19 July 2014

Favorite Bloggers #2


Welcome to part #2 of my favorite bloggers/blogs. In case you haven't read part #1 of it, (maybe you should) you can click on the link here.

So continue from my previous post, here's the blogger up next on my favorite list.

Vini header
Vini 4 Vini 3
Vini 2 Vini 1

Ig: @viuehara

So much love to Vini uehara (his real name is called Vinicius Uehara btw), his OOTD's are always good to look at! I mean, he is goodlooking and his OOTD's are always very street style and wearable in super humid country like Singapore. At times, he does wear unisex clothes as well. What I love about him is that he never fail to bring out each and every style of apparels that he wore. So yeap! ♥


Now its time for some local flavors!!! (which means bloggers from Singapore la).

Unlike any other people where they talk about their favorite bloggers are Xiaxue, QiuQiu, and etc. (yea no doubt they're my fav and I DO FOLLOW THEM) but I thought of sharing with you guys a few of the underrated ones which I find that their blog/content/photos are actually quite gooooood!

So without further ado, lets gooooo!

HXHX header

What more can I say about Huixin? Huixin is a friend that I met and know and got closer to during CNOS 2 also known as Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation. Eventhough she writes very little on her blog, but her photos are good enough to compromise everything. The thing about her blog is that I really really like her pictures! Clear, beautifully edited and just almost perfect! (CUZ PERFECT IS BORING) quoted from Ms Tyra Banks.

So recently she went on a 4 weeks trip to Paris, Amsterdam, and some other places. YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY CHECK OUT HER BLOG CUZ HER PICTURES ARE ALL REALLY REALLY NICE!!! PLUS! SHE'S PRETTY!!!! Every human's eye candy!!!

Twitter/Ig: @Huixinhuixin

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