12 June 2017

Teenage I Pledge Campaign

Wow. It is down to the last challenge already!!! How time flies. Anyway that aside. For this last challenge it is a tad different from all the ones in the past.

During the audition for TGY 2017, we all were asked: If given the power to influence, what message would you like to say to everyone out there? I couldn't really remember what I said exactly, but it was somewhere along the line of embracing your flaws... And yes! For this last challenge, the TGY finalists are tasks to do our part to make the internet a better place by spreading positive online influence to our friends, followers, and readers. But of course, I cannot possibly do this alone, so I brought back all my fellow friends who have helped me alongside through this journey. Each with a voice of their own, strong personalities and character. So I thought it will be a great idea to have them all to pledge with me for the last challenge.

Here's the video that I did which is the compilation of all our pledge.

Fenny 1
Ben and Noelle 2
azri 3
Angie 1
joyce 5
Don 6

It was a tiring but yet fulfilling 8 weeks. This competition has allowed me to create contents that I've never done before. Such examples like showing my readers how to style my outfit with the Skechers shoes, exploring places like Kaplan Wilkie Edge, teaching my readers on how I edit my instagram pictures that I really want to do it long time ago but procrastinated because I was too lazy to do so. Furthermore, I've also met new friends along this fruitful journey and I hope we will still keep in contact in the long run, even after this competition. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the team from Teenage Magazine and all the sponsors for Teenage Gorgeous You 2017 for making all these possible, and giving this this wonderful opportunity to be part of the TGY Family. Lastly, not forgetting those who has constantly showered me with their support and words of encouragement, you know who you are.

That's the end of my post for challenge 7. Till then. :)

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