11 May 2015

Sleeveless White Shirt

Hi there everyone. It has been FOREVERRRR since i last blogged. So anyways, today i'll be posting the outfit that i wore for my friend's graduation last week.

If you guys know me well, i think i'm pretty "oversized" and i can't really fit into nice looking clothes. So the only way to cheat the camera is through angles, oversized clothings, and also, a little bit of photo editing. Hahaha!

So on my friend's graduation day, i decided to try something out of my comfort zone. And tadahh! I wore a white collared shirt that i got from H&M, and a bottom that i ransacked from my mom's wardrobe. Haha! Apparently my mom has lots of pretty nice clothes!!! And i can't wait to ransack them again for more clothes to match with mine!!! :D

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Paired both the shirt and bottom cuz well...That's the few plain things that I have that sorta match well together. So yeap. To make things simple, I wore my LED White shoes and grabbed my black clutch as my bag for that day. Not forgetting, styling my hair up to give a different look and feel to it.

After I've posted this pictures on my social media, people have been telling me that i should dress up like this more. ♥.♥

So yea, that's my outfit for that day. Pretty monochrome-ish kinda look. If you'd like, do follow my on my instagram and twitter @donxkoh

Till the next post~ ^.^y

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