16 August 2015

Nike Roshe

Today I've decided to update this space because I wanna let you guys know what I'm currently doing with my life. Haha!

Some of my friends might already know, I'm currently serving my national service, which explain why I'm not on my social media platforms as frequent anymore. Till date, I kinda enjoy my time on the other sunny island. Everybody is so fun and encouraging that motivates me to work even harder in order to shed those damn fats. Hahaha!

So anyways, recently I bought a new kicks. Actually, I bought 2 on different days but I decided to blog about this one. It is the RED NIKE ROSHE!!! I'm so in love with it even though I only wore it once. Hahaha!

A P8093061_副本 A P8093072_副本 A P8093109_副本 A P8093111_副本
Now after being in Tekong for 2 weeks, I'm starting to turn 3 shades darker than what you see on the pictures above. *Le Sighs*!!! :(

So yeap, that's for now, if you'd like you can follow me on my Snapchat & Instagram @donxkoh, my Twitter @donnlicious

Till then ~

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  1. The shoe was originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, who started out working for Nike as an architect designing shops; he also designed many of the Air Jordan models nike air