09 August 2013

Virgin Trip To Botak Jones

My hair is in terrible condition now! Need to go do my hair soon! Hahah!
Like before my Taiwan trip in September! YAY! ♥

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[7 August 2013]

Was the first to reach Cineleisure that day cuz I finished school kinda early. It was so "paiseh" seeing my own photo hanging on the walls of Cineleisure! Hahaha! But to be honest, I don't think anyone could recognize me in real life though, hahaha!

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*Hello Joey!! "WAVES"*

Clinton was the first to reach and he saved me from the "paiseh-ness" I'm having. Hahaha!
Had Starbucks while waiting for the rest to arrive.

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After everyone have arrived! Off we went to Botak Jones located opposite Scape!

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Like what Vivian said, the food used to be good. But I've never tried it before la! So I don't really know. Cuz to me, the food was *OKAY* for me only. Not really worth the long wait though...

Amanda's Cajun Chicken
Which the chicken looks extremely PATHETIC! Its super small IRL, eventhough in this photo below it looks average. Photos can be deceiving!!!

 photo P8070652.jpg

Clinton's *ERHEM* Super Long Hotdog!!!

 photo P8070659.jpg

Damien's Ever Awesome! Fish&Chips!
I highly recommend you guys to just order the regular size and not the large one, cuz regular is already very huge!!! Needless to say large!!

 photo P8070668.jpg

Sirloin Steak!
Vivi and I ordered the same thing! :D

 photo P8070665.jpg

We went back to Cineleisure to look for desserts! haha!


We decided to do something funny with Pamela and Jourdain's poster! Hahaha!

 photo P8070669.jpg

Settled our desserts at Xin Wang HK Cafe

 photo P8070679.jpg
 photo P8070680.jpg
 photo P8070681.jpg

Time passes fast when you're having fun!

Said goodbye to myself and home sweet home! Really enjoyed myself that day, even if its for a short while. :D

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