29 April 2016

Drey's 21st

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How's it goin guys? Its been quite a while since I last sat down and write about my personal life. I mean, the previous post was on a food hunt cuz I felt that I need to share my visit and experience to timbre+ with my readers first. So I kept this post till a later date.

There's nothing much going on with my life now other than the fact that I'm serving the army 5 days a week. I'll be lucky if I get any off days. Speaking of which, recently my platoon participated in a dragon boat regatta with other units in the SAF and my CO is kind enough to give those who participated 3 days off. SUPER GENEROUS!!! LOLOL!!!! That explains why I got the time to sit down and edit my photos and write. :)

Few weeks ago was Audrey's 21st birthday celebration, still remember a year ago we celebrate it for her in Taiwan. :) GAWDD! Time flies!!! When was the last time I'm 21?!?!?!

So anyways, before that we went to timbre+ to check out what's with the hype. In case you wanna go read up, here's the post to it:

So after our visit to timbre+ (excluding Nicole) cuz she was having her date with Jayden. We went around Habourfront then we realised there's nothing to do there, LOL! So we bussed down to Clark Quay and chilled at the Starbucks below Novotel.

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At The Venue

I guess its a norm for all hosts to be busy on their 21st birthday celebration??? It felt like a dancers gathering instead? LOLOLOL!!! Felt so intimidated by all the xiiaoPOPZ people surrounding me I felt that my ballz shrink a lil bit. *ERHEM* So anyways, we just sat in a circle at a spot in the hotel room and just chilled among ourselves. Talk a lot of cock and the chips that Audrey got for her guests was awesome?!?!?! Stupid Garey refuses to get up from where he's sitting to help us get more chips cuz he's scared of embarrassing himself?!?!?!  So in the end we resort to asking the host (Audrey) to get for us cuz WE DESERVE IT. HAHAHA!!!

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A P4162205
A P4162217
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Outfit Of The Day

My outfit for that day was rather striking. I don't know why, but Audrey came up with this "theme" thingy for her birthday party where the color theme was blue. So I had to ransack my wardrobe and lucky me I manage to find something that I instantly knew I had to wear that cuz....

1) The prints are striking enough to get people looking at me.
2) Its the best chance to get noticed
3) I wanna blend with the popz peepzzzz
5) I have an image to maintain. So.....#WeWerkz

Yea, more than enough reasons to make me wear the top that you're gonna see in the picture below.

A P4162155
A P4162150

Shirt is from H&M and culottes is from blogshop OhSoFickle. In case you don't wanna miss any of my updates, you can follow me on my Instagram @donnygao, and Snapchat ID: donxkoh

That's all folks, till the next post. :)

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