21 July 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 3

Hi. After much procrastination I've finally decided to edit the pictures from my Taiwan trip. I mean, god, it has been 3 months since I'm back and till date I'm only at Day 3, can you even believe it. But that aside, I've been busy recently with my work and all and if you have been following me on my Twitter, I have just recently resigned from my job at Uniqlo.

Without further ado, lets begin with day 3 of my Taiwan travelogue shall we?

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Continuing from day 2. We played monopoly deal, and Tai Di till about 1am - 2am??? To decide who gets to have the master bed for our next home stay. In the end, thanks to Garey, I manage to free load my way to the master bed. Hahaha!

We were told by the hosts at Starry Minsu that we could catch sunrise if we were to wake up early. Unfortunately, we had difficulty waking up due to the lack of sleep from the previous night. LOL! But hey, we manage to wake up. BUT!!! The moment we stepped outside of our room, we ran out to the balcony, took the photo you see above and ran back to our room and shut the door immediately cuz it was FUCKING COLD!!!! No kidding!!! I was freeeeeeeeezing with my PJ still on!!! Hahaha!

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After which, we packed our staff and we head on down to the dining area where we had our dinner yesterday. Breakfast was pretty simple yet delicious. It feels quite homely actually. We had toasts, coffee, and some miscellaneous things that you see in the picture above. ^^

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Took some last pictures before we leave for Cing Jing Farm.

We had the hosts from the minsu to drive us all the way down to the farm and we can leave our heavy belongings with them. They will roughly estimate the time taken to visit the farm and will let you know where and when to meet them to collect your belongings. :)

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It was pretty crowded that day. Once we entered, we were greeted by breathtaking view. We saw people walking towards a direction so we just followed. Later then we know we are going towards the sheep's show.

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In the middle of the show, we witness a horse peed. Hahaha! I didn't know horses peed in one whole bunch one. Like it literally flushes out like a pail of water. HAHAHAA!!!

A P4191185_副本

Anyway, you are allowed to go up on the horses to go one round the performing area with only 20 NTD which is about $4 SGD??? Quite reasonable I guess. I mean, if you want to feel like a princ or princess riding on your horses then I guess you could go for it??? My friend and I was hesitating whether we should, but we ended up giving a pass.

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There are also vending machine where they sell boxes of treats for the sheep at a reasonable price. Its for you to feed them. Take note, the sheeps will only come to you if you have the treats for them. Even sheeps are realistic. #HarshTruth

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After the show, my friend gave me her box of treat cuz she gave up feeding those damn sheep. Hahaha! And furthermore I wanted to snap my ANTM moment photo with the sheep sooo.....

A P4191227_副本 A P4191229_副本

A P4191276_副本

Group photo before heading to our next location. URGH!! Can't help it but to feel gross about how I looked in this photo above. ^^


A P4191278_副本

As we were walking, they are sheeps everywhere one. Like the next moment you'll see another one. And many people will take the chance to snap pictures with the sheep. -.-

A P4191279_副本
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Then we next come to the place where another performance is held. This one is of the horses. Where the performers will perform stunts on/with the horses. Kinda dangerous IMO. I heard from my friend that one of the performers fell down as he was doing his stunts. Poor guy. Ohyah. I wasn't watching this performance cuz I was going around snapping pictures and transferring photos from my camera to my phone. HAHAHA!!!

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After much walking around, we walked down the hill and we came to the meeting point where our hosts say he'll meet us there. Since we're quite early, we head on down to the nearby place to look around for things to eat cuz we were quite hungry after all that walking.

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Had Ice Cream and Mos Burger thereafter. Then, the hosts called and said he had reached the meeting place. And so we head back to meet him to collect our barangbarangs and we bid goodbye after that.

Then we waited at the nearby bus stop for our bus. The bus has scheduled timing so it might take you quite some time. The bus journey back to Tai Chung train station is the same as mentioned on day 2's blog post.

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After the long journey, we have finally reached back to Xi Men Ding. We contacted Even regarding our 2nd home stay at Taipei, and he told us to meet his friend where he'll pass us the key to the house.

And here's the look of our 2nd home stay. Looks pretty good IMO. But rather smaller than what we had expected though. But nevertheless, everything was good. Hahaha!

A P4191316_副本
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Garey's winning prize (AND MINE) - The Master Bed 
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So the itinerary for the remaining day is to go eat and shop at Shilin Night Market. But later did Audrey know we already had planned a surprised for her, it was her belated birthday celebration. I bet this bitch already knows or suspect that we're gonna celebrate for her in Taiwan. LOL!!!

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Reached Jiantan Station, its where Shilin Night Market is located at. I once saw Damien (UncleTehPeng) posted this potato thing on his Instagram and I've longed wanted to try it. So the moment when I stepped into Shilin Night Market, the first thing I went is to queue for that.

A P4191322_副本

A bit 小 regret getting this all for myself cuz after eating this I am too full to eat any other things. :(

A P4191330_副本
A P4191331_副本
A P4191336_副本

But nothing will stop my friends from eating. We even went for shaved ice after all that eating. BUt actually to be honest, I didn't eat much, Hahaha!!!

A P4191338_副本
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So after we had our shaved ice, this bitch (Audrey) wanted to continue shop when it was already 9pm+++. So in the end, we went back to Xi Men Ding a little later and I gave the excuse I need to go back to the Minsu to shit cuz its urgent, and I need Garey to accompany. LOL AND SHE BOUGHT IT! HAHAHA! (That stupid bitch!) The rest of them went to Carrefour to buy some snacks and drinks for the night so as to delay some time.

And the final outcome. I've never blown and tie so many balloons at such a short period of time in my life and I pretty much think we did a good job in decorating the room. :)

A P4201350_副本
A P4201341_副本

And yea, these flowers, balloons, scotchtape, blue tack, ribbons, scissors was bought and brought all the way from our homeland - Singapore. It has been in our luggage for the past 2 days and we had to carry all around with us. LOLOLOL!!! Hahaha!

We hope you had a blast and enjoyed this little party that we had planned for you. So much for being your friend. LOL! Hahaha! ♥

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A P4201347_副本

Lets hope this friendship continues and who knows? We might be able to celebrate another's birthday at another country. And to more blowing and tying of balloons. LOL!!!

This ends day 3 of my Taiwan trip. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. On day 4, we experienced earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5!!! Till next post. :)

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