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Howdy fellow humans. Welcome to my blog. Over here, you will see plenty of my faces (LOL) and random rambling about my life. I started blogging at the year 2007 where it is the "IN" thing that every teenagers needs to have.

Oh wait, before I go on any further, my name is Don and I go by the name donnlicious on my Twitter and Instagram. I just finished studying my diploma in Marketing at Temasek Polytechnic, and now currently serving the nation.

My date of birth is 24th Sept 1992 (Libra) and I'm a huge fan of America's Next Top Model, this explains the following picture below ♥.


In 2013 I managed to clinch the title of 1st Runner Up for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation. After which, I begin getting more attention from the public. I love taking part in contests, which explains the amount of contest posts you see on my blog.

The pictures you see on my blog are either taken from my camera (Olympus E-PL5 or iPhone5S). I love taking portraits and landscapes of things I see whenever I'm out, at times I also love to dress up a bit to make myself feel and look better.

Imma social media and fashion enthusiasts if you could say, follow me on my social media handle (@donnlicious) if you'd like. :D

Here are some of the few publications where I have been featured and/or mentioned.

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0 2013

1st Runner Up

Poster Ads @ Cineleisure

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Featured On Teenage Magazine June & August 2013 Issue




Cineleisure's Online Brand Ambassador 
(2013 - 2014)

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