29 April 2013

Resorts World Genting

[Sponsored Trip]

HAHAHAHAHA! POSER MUCH! ^^^Referring to the "SPONSORED TRIP", cuz I'm not required to blog about it la, and I'm Angie (YourApplePie's) PLUS 1 for the trip! Soo yea!


I've decided to blog about it, since its my FIRST TIME EVER in the twenty years of my entire life going to Genting Highlands!!!


Lemme tell you guys something really horribly retarded of what I did!

On 27th March aroun 1am++, I was desperately rushing out the challenge 4 blogpost for The Decoded Race for CNOS2! AND I thought I was suppose to depart from Singapore at 5pm-6pmish!

THANK TO THE Q ANGIE CALLED ME! She said something like, why I didn't call her to ask about the time of the trip and etc, then I told her its still long mah! 5pm-6pm ++ leh!

THEN SHE SCREAMED!!!! (NAH! I exaggerated) NO LAAAA! ITS 5am-6amish! NOT 5PM-6PM!!!

At that point of time! I PANICKED!!! Cuz I haven't finish doing my blog post and I'm freaking out so badly!!!

But as a Marketing student *FLICKS HAIR* I think out of the box! HAHAAHAH! I decided to bring my lappy and work over to Genting to finish it! Kudos to Angie for having a data plan and letting me to tap onto her internet connection!! :D

OKAY! NUFF SAID! Lets get this post started! :D

Didnt sleep for the entire day, and was rushing my post, then immediately when to meet Angie around 4am-ish, then cabbed down to golden mile to meet the rest of the bloggers for the trip! :D

 photo C360_2013-03-27-12-36-58_org.jpg

The trip was somehow delayed, was supposed to reach Genting Highlands at 1pm but ended up we reached at around 2.30pm ++!!!

A few camwhore pictures with Angie!!! :D


 photo DSC_0792.jpg
 photo C360_2013-03-27-12-37-04.jpg
 photo C360_2013-03-27-08-15-33.jpg

Realized the above pic I'm in different clothes?! HAHAAH! Cuz I changed to my pullover as the bus was amazingly cold!!!! LOLOLOL!!!

Reached RWS Genting Highlands

First thing is to check in to our hotel room! We were given 15minutes to wash up and do whatever we want, then we're supposed to meet them back at the lobby!

 photo DSC_0794.jpg
 photo DSC_0795.jpg


 photo DSC_0798.jpg
 photo DSC_0800.jpg

After putting down our bags, off we head down to meet the rest! :D

 photo DSC_0807.jpg
 photo DSC_0809.jpg
 photo DSC_0810.jpg

After gathering everyone! We then head for lunch over at Bubbles & Bites...

 photo DSC_0813.jpg
 photo DSC_0814.jpg
 photo DSC_0815.jpg
 photo DSC_0822.jpg
 photo DSC_0824.jpg
 photo DSC_0826.jpg
 photo DSC_0825.jpg
 photo DSC_0828.jpg

The menu for Bubbles & Bites!

 photo DSC_0821.jpg

And so, we were allowed to order whatever we want, so being the "typical singaporean" we each ordered something different and shared among ourselves.

Ordered coke for my drinks, cuz its safer.. HAHAHA!

 photo DSC_0832.jpg

Here are some of the dish that we had ordered!

Green Bean salad

 photo DSC_0857.jpg

Peri-Peri Chicken Wings

 photo DSC_0863.jpg

Cilantro aglio-olio homemade coriander fettoccine with seafood & olive oil

 photo DSC_0833.jpg

Home-style Macaroni and Cheese

 photo DSC_0851.jpg

Fresh Wild Mushrooms

 photo DSC_0853.jpg

Chicken Schnitzel

 photo DSC_0860.jpg

Baby Beef T-bone

 photo DSC_0858.jpg

Bread and Butter Pudding

 photo DSC_0841.jpg

Traditional Tiramisu

 photo DSC_0848.jpg

Bubbles & Bites serve a wide variety of wine as well! :D

 photo DSC_0864.jpg

 photo 407995_10151836992808986_6538938_n.jpg

BUBBLES AND BITES is located at Level 2, Highlands Hotel


Monday to Thursday
11am – 12midnight

Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday
11am – 2am



Went for a visit at the Genting Highlands Gallery! Learned so much about the history of Genting! OKAY LA! IMMA SUAKU! I haven't been to Genting before, so yalor!!! :(

 photo DSC_0865.jpg
 photo DSC_0867.jpg
 photo DSC_0868.jpg
 photo DSC_0875.jpg

With Susan ♥

 photo DSC_0878.jpg

With Sherie ♥

 photo DSC_0880.jpg

A dummy (Do you call it that way??!!) of RWS Genting Highlands!

