25 December 2019

Something To Be Thankful For

It's really amazing how things have been for me in 2019. I still clearly remember when I wrote my 2018 summary, I mention that many great things IS coming! It really did! BTS-Concert
In January I gave my concert virginity to BTS cause I was (and still am) a huge fan for this worldwide phenomenon Korea Boy Band. It didn't came to my mind on how I'm going to survive the whole concert alone but I just ahead to buy 1 ticket (for myself). But lucky me, I had a colleague who decided that she WANTS to go to the concert 3 days before the actual day. She went on a rampage search on Carousell for people who are selling their tickets. Overall, I really enjoyed the concert and I literally sang my heart out even though I only know a few of their songs. I also made a 10min video out of all the snaps I took for the day. You can watch the video that I've linked it down below.

Korea-2019 March 2019
In March, it was my first oversea trip for 2019. I bought the tickets back in October 2018 when there was a sale for Singapore Airline. Fast forward 5 months later, I embarked on my journey to Seoul, Korea. Somewhere in May, I was blessed with opportunity. My bosses actually sent me for Photoshop course to prep me for the future tasks and assignment work.

August 2019
Fast forward to August, I prep myself as I go for my second trip of the year. To Sydney, Australia. Out of the usual Asia countries that I'll go, I actually went there not knowing what to expect. (Other than seeing the magnificent Sydney Opera House). Sydney-2019 Sydney

It was an enjoyable 2 weeks in Sydney. I visited some of the iconic landmarks such as Sydney Opera House (Duh!), The Three Sisters, had some moments with the animals at Featherdale Wildlife Park and Taronga Zoo, went Whale Watching (TWICE!), and many more. You may head over to my Instgaram stories to view if you like.

No doubt Sydney was amazing and I will love to visit the other states of Australia, preferably during winter again. Moving on, I'll be heading for my third and last trip of the year in less than 48hours. Am excited and of course looking forward.

To be honest, I'm really blessed with what I have in life right now. I am living comfortably, have a great family, an awesome job with superb colleagues and bosses. I couldn't ask for more. 2019 is indeed great and I am hoping that 2020 will be even better and also everyone around me to be happy as always.




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