28 February 2016


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I don't know when I started to like wearing culottes. I mean, culottes are super comfortable, casual yet not so "lup sup" looking. If you get what I mean. The other day, I've decided to pair my culottes with a basic white tee from Uniqlo (UNIQLO FTW!) and an outer wear from H&M so as to make the overall outfit not look so plain.

Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: Culottes from Ohsofickle
Shoe: Superga
Bag: Adidas
Cap: Zara

27 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Its the joyous season!!! Well not exactly cuz CNY is already over. But now then I'm finally done editing all the photos taken during CNY.

[Chinese New Year Eve]

Normally this is the day where I really look forward to cuz shops are all open for the first half of the day then after which you'll see the whole of Singapore streets looking deserted after 5pm or so.

I remember having a tiff with my 3rd sis in the morning so I left the house to do some window shopping alone at town. My initial decision was to go out, sit at a starbucks and use my lappy. But I ended up shopping for a new wallet and having lunch at Popeyes and headed home thereafter. In the evening, my mom will start prepping the ingredients and dishes needed for the Reunion dinner at night. This year, my sis prepared the soup base for our steamboat. And its tomato based soup!!! :)

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While my mom and my eldest is is preparing the dinner, my dad will be doing all the essential praying thingy while me, my 2nd and 3rd sis, my niece and nephew will just hang around the house.

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Finally, its done. Here's a family selfie.

A P2071199
A P2071183

So after feasting on our reunion dinner, my family would usually sit at the living room, talk cock sing song and watch the shows that is airing on teevo, to let our tummy digest the food that we have eaten. Then we will go over to Bishan Park to put the Sky Lantern.

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After which, my sis's friends will come to my house to "Bai Nian". Usually they will countdown to the new year together with my family la. Also, to play Mahjong till the next morning.

[Chinese New Year Day 1]

A P2081299

Day 1 of the Chinese New Year, where I look forward to wearing the new clothes that I've bought. Can you believe it, I've actually tried on my clothes for more than 5 times?!?!?! Hahaha! Cuz I'm oh so obsessed with this red pullover top that I bought from OSF!!!

A P2081312 A P2081313

A P2081353
A P2081355

Received this really unique "Ang Bao" from my parternal Uncle. It has a word 高 on it, which is my Surname by the way. My cousin told me she got it from Chinatown where they have all kinds of surname on it one.

A P2081360

[Chinese New Year Day 2]

I don't know why, when I was younger, I used to enjoy Chinese New Year. Like I get to see my cousins again and receive lots and lots of "Ang Baos" from relative that I don't even know existed. The joy of celebrating the festive season is there. But in the recent years, the magic has seem to disappear. Like, I'm seeing lesser and lesser relative, now the children have all grown up and they're really reluctant to step out of their house. Its all no longer the same as before....

Okay, nuff said. Day 2. I only went to my Paternal Uncle's house for that day. Had lunch at their house and left for Grace's house cuz she invited me and some of her other friends.

A P2091420
A P2091401
A P2091382

Played a little bit of Blackjack over at Grace's house and steamboat again!!! I am truly grateful that the 4 of us still keep in contact eventhough all of us graduated from our higher nitec days back in 2012. On to our poly days we also manage to meet up for dinner and so. And yes. I really hope this friendship will continue on till the day I'm no longer writing on this space. Hahaha. To infinity and beyond. :)

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21 February 2016

Still Alive

AA P2081299

Hello. Its the 14th day of the Chinese New Year and I'm quite sad about it though. Every year just seemed to go by so fast and I can't even get to enjoy myself to the fullest due to my army commitments. But still, I really need to thank the army cuz it made me appreciate my family and home even more. Like the things I used to take it for granted such as my free time, my sleep time, and whichever leisure time you can think of.

This week, I completed my 32km Route March!!! CAN YOU EVEN?!?!?! I can't even believe myself that I actually did it. In the midst of doing the route march, I also had to do some other stuff such as crossing the river and live firing. And now, I can proudly say that I have my Combat Skills Badge secured. Hahahaha!!! It's nothing much but at least I have something on my uniform. :)

A P2081333
A P2081313

I didn't have much time to edit my CNY photos over the weekend cuz I went house visiting on Saturday. Played blackjack and was on the winning streak initially but lost everything after my Aunt came to be the "banker". Somehow its the same Aunt that I lose my money to every single year. LOL!

Meanwhile, I'm just here to let everyone know that I'm still in the midst of sorting our my Japan photos, editing my Taiwan 2015 and CNY photos. So please be patient with me. Hahaha! But you guys can go click on my archives to see the past posts. :)

If you guys have noticed, I've also changed my blogskin (again) YES!!! I really love this skin as its VERY minimalistic and simple. Not much of a cluster fuck and its pretty easy to navigate. I hope you guy like it as much as I do. The reason for me changing is because I tried contacting my blog designer but she did not reply. So yeap. I gave up and decided to go look for some other blogskin and I came upon this.

19 February 2016

Japan Visuals Day 2

Hello. Its about time I update this space. Today's post will be on my trip to Japan!!! Back in 2009. LOL! If you have not realised I've posted pictures of my Japan Trip here -> Japan Visuals Day. You can check it out if you'd like. This is a continuation of the previous Japan Visuals. So without further ado, lets get this post rolling!!!


On the 2nd day of my trip. We were brought to the Nissan Car Factory for a tour to see how their card are manufactured. Due to some privacy shit we weren't allow to take any pictures in the factory. But what I can say is.... To be able to see how a car is being manufactured from scratch... It's pretty amazing.


After which, we were then brought to a place for lunch. A really decent and pretty place I would say. Just take a look at the photo above ^^. The exterior is super ZEN.


After we had our tummy filled and seeing the beautiful place we had our lunch at. We headed to a local school for some exchange programme, where we were introduced to some basic Japanese instruments, thus we get to sit through a lesson with the students there. :)

Me with my Team of Jap Girls 

Before we left, we took a group photo as a momento. I was kinda sad and didn't really want to leave even though I just spend like a few hours there... I don't know?!?!?! I'm such a emotional freak.


After we're done with the school exchange, its about time for dinner. We headed to our hotel to change to a Japanese wear (which I forgot what its called?!?!? Is it called Kimono?!?!?! LOL) & by the time we reach the place, the food is already set nicely for us. Talk about efficiency!!!!


After our dinner, my friends and I decided to head out to the nearby convenient store to get some titbits. So I went back to my room, changed to my comfy PJ and headed out together with my friends.


Got myself a few boxes of MeltyKiss which tastes so AWESOME!!! I don't know if they sell it in Singapore though but this shit got my sick the following days cuz I kept eating and eating and eating this non stop.

Aites, that's about it for Day 2. For Day 3,  we visited the Sea Hell (Hells Of Beppu), local university, street stalls, and soaked myself in the hot springs NAKED! Hahaha! I can't wait to share with you guys. Till next post~