20 September 2016

Birthday Month

Like I mention at my previous post, I LOVE THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!!! Mainly cuz its my birthday month?!?!?! Quite sad to say, this year is probably the first year where I had so many people celebrating my birthday with me.... So this explains for this post right here, for me to brag it everyone all over the internet.

So it started 2 weeks ago, where my poly year 2/3 friends and I were suppose to meet for lunch at Itacho Sushi. I really didn't expect Audrey to appear cuz she's ALWAYS busy with her dance and work commitments. But she really did surprised me. Hahaha!!! It turned out to be a double celebration for both Garey and me cuz he's flying off to Taiwan for his army training and thus MingLong will be flying off to Australia 2 weeks after him for HIS army training. TSK! (Why they so good one ah?!?! And I got the shitty one like Brunei!!!)

A P1011635

As we were eating, Audrey surprised us with the cake, and later did we know that she was actually late SUPER late from the meeting time. Hahahah! But nevertheless, I'm glad to see all of them again. :)

The cake we had was from Ming Long's brother's pastry shop. And later we found out that Yan Kay Kay was actually Ming Long's cousin. LOLOLOL! Long story short, we were all quite shock. Hahahaha!!

A P1011638

We chilled and hangout thereafter at Tapas, drink some mocktail, had some small bites, and soon, we parted. Audrey and Nic went home while Garey, Ming Long and I went ahead to MBS to have some PokemonGO time. LOLOLOL! Guess what happened?!?! We all encountered a Blastoise, both of them caught theirs and Mine ran away. #FML!!!

A P9101664

[14th Sept 2016]
The following weekday a camp mate of mine messaged to ask me to go nights out with him and my other BMT mates. And guess what?!?! They treated me to a buffet dinner!!! I was super super touched cuz I really didn't expect any of my army mates to celebrate or give me a birthday treat. Eventhough at times my BMT mates treats me like shit but I think they still care?!?!?! Hahaha!

As much as I wanna openly thank them, I decided to plaster my face over them because I'm that obsessed with myself. :)

Thank you Matthew, Jeffrey and Benjamin.


[16th Sept 2016]
Met up with my ITE Nitec/Secondary school friends. It was a simple dinner filled with fun and laughter which I really enjoyed. I'm so glad that we still manage to keep in contact till date.

A P9160014

I met Mei Ling and Ain at Orchard Central and we had dinner at 49 Seats, and after which, we had some cakes and bites at Cocoa Colony.

A P9160023

After which, Ain left cuz a married women gotta do a a married women gotta do. Hahahaha!!! Meiling and I went over to MBS to fetch Zizi and we head back to AMK together to have supper at McDonalds.

A P9170056
A IMG_5055

Because not the full crew were present at the same time to take a group photo, this is what I had to do. To edit Zizi inside the one Meiling, Ain and I took before meeting him. Hahahaha!!!

[18th Sept 2016]
I really really love September, everyday felt like my birthday. Hahaha! On the 18th I met up with my ITE Higher Nitec mates. I'm so glad that they took time off their busy schedules just to celebrate my birthday. That, I really appreciate it. I love the fact that the friends that are still with me, we never had any dull moments. Its like, we can meet just once a year and we still have plenty of things to talk about.


Our initial meeting time was 1.30pm, but I was sooooo late that I end up meeting them at 2pm. Hahahaha!!! :/

Ming Long brought me to Hai Di Lao (I WAS SHOCKED, REALLY!!), and I saw Keekhim and Grace sitting there waiting for my royal arrival. Hahaha! (WHO AM I KIDDING?!?!)

A P9180128

But really, I was a bit taken a back cuz HDL is so fucking expensive!!! Time passes fast as we were eating and soon the waiter came to me with a tray of cupcakes. Woots! Actually, it was expected cuz before that we were all saying that we're gonna meet up to celebrate my birthday. Hahahah! They are all too old for this "surprise" shit already cuz we've been doing it for the past 5-6 years. And to be honest, even from a Marketing student's perspective, I'm running out of creative surprises. LOLOLOL!!!

A P9180144

We walked around town, chilled around Starbucks and had some light dinner at Hoshino Coffee located at Dhoby Ghaut. I really like these kind of simple celebrations. Nothing fancy. Just meet up, talk cock, and chill. Hahaha!

A P9180165

Alright. I'm gonna stop here for now cuz its not my exact birthday yet. I'm gonna write more on my next post cuz one post alone is not enough to express my gratitude to all my friends. (:

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