27 March 2016

Taiwan 2015 - Day 5

A P4211521

I know I've been dragging this travelogue for ages and I think its almost a year already. Hahaha!!! Anyways, I'm finally done editing the photos and so here's day 5 of my Taiwan 2015 trip.

Because we have 5 people living under one small room, we had to maximise the amount of space we have. Take a look at how we dry our clothes. LOL! We literally just used the hangers and hang in it on top of our beds. Haha!

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It was kinda chilly on day 5, so we all layered ourselves with the clothes we have. Itinerary for that day was to visit September Cafe in the afternoon and then 師大夜市 (Shida Night Market) at night to eat till we drop.

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We settled our breakfast at some local cafe. 

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After having our breakfast, we went around XiMenDing to shop a little bit. I think we walked around the shoe section the longest. LOL!

A P4211575
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We didn't make any purchase at that point of time cuz we still wanna keep our choices wide open at other places. So after that, we took the train to ZhongXiao FuXing station.

A P4211578
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It was quite a long walk to September Cafe. But nevertheless we managed to find our way there. We ordered a few desserts and drinks because we plan to eat till we drop at 師大夜市 (Shida Night Market).

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A P4211688
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Nua a little bit and soon we're off to 師大夜市 (Shida Night Market).

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In the end, we didn't really eat a lot leh. Like not much stuff also. But I had their choco banana crepe, "Orh Jian" and some egg rice. We went back to XiMenDing and bought MeeSua for supper. LOL!!!

A P4211793
A P4221795

To be honest, the time and money is mostly spent on traveling lor I feel. Like a lot of time was wasted on walking to the place and changing of trains from stations to stations. But nevertheless, traveling with friends is always fun luh.

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