 photo DSC_0883.jpg

Here's Tiffy!!

 photo DSC_0889.jpg
 photo 483355_10151433651423439_865660993_n.jpg
 photo 734433_10151433651408439_586278332_n.jpg
 photo 559086_10151433651473439_2099614602_n.jpg
 photo 10202_10151433651308439_192937943_n.jpg

After the visit at the gallery, we were then given free unlimited rides at the themepark! WOOTS!


 photo DSC_0898.jpg

 photo DSC_0895.jpg
 photo DSC_0906.jpg
 photo DSC_0909.jpg
 photo DSC_0912.jpg
 photo 483948_618373434856706_1417275400_n.jpg
 photo DSC_0924.jpg

Then we came to this! "THE SPACESHOT"! I was so terrified of it because I've heard so many stories about it! But after seeing Tiffany and Alan trying this out and happened to be safe and sound, my (XIN YANG YANG) wanna try, but still super afraid. Ended up, tiffy and alan managed to persuade me to taking it!


 photo 558795_10151433650048439_1737489274_n.jpg

Here's a video of us taking the ride! Kudos to Alan who's still able to manage to hold his iPhone tight! HAHAHA! You can hear me screaming throughout the ride by the way! HAHAHAHA!!!

YES! I'VE MANAGED TO CONQUER MY FEAR!!!! I've always wanted to try it, but just VERY afraid to!!!

 photo 581511_10151433651753439_342568255_n.jpg

A OOTD credits to MyApplePai!!! :D

 photo 482774_10151433649943439_244440959_n.jpg

And that's the end for the themepark! ♥

 photo 66879_10151433651878439_1778031502_n.jpg


We had dindinz! BUFFET STYLE! AND after dinner we get to go to snow world for free! YAY!!!

Changed to another attire at the hotel room before heading down to meet the rest of them!

 photo 558819_10151433651938439_1621203373_n.jpg

Angie and I in the hideous looking jacket! HAHAHAAHAHA!

 photo 551432_10151568501859309_1233176001_n.jpg

Group photos with fellow bloggers! :D

 photo 547647_574242609253070_1200714609_n.jpg

After snow world! Me and Angie head to buy supper and starbucks, cuz I'm gonna do the cnos post till late night, so I was thinking some food to accompany me for the night will be good!

 photo 72727_10151433652208439_477723486_n.jpg

My Snacks/Food For The Night!

 photo DSC_0960.jpg
 photo DSC_0961.jpg




I worked on my blogpost will 6am-ish, then went to sleep! (I REMEMBER SETTING MY ALARM AT 7.30am!!!) But what really happened was, we were supposed to meet at the lobby at 9am! GUESS WHAT?!!! ME AND ANGIE BOTH OVERSLEPT! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

We slept till JQ had to give us a morning call!!! That was damn epic! Me and Angie spent like 5mins to prepare! I think that's the fastest time I've ever used to get ready! LOLOLOLOL!!!

Day 2 is just gonna be a fast one!

Went Shopping at Pavillion, was desperately finding for food cuz Me and Angie overslept and didn't had breakfast.. :(

Settled down at HOKKAIDO RAMEN SANTOUKA for brunch!

 photo DSC_0967.jpg
 photo DSC_0970.jpg


 photo 581622_10151433648458439_616042743_n.jpg

Our bus was delayed as there was A HUGE jam at the highway, so we had afew hours to spare, so all of us decided to go sing K! (BUT ACTUALLY, ALL OF US REALLY WANTED WIFI) HAHAAHAHAHAAH!!!


 photo 58513_10151433648533439_224194507_n.jpg

Le me showcasing my *ERHEM* "talent". HAHA! :))

 photo 483760_10151842161678677_848647705_n.jpg

And I shall end this post with a group photo of the people I spent most of my 2days 1 night with! ♥

 photo 300106_10151433648323439_1613103537_n.jpg


I had a fun experience over at RWS Genting Highlands and Malaysia KL! It was my fist time ever going there and it was great!

The people that went there, and even JQ (the PR) are super cool! We bonded the moment we arrive at Genting and all of them were really supportive, like my singing was not really that good, but still, they continued to cheer on for me! LOVE THEM TO BITS! ♥♥♥

IF POSSIBLE! I would like to visit RWS Genting Highlands once more! Haha!

Some of the informations were gathered from: MyApplePai, Sherie, Susan, and Tiffany

BEFORE I GOOOOO! A Really BIG THANK YOU TO ANGIE! For bringing me as her plus 1 for this trip! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ♥