152109580380631_1863147626_n_526F672C.jpg

    After we're all done searching our gifts, we then open our gifts 1 by 1, also guessing who our secret santa is. Mine is Dawn Twinnie! Lololol! And she got for me a super chio Planner and a Pouch??! Hahaha! Which is something I need la cuz I have so many things going on that I'm forgetting every single one of it! So yea! Thanks Dawn twinnie for the planner! :D

    Its really super chio! Gonna take photos of it and show you guys soon! Hahaha!

    A group photo to end the gift exchange session!

     photo A1483189_10152109580670631_2007253129_n_526F672C.jpg

    We played blind mice, in the middle of 1.30am! CAN YOU LIKE BELIEVE IT?!!! OMG!!! HAHAHAHA! We were running around like crayyyyyzeeee!

    I've counted, the people that was the blind mice the most number of times was: Mel, Andy, Josh. Hahaha! IDK why, they just keep getting caught! Hahahaah!

     photo A1531972_10152109581550631_287335147_n_526F672C.jpg

    After playing blind mice, I guess most of us are worn out and tired already. We then showered and prepared for 3.40am!!!

    LOL! NAH!

    The lights along the kitchenette area just refuse to switch off. Mel, Kaizhi, Weijie, Andy, Jinglong, Limei and YoursTruly had so much difficulty sleeping.

    Officially got out of bed at 7.40am to bath and then followed the rest to the swimming pool for their morning swim.

    After they had their morning swim, we then head back to the room, and started preparing for breakfasts! Woots! Chef Joyce in action again! With Weijie helping her out as well!

     photo APC224471_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224472_526F672C.jpg

    Kaizhi with his ham again, and Andy "posing" for the camera! 

     photo APC224470_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224475_526F672C.jpg

    Scrambled Eggs + Sausage + Ham + Waffle + Honey + Baked Beans + Croissant + Roasted Chicken

    SUPER YUMMY!!! ♥

     photo APC224480_526F672C.jpg

    Took a few more photos before leaving the place. 

     photo APC224489_526F672C.jpg

     photo APC224484_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224482_526F672C.jpg
     photo APC224485_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224478_526F672C.jpg
     photo APC224496_526F672C.jpg  photo APC224498_526F672C.jpg

    Now ending this post with this photo!

     photo APC224499_526F672C.jpg

    It's amazing that how all of us manage to stay as friends for so long, and can you imagine, 3/4 of us used to be bloggers?!!! Hahaha! Hard to believe but yea.

    Blogging have not only made me widen my social circle but also thought me a lot. I really hope we'll still be friends 10 years down the road. Now I'm looking forward to next year's Christmas Staycation! Hahaha!

    When I left the place, I was having post staycation syndrome. I missed it so badly that I wished the staycation were extended! Hahahaha!

    Hope you've enjoyed reading this post! Till then~