12 September 2015

Singapore Zoo

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I think the last time I went to the zoo was around 6 years ago when I'm still studying in secondary school. Last Friday, my family decided to head to the zoo for some family get together. I mean, we hardly see each other any other day and just nice it's the public holiday, so why not right?

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Mother nature was pretty nice to us I would say. On that day, there were no signs of raining and everyone enjoyed the trip there. Except for my Dad though, cuz he hates walking under the hot sun. Hahaha! But he gave in just for his beloved grandson. ♥

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Saw quite a number of animals over there but if I remembered correctly, we missed quite a few as well. The main attraction of this trip was going to the Rainforest Kidzworld where there are waterpark for the kids to play.

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Well, that sums up my "adventure" with my family to the Singapore Zoo. It was indeed a well day spent.

Apart from all these. Now I'm into the 7th Week of my army life. Going through the life of a army boy is not easy and it has really taught me a lot. Like learning to appreciate the things that I didn't used to. Treasuring the time spent with my friends and families etc.

Till the next post.  :)

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