07 January 2018

True Love @ Neverland Café

Here we are again with another food/café post. It took me long enough, but I finally had the time to sit down proper, open up my editing software(s) and start editing all my overdue pictures taken from my past café hop and oversea travels.

In early November last year, I went on a short getaway with my Poly friends to Bangkok Thailand. Prior to this trip, we had a bit of debate as to where and when is the best time for us to put away our busy work schedule and go on a trip together. But because we're all working adults now, it's pretty hard complementing as some of our schedules may clash. So after much discussion, we settled for a 5 day 4 night trip to Bangkok. But as seen from the title, this post will be focusing on True Love @ Neverland Café instead of my Bangkok travelogue.

Besides all the cheap food and shopping that everyone has heard of. One of the highlight of this trip is to visit True Love Cafe. Located in the middle of a quiet street in the neighbourhood, it is quite inconvenient for you to travel there by foot. What I'll recommend is to book a grab or take a TukTuk there. From my own experience, my friends and I (5 people) we took TukTuk from Platinum Mall to True Love Cafe for about 100-200 Baht? I can't really remember the exact amount but considering the fact we, 5 people squeezed in a TukTuk and travel to the cafe for quite a distance for 200 Baht - $8 SGD, it's pretty much worth it.

True Love 1
True Love 2
True Love 3
True Love 4

DO NOTE THAT True Love Cafe closes on Mondays, and there are only 2 time slot each day for the playtime with the huskies. So if you're not there to just chill at a secluded cafe but to play with the huskies, then take note of the 2 playtime sessions. The first being at 12.30pm and the following one at 3pm. I highly suggest you to call the cafe beforehand to check in case they're closed due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Once you reached the cafe, the staff will pass you a form for you to fill in your particulars. Just some black and white in case the huskies are feeling extremely carnivore and decides to bite your arm while you're trying to take a selfie with it. Nah! I kid. It's for some precautionary reasons.

Payment is made at the counter outside the cafe, and with 350 Baht per person, each is entitled to 1 drink and a choice of either a cake or ice cream cake. And can I say their cake is not those cheapskate kind. It legit tastes good and melts in your mouth. The cafe also sells mains but my friends and I are heading for dinner after that so we thought the complimentary cake and drinks should be able to last us till then.

We waited for about 15-30 mins before they start showing some of the do's and don'ts, the steps to get your hands cleaned before entering to the play area, and introduction to some of the members of the huskies family. When it's about time, the staff will then bring the huskies out and separate the different breeds into different parts of the area. Then guests will then proceed to washing their hands before they enter to play with the huskies.

I have never got myself surrounded with so many huskies before and being able to have them up close it's definitely an experience. If you're a dog lover you'll definitely love this place. It was also my first time seeing Ming Long whipping out his phone to actually snap a picture of something. The play area was really clean and there were lots of space to sit down and chill. Huskies were all well groomed and they didn't have the "dog" smell like some dogs have. The only downside to this cafe was having to fight with the other guests for the attention of the huskies. It's tiring. LOL! But what you'll takeaway is definitely great memories. Will I visit this cafe again? Probably not for my next visit to Bangkok, but in future, yes maybe.

153 Soi Ari Samphan 2,
Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai Bangkok, Thailand

+66 90 101 9669

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