03 May 2017

Teenage YouTube Challenge

Game Rules 2
Props 1.1
Props 2
For this week's challenge, we are task to do up a Chubby Bunny YouTube video so as to compete against the past Teenage Gorgeous You contestants to see who's video can come out on top.
Initially when given the challenge brief for this, I was quite skeptical as to how Chubby Bunny and pick up lines is going to blend. Reason being, we had to make it funny and yet engaging at the same time, so at that point there were many thought process that was going through my head.
In the midst of brainstorming for this challenge, my mind immediately think of Ben (@BenVoda) from TGY 2016 where he did a YouTube lip sync video with his alter persona - Bennita. So after much discussion, we finally made out some time to film for this challenge video.

To balance out "Bennita's" outgoing and vibrant personality, I had to go on par with "her" and dressed myself as "Donna". During the filming process, we both could not help it but to feel scared that people might just walk in and see 2 guys wearing wig and filming video in front of a camera, we just can't. So thank god Noelle (@NoelleMikazuki) who is nice and kind enough to push away her busy schedule just so she could help me with this challenge.

Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable day of filming, and because of this, I also get to meet up with both Ben and Noelle after a long time of not seeing each other. We all laughed so hard when filming and both Ben and I had a tough time trying to say out those pick up lines with all the marshmallows in our mouth. We both even teared a little. 😂

Now for the final production, the video. It's about 9mins long but I will break it down here so that you guys will know what to expect and which scenes to keep a lookout for.

00:00 - 02:08
Challenge Start | End:
02:09 -07:40
08:03 - 08:25
Closing Runway Walk:

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