09 November 2015

Week 14

Hi there. It has been awhile already isn't it? On and off, I'll miss writing on this space here, but the thought of editing the photos and everything just puts me off a lil. But heck, thanks to the public holiday, I'm having another long weekend before the next book in. YAY!

Now I'm already 3/4 through my BMT phase and to be honest, I'm having mixed feelings. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the next phase after my BMT, going into unit and having to start in a brand new environment again...But then again, I just want to faster get the hell out of Pulau Tekong. LOL!

So anyways, enough of my army stuff. this weekend, I celebrated MingLong and Grace's birthday. Since I'm in camp during weekdays, poor Keekhim had to do most of the planning and stuff. Hahaha.

An impromptu decision to have dinner at Marché cuz 3 out of 4 of us haven't really tried Marché before. So yeap.

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Once you go into the restaurant, you'll be given a card where it acts as a "credit" card. Just go around and order what you want and the amount will be debited into the card, and when you're done eating, you just have to give the cashier the card and the amount will be shown at the cash register.

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There are quite a lot of variety of food there, ranging from Rösti to Pizza, to Roast Chicken and many other. Our idea is to order a few and share so that we all get to try each of the food there. To our surprise, we thought we ordered too little but ended up we had difficulty finishing our food. Hahah!

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After we're all about done eating, I told them I'm gonna head to the washroom, but later did they expect that I'm coming back with a cake on my hand. Both Ming Long and Grace were surprised, cuz they didn't really expect to have a 6 inch cake presented to them. Cuz well, all these while we've been celebrating our birthdays with small cakes. HAHAHAHA!!!

P/S: I'm sorry (but I'm actually not), I really want to highlight to them that they're 24 this year!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

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After which, we left Marché and walked around town a little bit. Ate the cake and talk about life a little too. Took a group photo and realized how much all of them didn't really change much except for yours truly. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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This was take on September 2014

A year later, November 2015
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Before I end this post, here's my outfit for that day.
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