18 August 2015


Howdy there. I'm back here with a new post.

Remember the previous post when I mentioned that I bought 2 new kicks, one of them being the Nike Roshe and I didn't say what the other one was? Well, the other pair of kicks that I bought is as seen from this post's title. Superga.

A P7192389_副本
A P7192417_副本

A few weeks back, I bought this pair of Superga Flatforms which I adore initially. But not after I've worn it for like a few hours cuz it hurts so much like you're having constipation X 100000 times. Because I wear US 9 - 9.5 and the flatforms that I bought was US 8 because that was their biggest size. Assuming that flatforms are only meant for girls, I manage to squeeze my big feet into it when I was trying it. But nevertheless, I really love it, just that because of the pain, I'm wearing it lesser and lesser.

So here's the outfit that I matched with my pair of Superga flatforms. Due to the unpredictable weather these days, I paired it with something simple, a plain white t-shirt and denim shorts and a long sleeve shirt to tie over my waist just to add a extra "something" to the outfit.

AA P7252606_副本
A P7252590_副本
A P7252560_副本

Another thing about this flatforms is that its so versatile, like I can match it with almost anything because its white in color. I can't wait to pair it with my other outfits. ^.^y

That's it for now, till the next post.

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