16 June 2018

Western Australia - Perth Visuals Part 2

Sand dunes 2
lobster shack
the pinacles
Pinnacles 1

Previously on my Western Australia Visual post, I talked a bit about how I made a very last minute decision to purchase my air ticket and embarked on an impromptu 4D3N trip to Perth. Visited the touristy places such as Lake Cave, Bunbury, and Canal Rocks just to name a few.

In today' post is gonna be a quick one cause the distance from the place we stayed was pretty far and it took almost half a day to get there. So with no further ado, let's get on with Part 2 of my Western Australia post.

Lancelin, Sand Dunes
It is said to be the place to go when you're over at Perth. Sandboarding is a must. But unfortunately, we didn't go prepared. We went there with only 1 and 1 sole purpose. To take photos for le gram. We woke up as early as 8am back at our "IKEA Showroom" apartment and went for a few hours drive to Beacon Rd. Good thing we went early cause after we got some photos taken, it started pouring. We ran all the way back to our car where it was parked at a distance and our shoes had sands inside. But overall it was a great experience.

Lobster Shack
Drove up to Cervantes for our late lunch. Perth is said to have one of the freshest seafood. Knowing that I can't take those due to my allergies but I still went ahead with the boys to dine at Lobster Shack. We tried their half grilled lobster with chips and coleslaw and it was HEAVENLY!

Before coming to Australia I didn't know that their sauces are accountable. (meaning we have to pay for the sauces la, it doesn't come free). So, in the end, I paid for it but it's definitely worth that $2,50 cause god damn it their sauce taste soooo goooood!!!

Lobster Shack Menu

The Pinnacles
Just a short drive ahead from Lobster Shack, we head on to our last destination for the day at The Pinnacles. Another tourist site where people pay the entrance fee just to get that Instagram shot. Nothing much there, just some sight seeing places and photo worthy spots. But we do get to see some wild kangaroo there. So I guess that's a plus point?!?!

Western Australia - Perth Visuals
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