20 September 2015


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Last Saturday, I was at my friend's Passing Out Parade, and I get to witness how POP look and feels like for the first time. Hahaha! Together with my other friends, we were there for MingLong's POP. We had to wake up 5.30am in the morning just to get ready and head down to the National Indoor Stadium. GAWWWD!

So anyways, a lot of my friends had their POP that day, and we saw A LOT of my Poly course mates.

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I'm so proud of this bitch. Even though at times he always irritates and annoy the hell out of me, but deep inside I know he cares. LOL! Just like how he always make sure I study the right topics for exams and printing notes for me to revise cuz I always claim that his revision notes is fucking awesome. HAHAHA! In return, on rare occasions I'll score higher marks than him and I'll just "SUAN" the fuck out of him. LOLOLOLOL!!!

But anyway, (from left to right) Garey, Audrey and Nic was there as well. And we went to say hi to Dylan Ah Heng as well. :)

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After taking much photos, we headed to MingLong's crib to chill and lepak before heading to town for lunch and shopping. Had Genki Sushi for lunch and I realized how little I'm eating nowadays. Like I barely have any appetite. :(((

While walking around town, I just randomly suggest to go H&M to take a look and I ended up making an impulse purchase on a outerwear. Which I think its quite nice la. Hahaha!

Took my outfit of the day and all credits to Nic for taking such awesome shots. ♥

Anything goes well with a plain white T-shirt. I would highly recommend you boys to go get some basics. In any colors you prefer. For me, it will always be a more neutral color such as White, Grey, Black, Navy. These colors are pretty easy to match with.

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Around early evening, MingLong and I departed with Nic and Garey and we went to meet up with Keekhim (left) and Grace (right) for dinner.

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To my surprise, they gave me an early birthday celebration. Hahaha! It was epic, cuz I was coming out from my toilet and I was tying my outerwear to my waist. I roughly saw Keekhim and Grace (back facing me) doing something. But I didn't really paid much attention to it cuz I thought they were doing their own thing. Right after I was done tying my outerwear already I saw MingLong bursting to laughter and the 2 girls were still back facing me doing something, that is when I realized they were trying to light up the cupcake on their hands. HAHAHAHAHA! #SurrpsiedFailed

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But its the thought that counts and I really appreciate it. We then went on to have desserts and I was presented with another surprise. This time round its something in a Sephora paper bag and they asked me to guess what it is. I had no clue and they told me its some technology thing. So I guessed Apple iPod??? Apple Watch??? AND NAH! Nowhere close. So I gave up and opened the bag and its a Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleanser!!!! ITS WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED!!!!


You have no idea how happy I am right now!!! Say hello to clearer skin in a few weeks??? Months time??? ^.^y

Alright, that's about it. I'm currently sick and I just went to see the doctor. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and ready to conquer the new week. YES TO LONG WEEKENDS!!! ♥

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