20 February 2017

New Years Eve Outfit

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This New Years Eve, I decided to be a little more adventurous with my dressing a little bit. Honestly speaking I used to think using bandanas as part of accessorising is a joke. But after knowing a bit more about styling and fashion, I had a change in perception.

So I finally wore my purchase from ASOS. The oversized jeans that I bought a size smaller but still managed to fit my ass into it. Hahaha!!! I was trying to get the hobo vibe because of the bandana that I was tying on my head yet I still want to keep it simple. Thats why I wore a plain white t-shirt and a white outerwear for the overall slouchy look.

For shoes, I wore the Adidas Superstar that my friends gave me for my birthday this year. Till now I only wore like 2 - 3 times cuz I cannot bear to see it get dirtied. :((

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