27 April 2016


A few weeks ago I paid a visit to the highly raved Timbre+ ever since its opening. I've heard many people talking about it that its like the new "hipster" place to visit. lol.

Located at One North, its definitely a place not everyone would wanna visit as its super isolated. The moment when my friend told me timbre+ is at one north station I was like; WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT?!?! LOL!

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How to get to timbre+

Once you got off from One-North station at circle line. Exit through the place where you can see *Each a Cup*, you know, the bubble tea shop. Tap out from there and turn right. Follow the pathway then go up the escalator.

After which, once you're facing outside, turn left and walk all the way straight and you'll end up at the cross junction. Turn right, cross the traffic light and walk straight ahead, you'll then see timbre+. I hope my instructions was clear enough. LOL! If you still can't understand I guess the best solution is to cab? LOLOL!!!

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On The Inside

The good thing about timbre+ is that its FULLY sheltered, so you don't have to be constantly worried whether you'll get drenched halfway while having your meals there. What I heard of is that during the noon time, its like a normal hawker center mixed restarant kinda place, and once its at night/evening time, the place will be turned into a drinking place. Sort of like your normal timbre place. Live bands will be there to entertain your ears every Monday, Wednesday - Saturday. For more information you can click here to read up about the timings and the genre of music which will be played on the specific day. --> timbre+ Music

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The Food

Not sure to say whether there's too much variety of food to choose from or just nothing catches my eye. LOL. Another friend of mine was like saying he don't know what to it cuz everything is like AT YOUR FACE!!! LOL! Come to think of it, there's actually a lot of variety la, there's like pizza, bak kut teh, wanton mee, ban mian, american grill, skewers, snacks, and even dancing crab!!! SO YEA. Don't go there and tell people YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO EAT CUZ THERE'S FUCKING LOTS OF THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM!!!

Okay so anyway, at that point of time, I wasn't ready to make my life's biggest decision so I ended up choosing American Grill. (BASIC I KNOW!!!) Reason being, I don't want to let people think that I travel all the way to One-North just to eat wtf a bowl of Ban Mian which I could easily get it at my house's hawker center?!?! So to prevent myself from losing face I ate the Big Bern's Beef Cheeseburger with seasoned Fries and Coleslaw. It was my first time eating Big Bern's so I didn't know the seasoned fries tastes so FUCKING SPICY! No joke, if you can't take spice, just choose the normal fries instead, or any other sides. JUST NOT THE SEASONED CAJUN FRIES!!!

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My friends had the other one (I forgot what was it called) and another friend of mine had the Wong Kee Wanton Noodles which he queued 20mins for. In the end, he was led to much disappointment cuz it wasn't worth the 20mins of his life. LOL!

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We also had the wings from Two Wings, coated with salted egg yolk sauce. So weird, is it just me or Two Wings used to have all their wings in Joints part, but at timbre+ its served in 3 wings and 3 drumstick.

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And of course, everyone needs a drink to quench their thirst after much eating from all them heaty and sinful food. A cup of sugar cane with lemon for only $1.30.

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What makes timbre+ so special is that they have this self returning tray system whereby you return the tray after you're done eating and you can get a dollar in return. Smart right?!

This encourages consumers to ownself return their trays and at the same time keeping the place clean and helping the cleaners to have lesser job to do. My friends and I were like telling each other its really good job opportunity. Like you just have to return 10 trays and you already get $10. You don't even need to work for 1hour and you can already earn 10 bucks. Imagine just staying at timbre+ the whole entire day just to return the trays for people, you can be a instant millionaire already. HAHAHAHAHA!!! #Cheaptrills

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After having to digest the food and  a few weeks to think about it, I've come to a conclusion, its worth the visit once or twice but not frequently. Secondly, the food there wasn't really THAT nice as what was raved on the internet and social media. Maybe I'll visit once again but this time in the evening where there are live bands playing??? Anyways, most of the things are less than $10, and it would be good if you go with a group of friends, order plenty of stuff and share among one another. :)

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC LaunchPad @ One-North, Singapore 139957


Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday: 6am to 6pm (hawker stalls), 11am to 11pm (restaurants).
Closed on Sundays.

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