30 March 2019

Korea 19' Day 2: Vivaldi Park X Stylenanda



Started off the day bright and early on my second day in Korea. For today's itinerary, I'll be heading to Vivaldi Park for some Skiing session. I got my package booked under The package includes to and fro shuttle bus ride from various stations. Lift Pass for you to go up the snow slope or in Singapore term, we call it the "Sky Ride". Do note that for gloves and helmets are not provided, and if you do not have any experience prior, I'd recommend you to either get the package with lesson. Otherwise, you may save that money and learn it on your own, just like I did.

The Shuttle Bus pick up is located at Hongik University Station Exit 8. Walk further down a bit till you see a Starbucks or FILA store. If by the time you read this post and both stores are demolished, try spotting a 4 level high Daiso store nearby. When you reached, you should see a person wearing the Vivaldi Park red jacket ticking names.

P/S: Before I go on, Vivaldi Park is only open during the winter season. Therefore if you are reading this and planning to go out of the above mentioned period, you may skip this post.

The ride itself is about 1hour plus minus. Depending on the traffic condition that day. Once reached the guide will bring you along to the place where instructions will be given and a set of thick jacket and pants will be loaned to you as well. After changing into your set of clothes, an English speaking guide will brief you on the further instructions, take your feet measurement, get your gears, and pass you the Lift Pass. After which, you are dismissed and you are free to go anywhere until 4.30pm where you should be returning your gears to the counter. Buses will start coming in and picking up people at 5pm-5.30pm so make sure you go back to where you alight at the stated time.

Played around and got really tired. I have never felt so tired climbing upslope. Tried taking a few pictures of myself throwing the "man-made" snow and my hand froze!!! To the extent where it starts to hurt. But Imma doing it for the gram. LOL!

The super extra in me decided to lift up one side of my leg to snap a picture, end up I lost my balance, stepped on the other side of my ski board, couldn't move, and the next moment I find myself lying on the pile of snow.

Hongdae, Stylenanda

Left Vivaldi Park in the evening and headed back to Hongdae. The bus ride back was slightly longer. Maybe close to 2hours. I highly advise people to bring their portable chargers along, it is pretty essential and a necessity!

Reached Hongdae at about 8pm plus and roam around the area as I don't find the point going to other places cause it's already quite late. Went to Stylenanda and wanted to try their Pink Pool Cafe but last order is at 9pm so yeap. Got to come back another time I guess. Walked over to KyoChon to get some Fried Chicken for dinner and that probably sums up my Day 2 in Korea. It was a really tiring and energy draining day and I really want to just lay on my bed asap. Lucky the plan for Day 3 is quite chill and I can laze a bit more. Till the next post. :)

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