27 May 2017

Debunk Your Skincare Myths With Dr. Belmeur

This week's challenge is all about skincare. The fellow team from Teenage have given us finalists the task of finding 5 skincare myths and have them debunk to our followers/readers. Before we go on any further with this post, do take a look a this video that I've did in collaboration with THEFACESHOP.

For this week's video, I have my fellow make up guru friend who also happens to be a beauty blogger in the blogosphere. Joyce from Joyce Forensia Beauty. As you can see from the video, Joyce had came up with 5 different skincare myths and she had put my knowledge on skincare tips to the test. How well did I fare? I guess you have to watch the video to find out.

Pssst. There's a special clip that I did towards the end of the video. At 5:23 to be exact.

3A Edited 5 Skincare Myths
AA 2 Edited 5 Skincare Myths
3 Edited additional tips
4 Edited additional tips
5 Edited additional tips

Alright. Now I've come to the end of this post. I hope you guys have learned a thing or two from the skincare myths and tips that this post have provided you. Also, not forgetting Joyce (@JoyceForensia) who has taken her time off just to help me for this challenge. I really really appreciate it.

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Next week will be our 6th challenge already, how time flies. Till the next post. See ya. :)