17 May 2015


Hi everyone. Its another outfit post for today.

As you guys know, i love love love oversized clothes because it allows one to be able to hide their "flabs" and not look fat on camera, as well as in real life.

A P4211562_副本

So back in Taiwan, it was rather windy and cold for a particular day, so i decided to layer a little bit by putting on my Garfield pullover from Forever 21. To match with it, i paired it with a chino pants from Uniqlo and to make my outfit a little bit more interesting, i tie a long sleeve shirt around my waist as an accessories to give an extra UMPFHH to it.

Here's a little tip: 
Personally, i feel that if you want to tie a long sleeve shirt around your waist, it is better to get a slightly bigger size because when you tie it, the sleeves will tend to be quite short looking. For me, i got my long sleeve shirt at a size L, but kinda regretted it and thought i should have gotten a size XL instead. Hahaha! XP

A P4211565_副本
A P4211564_副本
A P4211568_副本

I love how this outfit gave me a different look and feel from any other guys from the street. Furthermore, while i was roaming around the streets of Taiwan, i overheard a group of boys talking about how cute my Garfield pullover is. Hehe #CheapThrills.

A P4211630_副本 A P4211618_副本
A P4211561_副本

So how's this outfit of mine? :)
I find that nowadays i'm pretty much into sweaters and tying of long sleeve shirts around my waist. I mean, its good for hiding those extra calories of mine, and who doesn't want to look slim and good on cameras and real life right???

In addition, this outfit is wearable in most weather. Except for extremely cold ones like negative degree celcius luh!!! Hahaha!

And that's for this outfit post. Till the next one. ^.^y

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