27 May 2018

Western Australia - Perth Visuals Part 1

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Bunbury WA
Squid Lips
Lake Cave
Lake Cave 2
Voyage estate
canal rocks
canal rocks 2
canal rocks 3

Throwback to mid-July last year, I went on an impromptu trip to Perth - Australia.  Somewhere that I've never been but heard so much about it. It was a rather last minute decision as there was some "army stuff" that I had to settle before I made the choice. But nonetheless, I booked my tickets when my friends were all in the midst of their discussion and voila. I'm on a 4D3N trip to Perth - Australia.

I wasn't really sure about the location we stayed at because I decided to join my friends at the very last minute. Thus I was made a deal that I need not pay for the car rental and accommodation. So yea.

Many of my friends said that I was dumb to spend the unnecessary money for just 4D3N but to me, it was the companionship at that point and experience to travel to somewhere that I have yearn to go. Even though it was just a short trip, but I feel that I've managed to check some things off my bucket lists.

Reached Perth Airport at around 10pm++ and was greeted by the extremely cold wind. Totally unexpected, but not complaining. Waited for my friends to give me a lift to the place that we're staying but before that, we stopped by McDonald's to grab a bite cause imma fat kid and I'm famished. And just like that, I've wasted 1 day out of the 4 days that I had.

Day 2

Bunbury, Western Australia
Situated at the south of Perth, Bunbury is a port city in Western Australia known for dolphins swimming near to the beach. But sadly, we didn't get to witness any of them. LOL! In fact, we were just there to get some sea breeze and take some insta worthy photos.

Squid Lips
We decided to have lunch somewhere near Margaret River cause the next destination we're heading to is just a straight drive ahead. I was having second thoughts initially cause I have allergies when it comes to seafood. Fish is also one of them. But I still decided to go ahead because I didn't want to be the spoiler for the group. Surprisingly, I had no after effect. The amount of chips given was also generous. I mean, who would say no to fries right???


Lake Cave
Visited one of the most actively dripping caves in the south west - Lake Cave. Said to be the home to the spectacular crystal decoration weighing several tonnes that hangs from the ceiling, almost touching the waters of the lake. It was a definite eye opener as we travelled all the way down the stairways to the entrance of the cave, only to be mesmerized by the tranquillity and peacefulness within. We took a moment of silence as we sat in the dark and listen to the droplets water dripping down. For more information, you can visit to find out more.

Voyager Estate
The alcoholic boys decided to take a turn to Voyager Estate to get their wine. But no, I'm just kidding. The initial plan was to head to Voyager Estate to experience their food & wine tasting thus perhaps have our late lunch there. But due to our bad management with time, we didn't make it in time for their last session. Well at least, my friend there got his bottle of wine. Haha!


Canal Rocks
After an entire day of travelling around the small town of South Perth, we deliberated (sort of) whether to head to our last location located all the way down South (est 43km | 42mins drive). In the end, we went for it. All the sake for the "gram". LOL!

We drove for close to an hour and we finally reached Canal Rocks. Witnessing that magnificent view with the sea water hitting the rocks, wind gushing through the leather jacket of mine, and my friends shivering cause it was effing cold. But it was all worth it. We stayed there for about 15 to 30 minutes and saw the sunset right in front of our eyes. We fooled around taking silly pictures before calling it a day and had a 2-hour drive back to the place we're staying.

And this sums up part 1 of my Perth's visual travelogue. Stay tuned for part 2 as I explore more insta-worthy places and life-risking adventures just to get that picture perfect grammable shot.

Western Australia - Perth Visuals
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