08 July 2014

My Favorite Bloggers #1

HI! (to imitate dear Fennimisoo. Again)

So today I'll be sharing some of the blogs that I read, and I can't go without clicking on their bloglink, and also some of the things I HATE about blogs! So without further ado, lets get started!

The other day I tweeted one of the few blogs that I read and follow, and Smith happen to saw that tweet and approved that the blogger is worth following. Hahahaha!

I do not own the following images and all images belongs to the respective blog owners.

Feralcreature header
FC 2
FC 1
FC 3

Twitter/Instagram: @FeralCreature

What's not to love about her? She's good looking, her tatts are awesome! AND SHE HAS ASHGREY HAIR!!!! Even Smith loves everything about her! Hahahaha!

I began knowing Eugenie's instagram about early 2014??? Kinda late I guess, but she's one of the fashion bloggers that I follow and admire. Still remember when I followed her, her hair was AshGrey and Blue. Hahaha!


Qmike Header
Qmike 3
Qmike 2
Qmike 1

Ig: @qmike

What do you not love about QMike, his full name is called  Quyen Mike. Really LOVE LOVE LOVE his super duper awesome pictures! The one you see above (the 2nd one) is my current wallpaper!!!!

I guess that's about it? I'm gonna update this space with 2 of my favorite bloggers each week. Hahah! Actually I have some friends that is under my favorite list.

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