31 December 2017

A Closure To 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end, I've decided to write down some of the highlights that has happened. I know many have already posted their yearly recap/reflections on instagram or insta-story, but personally I feel its better to write it here and leave it as it is. 10 years down the road, I can come back and read at my hideous grammar and vocab. LOL!

Let's take a look back at what I wrote for my new year resolutions back in January 2017.

1: Continue To Stay Fit & Maintain My Physics
2: Travel At Least Twice
3: Keep In Contact With My Friends More
4: Continue To Blog More
5: To Attend More Events
6: To Achieve Something Great In Life

I can't help but to feel ashamed of myself. HAHAHAHA! Cause I barely even achieve half of it. But I'm glad that I manage to travel 3-4 times this year, that is if you wanna include army overseas exercise as one of it. Haha! And also putting in more effort into my meet up with friends.

Now let's have a quick recap to some of the 2017 highlights shall we?

Mar - May
Jun - Jul
Jul 2
Aug - Oct
Nov 2
dec 2

This was probably the first time that I've went overseas with my family minus away my 2nd sis cause she can't make it due to some personal problems but she was with us in spirit. We spent the Eve and Chinese New Year at Taiwan with lots of food gobbling and night market walking. We even went up to CingJing at Tai Chung for some sightseeing.

1 day after we came back from Taiwan I had to pack my bags and get ready to leave for my 3 weeks army overseas exercise at......Taiwan. LOL!!! That was probably my longest time away from home. But it was definitely one of the best experience. I still clearly remember I tried so hard to "tahan" the cold and fever cause I really wanted to go for the battalion exercise with my army mates but my body just couldn't take it anymore. So I rested in the bunk for that 3D2N. LOL!!!

There's really nothing much happening in March therefore I just added pictures I took from iLight at Marina Bay. Hahah!

April - May
This period was probably the most stressed and tedious time of my life. I had to juggle with my Teenage Gorgeous You competition and at the same time being in camp from Mon - Fri. And there were times where we're arrowed for extra duties by our superior as well. But thank god I have nice people around me who were willing to give me some helping hands. I'm pretty sure I don't need to give special mentions, you guys know who you are. :)

Bringing my 2016 resolutions forward. Yes. Spent some quality time with my family at East Coast Park with some food, drinks and portable karaoke. This time round with full attendance and I remember seeing the joy and smiles of my mom when my dad played volleyball with his 4 kids. Priceless!!!

Probably the most happening month of the year cause I have so many photos pasted. Got the opportunity to do a filming with Netflix and Teenage Magazine for some game show and there were some familiar faces there as well. The kind people from Netflix even gave us a tour around the place where the exhibits are incorporated with the shows that were shown on the program.

After serving the nation for close to 2 years, I finally did my ORD Parade and had my parents there to witness their one and only son throwing his green beret. Bitter sweet moment because which parents wouldn't be proud of their son ORD-ing right?!?!? I still remember how much I hated serving the army and having to defer 2 times to further my studies just because I didn't want to enlist early. Hahaha!

To add on to this exciting month's happening. I booked an impromptu flight to Perth to join some of my army friends who was going there for 1 week. Hahah! Told everyone that I only went there for 4 Days and they all say I'm crazy. Reason being, I had to come back early to collect my Pink IC as my ORD date was slightly earlier than theirs. #ObeseFTW

August - October
After I came back from Perth, its back to reality, adulthood starts kicking in. Did a part time with the company that my sis was in as they needed extra manpower. Only to realise it was for Halloween Horror Night 7 which lasted for 4 months. Met alot of crazy ghosts people and it was definitely an eye opener as I've only went there as a guest in year 2013. But after working there having to juggle both front and back end, I came to realise there's so much going on behind the show.

Working there was extremely fun because my boss is such a nice person. She taught me some of the do's and don't in the working world, some common mistakes that we employees make etc. During the week of my birthday I even got a treat from my boss and her parents and I'm forever grateful. :)

As HHN7 comes to an end, I went on a short getaway to Bangkok with my poly mate which marks our 2nd overseas together. First at Taiwan, and now Thailand. Though there are some unhappiness and disagreements going on. I'm glad that we are able to travel together and make this trip a light hearted one.

Manage to squeeze out some time for a night stay at F.BB's crib. Listened to Angie's livestream on a big screen, cooked some chicken pop, danced to some Kpop, hit Angie's face with my superb dance moves, cooked pancakes for breakfasts and soaked ourselves in some Jacuzzi. #TaiTaiLife.

The festive month of the year. Where everyone have secret santa going on, gathering and gift exchange. Met up with my army mates, and *Cousins Sub Group despite our busy schedules. Simple gathering with good food and good people. Talking about life and only to realise reality is real and how life is terrible. LOL! I'm kidding. Life's good. Hahaha!

My family also decides to join in the bandwagon of Christmas Gift Exchange and it was a really simple one. Had army stew for dinner and some alcohol to go along. We watched some tv shows and had our gift exchange thereafter. It was simple, but yet meaningful...

We all know we have our own schedules and decisions to commit, and not everyone is able to accept that. I'm glad I'm able to give my support and be there to witness the dance production that my friends have put their sweat and hard work for from the past few months of training.

Lastly, with the longest friends I had, one with 15 years, and another being 13. We finally decide to go on a "overseas" trip together. To Johor Bahru! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I don't know why but its only this year that we started talking often. In the past it was just a yearly affair and conversations that won't last for 2 days. But now, it's like a non stop conversation that is genuine.

2017 had been great. I'm blessed with awesome people around me and also a loving family. I don't think I'll be making resolutions for 2018 because I'm too old for that shit. Hahaha! I'm just going to take one step at a time and make every steps count.

There's nothing much to wish for, just everyone around me to be happy, less troubles, good health, and be kind. With that, I've written my last post for 2017. Till next year. :)