27 September 2015

♥ Herschel

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A few days back I got this Herschel Survey Bagpack from my friends as a birthday gift, and after which I immediately went to google for poses to take pictures with. Hahah! I super love the Pink of the bagpack. Somehow it's different from all the other bags I own.

Went to town to have lunch and then off to chill and buy some necessities. At night, I met Angie (@YourApplePie) for dinner at Swensen's. God knows when was the last time I had that stuff. LOL! Back in my secondary school days, Swensen's was like "THE THING". But now I guess lots of other restaurants have caught of their game. Standards of Swensen's have also dropped.

After our dinner we went to have the $1 ice cream somewhere along AMK Central and thereafter we went to take some photos at some random carpark. Hahah! That probably sums up that day.

P/S: I realized I've been consistently updating this space during my holidays and/or weekends. Which is a good thing I guess? Cuz I never expected myself to be so diligently doing so. Hahaha!

Before I end this post, I would like to thank my friend(s) for always helping me to take my photos. Without them, I wouldn't even be able to take such nice shots. So yea. ♥

Outfit Of The Day
Bag: Herschel Survey Range
Cap: Zara
Top: H&M
Bottom: H&M
Shoe: Superga

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